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  1. pavalov

    Google Home Hub

    Google has released a product called the Google Home Hub. Small, inexpensive, limited in sound quality, but offered as an alternative to the Amazon Show. I'm interested in any one's experience with its smart home control features. Here's what the CNET review had to say: Swipe down on the touchscreen for a smart home control panel. The panel shows a status of your home including how many lights are on and the current temperature. You'll see shortcut buttons for common tasks that change based on what devices you have synced to your Google Assistant. You can quickly turn off lights, lock doors or broadcast a message with these shortcuts. At the bottom of the dropdown menu, Google shows lights for the current location you've assigned to the Home Hub. You can also use this menu to "view rooms" and see all of your devices organized by room. The Home Hub's smart home control panel mirrors the new Google Home app. The app used to be strictly for setting up Google's smart speakers and connecting your smart home devices. Now it functions as a smart home control center as well. You can assign devices to rooms. You can invite family members to your home. You can also segment your gadgets into multiple homes if you have an office and an apartment. In practice, the organization of the panel works well and makes a lot of intuitive sense. For the most part, I still prefer controlling connected devices with my voice, but the panel provides a handy visual reference. If you forget the name of a device, you can check it with a couple of taps. Amazon introduced a similar control scheme in the new Show, but it doesn't offer the same handy shortcuts or room-by-room breakdown. I like that both Amazon and Google are expanding beyond voice controls for your smart home, but right now, Google's touch controls are more intuitive and generally more useful. My experience is with Alexa, not Google. Alexa offers a relatively painless interconnection with the devices I have on the Iris system, and the voice control is great, but I haven't found the Alexa app to be very intuitive or feature-rich in terms of controlling my Iris-based devices. The idea that the Google Home Hub can give me visual room groupings is intriguing. So, has any one used Google Assistant for their Iris devices, and if so, have you tried the Home Hub? BTW, Walmart will be discounting these to $99 online the Wed before Thanksgiving.
  2. pavalov

    iOS Update

    Alphabetical Temp listing!
  3. pavalov

    Iris Portal Survey

    Wow . . . sixty responses! Lowes could benefit from aggregate data at that level. Thanks for pulling it together.
  4. pavalov

    Temperature Card Bug iOS

    Editable would be my preference too, but I'll take alphabetical over random. You never knew where a new temperature-sensing device was going to end up on the list.
  5. pavalov

    Temperature Card Bug iOS

    But there is a silver lining -- the Climate>Temp list is finally ALPHABETIZED! I've been asking for that for years: if they weren't going to give us an editable list, at least make it alphanumeric instead of purely random. With all the contact sensors and other temp sensors some of us have, the list could get very long and hard to locate items in. For instance, mine lists 50 temperature devices. Very happy to see this change.
  6. pavalov

    New Iris Cameras listed on

    A few interesting things from the Specs: no hub required no on-board speaker But nothing about battery life, other than this from the Description: 100% wire-free, battery operated. mount it anywhere within Wi-Fi range; Easily recharge the battery with the USB cable provided. no expensive battery replacements
  7. pavalov

    Indoor camera won't find wireless during scan

    Distance from your router is a potential issue. How close are you when you try to go wireless?
  8. pavalov

    Iris 3.0 (Yes, it exists)

    New revenue stream for Lowes!
  9. pavalov

    Iris Portal Survey

  10. pavalov

    Iris 3.0 (Yes, it exists)

    I've yet to see a use case for the new hub. What advantages come from migrating?
  11. pavalov

    Video Storage showing 0%

  12. pavalov

    Video Storage showing 0%

    For the last week or so, my Video Storage, which used to show the percentage of 3 GB that was taken up, has been showing 0%. From the number of video clips that I have, it should be showing close to 50% usage. Anyone else's video storage status showing the same?
  13. pavalov

    ZIgbee/OSRAM drop out?

    Two of my 8 Osram bulbs went offline last week as well. Usually a power cycle will kick-start them, but didn't work this time. I had to force remove and then re-pair them. Once that was done, they've behaved.
  14. pavalov

    Sad news for Halo Labs

    It concerns me. IIRC, the Halo shop was just a stone's throw up the road from Lowe's NC HQ, and Halo/Iris compatibility was a touted feature. That Halo couldn't make a go of it even with a significant Lowe's Iris tie-in says something about Lowe's limited success in marketing any Iris-associated product. As maybe another sign of weakness in the SH world, my OSRAM Lightify 74165 bulb has suddenly quit being accessible to Alexa (even though it is connected through Iris, not through the Lightify hub). When I tell Alexa to turn it on, Alexa announces that: "Sorry, the device is no longer supported."
  15. Well, as soon as I posted the above, they resolved it: Notice to Professional Monitoring Customers: Iris’ Central Monitoring Station (UCC) has resolved their technical issue and all systems are operating normally. Sincerely, The Iris Team