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  1. pavalov

    ZIgbee/OSRAM drop out?

    Two of my 8 Osram bulbs went offline last week as well. Usually a power cycle will kick-start them, but didn't work this time. I had to force remove and then re-pair them. Once that was done, they've behaved.
  2. pavalov

    Sad news for Halo Labs

    It concerns me. IIRC, the Halo shop was just a stone's throw up the road from Lowe's NC HQ, and Halo/Iris compatibility was a touted feature. That Halo couldn't make a go of it even with a significant Lowe's Iris tie-in says something about Lowe's limited success in marketing any Iris-associated product. As maybe another sign of weakness in the SH world, my OSRAM Lightify 74165 bulb has suddenly quit being accessible to Alexa (even though it is connected through Iris, not through the Lightify hub). When I tell Alexa to turn it on, Alexa announces that: "Sorry, the device is no longer supported."
  3. Well, as soon as I posted the above, they resolved it: Notice to Professional Monitoring Customers: Iris’ Central Monitoring Station (UCC) has resolved their technical issue and all systems are operating normally. Sincerely, The Iris Team
  4. I received the below email about 4 hours ago. Please note that Iris cannot currently make contact with first responders if you experience an alarm state. Notice to Professional Monitoring Customers: Iris’ central monitoring station (United Central Control) is currently experiencing technical issues. Professional Monitoring customers will still be notified in the event of an alarm. However, should you experience an actual emergency, you will need to contact local authorities directly. We will provide updates on the Iris status page as they become available. Sincerely, The Iris Team
  5. pavalov

    Warning About Version 2 Hub Resets

    That is news to me -- thanks for sharing. I wish I had some advice for you. If you discuss this with support again, please mention the (what should be obvious to them) need for a cloud back-up of your system so that customers don't have to reprogram all their devices if their hub dies.
  6. pavalov

    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    I'm not sure how accurate the reporting is from the hub. My 4G has gone from 3-5 bars to 0-1 bar, ever since they "tuned" the local cell tower. However, even when the portal is reporting 0 signal, the hub successfully switches over to cellular if the internet goes out. Storms took internet out last week for 3 days, and I don't think I ever lost hub connection even though I was getting "0" as to signal strength.
  7. pavalov

    Camera Infrared Settings

    Yeah, they definitely did something funky with the cameras. One of mine (a Gen 1 outdoor camera) started recording upside-down right after I updated the app. Thankfully the app provides a switch to turn it 180 degrees.
  8. pavalov

    Connected Bulb Experience

    Good reasons.
  9. pavalov

    lowes sale

    I'd snap up the motion sensors and make some money on eBay!
  10. pavalov

    Connected Bulb Experience

    Otto: I have 3 different types of Sylvania smart bulbs on Iris. One of them is the dimmable bulb you posted. I had initial trouble with several of the Osram bulbs. However, they've all been completely stable for the past 5 months. I recommend getting the Osram Lightify hub (eBay - $17) and updating the bulbs through it. Once I did that, I had stable bulbs that did what Iris told them to do. Here's a string that might be helpful:
  11. pavalov

    Don't Throw Away Your Old Devices

    I still have one installed. Although it is listed as an unknown device, it still has the complete product information (Lowes item #, model # and Iris brand ID and device name) in the Product Information section. Since my Zigbee network has always been stable with it installed, I decided to leave it be.
  12. pavalov

    Hub Replacement Automation

    I was carrying mine around tonight to pair a new switch. I almost dropped it and could just see days of rebuilding ahead. There seems no reason why they couldn't flash the system data to a new hub.
  13. pavalov

    Batteries Depleting Rapidly

    Several of my motion sensors seem to be depleting rapidly. I've also had that start happening with one of my CT101 thermostats that I use for crawl space humidity sensors. It is going through a set of batteries almost every month. They seem to have very limited range though, and I wonder if being on the edge of the signal works the batteries more.
  14. pavalov

    Don't Throw Away Your Old Devices

    Good idea. I would love to put my Blueline back into my main system.
  15. pavalov

    GE In-wall Switches Dropped Off Network All At Once

    Yes, you did! I never could figure out why yours were so unstable. Glad to hear you solved it.