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  1. pavalov

    SmartThings experience so far

    SystronicsRF beta is making real progress with the Gen 1 door sensors. If you haven't already removed them from your doors and windows, you may want to hold off doing so for now.
  2. pavalov

    Seeking simple clarity

    I received a call at 8 pm their time (and a Saturday!) -- probably had just hung up with you. Got several different Zwave devices profiled and working.
  3. pavalov

    Seeking simple clarity

    Indeed it is. I am impressed with the progress in stability and device variety. The SRF guys are working very long hours/weekends, interacting with beta testers and pushing out revisions.
  4. pavalov

    How useful is a Ring Doorbell only?

    Those are pretty useful, and don't require the cloud when the internet goes out.
  5. Great price point! Here's an article on how to set up the smart plug in Smart Things:
  6. pavalov


    Not yet. I put in an inquiry today.
  7. pavalov

    System Costs

    I did a back-up order from Digi Key before their inventory bottomed out, but currently, the package is somewhere in Indiana, so I don't know yet if I'm getting the right devices.
  8. pavalov

    System Costs

    Mouser is out of the Digi stick until March (and they shipped me the wrong parts in error before they discovered they were out).
  9. pavalov

    Vera Thread - Pro\Con

    You have the Iris cameras working on Vera?
  10. pavalov


    Same. Ready to learn something new.
  11. pavalov

    Researching the Ring.

    Is Alexa Guard available to you? I asked for notification of its availability some time ago through the app, but I still don't have access to it.
  12. pavalov


    That's my status as well.
  13. pavalov

    Things I am planning for Arcus

    I'm experimenting with the Google Home Hub for that reason -- the "rooms" grouping. To utilize it, I had to initially designate which room each device resided in. It did not group them based on their name. I actually prefer it that way so that I don't have to have long names with the room name embedded.
  14. I called around midnight EST last night, and got right through to someone who was able to contact the development team even at that hour.
  15. pavalov

    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    Thank you!