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  1. pavalov

    Shut Down?

    Yikes! That must have made your heart jump.
  2. pavalov

    V3 Smart Plug

    That's not very Smart.
  3. Do you know how this might work for Gen 1 and Gen 2 Iris sensors?
  4. pavalov

    Alexa Guard with Iris

    Has anyone had this rolled out to them yet? If so, what do you think of it?
  5. pavalov

    Water leak Drop outs

    I recently purchased and installed two of those sensors and had the same thing happen -- within 12 hours they both lost connection. However, removing and reinstalling the batteries got them back online and they have been stable ever since (14 days).
  6. pavalov

    My 2nd Gen Cameras now have audio

    Thank you both. I'm bummed that the mike is bad -- it's my most centrally located interior camera.
  7. pavalov

    My 2nd Gen Cameras now have audio

    OK, I've collected the data from two cameras with working audio and compared them to the high static camera. High static camera: wifi noise 78 rssi 45 Good camera A: 81 & 56 Good camera B: 78 & 45 So one of the working cameras has identical data to the bad camera, and the other seems close to the same, but I don't understand what the numbers are measuring. What does it mean?
  8. pavalov

    My 2nd Gen Cameras now have audio

    My second gen's now have audio. However, one of them has high volume static - no way to hear anything over it. I thought it might be interference but disconnecting nearby electronic devices did nothing to cure it. Is anyone else having this problem?
  9. pavalov

    Alexa Guard with Iris

    I've found two things I like better about the Google Home Hub: 1) I can see my commands typed out on the screen as I say them, so I can quickly correct errors in how it heard me. 2) The room-centric smart home controls work more the way my wife approaches device control. She hates having to remember all the Iris device names. In contrast, the room groupings are intuitive. You simply say the name of the room you're in and tell it lights on. Simple. Neat. I find myself using it over the Alexa serial commands (Alexa has never worked well with my Iris Scenes.)
  10. Are you controlling it with Avi-on?
  11. pavalov

    IRIS Being shut down by Lowe's??

    Whoa! If this is real -- and priced well -- it opens up the platform in truly exciting ways. Thanks for sharing the info.
  12. pavalov

    Alexa Guard with Iris

    I just started testing the Google devices this week because I was attracted to the room-based grouping of devices with the Google Home Hub. I'm still testing and will report back, but so far, it has been nice to be able to control all the lights in a particular room without having to write two Iris Scenes (XRoom Lights On and XRoom Lights Off) for every room in the house. Alexa may have this capability with its Groups and Routines, but it seems as cumbersome as the Iris option. What are your thoughts on a comparison of the Alexa vs. Google systems?
  13. pavalov

    IRIS Being shut down by Lowe's??

    An electronics contract manufacturer?
  14. pavalov

    Alexa Guard with Iris

    I've been watching for more news on Alexa Guard. I don't find anything new, and interestingly, Amazon seems to have pulled the original press release (see the dead link in the article excerpt below). One writer has raised an interesting question: Will this be a "free-standing" feature, or will a home monitoring partner such as ADT be required? From CEPro: "Welcome to the new era of voice assistants as security and wellness tools, starting with Amazon’s Alexa Guard, a service that recognizes and reacts to three distinct sounds (for now): smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and breaking glass. Announced yesterday, Alexa Guard will send an alert when one of these sounds is detected, although it is unclear if Amazon would alert users directly through an Alexa app or only through third-party solutions providers."
  15. Scunny, that is my hope as well, but I'm uncomfortable steering anyone this way until we see how it shakes out. Rdisom's right that Iris has hit the sweet spot between useful complexity and accessibility, so -- marketed well -- a buyer has a real chance to grow the platform.