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  1. Same here. I'm not going back and retro-fitting now.
  2. With the Iris shutdown driving everyone to find alternative solutions, I imagine many folks are splitting their time between here and forums specific to their chosen alternative SH system. For instance, I'm spending most of my time with the gamma testing for SystronicsRF, but keeping an eye on my friends back here to see what systems they are migrating to and the problems they face. Regarding the new Jasco switches, I particularly like the physical changes they've made which should make installation much easier: "Jasco and GE have shrunk down the depth of its new switches by 20%, making it easier to fit in tighter spaces and making it more accommodating for homes new and old. The design duo have also eliminated heat tabs on the sides of the switch, which is designed to make it easier to install. . . . new smart control features including line-load sensing terminals. This is designed to eliminate any of the guesswork that comes with testing line and load wires while installing your switches. Dual offset ground ports also save time during the installation process, making it easier to install the switch and reducing the amount of wire congestion . . ."
  3. pavalov

    I'm thinking I'll switch to SmartThings

    SystronicsRF has added support for the following Orbit Sprinklers : - Orbit 12 Station Irrigation Timer (WT15ZB-12) - Orbit Hose Water Timer (HT8-ZB)
  4. pavalov

    Gen 1 device limit?

    The SystronicsRF system natively breaks them out into Gen1 ZigBee, Gen2 ZigBee, and Z-wave coming next. This is my Gen 1 mesh graphically. It is a great improvement over what we had before because it uses device names rather than numbers as ID's, but I find their nested lists more useful. Using the mesh does allow you to mouse-over the devices and see the specific connection highlighted:
  5. pavalov

    Nest Gen 3 stainless SOLD

    Otto, don't hold back -- tell us how you really feel.
  6. pavalov

    Gen 1 device limit?

    With SystronicsRF, the current routing table is available as well:
  7. pavalov

    Gen 1 device limit?

    I may have to go to that, but SRF wants to see if they can resolve it first. They released a control system update today that did the following: Improved event triggering for Light / Plug Turned On & Turned Off events. Improved turn on & turn off command where actions control numerous devices. Extended network level commands for OSRAM / Sylvania bulbs and similar. I'm testing it now. I think the old Sylvania IQ bulbs are going to be alright; I don't know yet about the OSRAM A19's, which gave me some trouble on Iris as well. Are the Link bulbs stable now that they have their own network?
  8. pavalov

    Gen 1 device limit?

    Yes, the Iris rules options were sometimes limited, but I sure miss the plug and play aspects. The SRF humidity-based functions I mentioned are great, but it requires a pretty complex set of Actions and Activators, and takes a while to build it. Thankfully, they have good written documentation on how to do it.
  9. pavalov

    Gen 1 device limit?

    That is strange. Like with Iris, I have found the Gen 1 plugs to be the most dependable devices I have on the SystronicsRF system. I'm fighting right now with some smart bulbs being unresponsive, but I've never had a single misfire with my many Gen 1 plugs. They pair easily, I never have to send a command twice, and they are always responsive to the Advanced Actions (rules) I've set up. I rely on the plugs to operate my dehumidifiers, which it is very important not to have running during my peak-rate electric periods. BTW, SRF has made operating the dehumidifiers much easier than with Iris because SRF has enabled humidity-based actions. I can now have a humidity sensor turn on the plug until the humidity drops back to a safe level in my crawlspace (but not during peak hours!). With Iris, I had to set up a time schedule to run them whether the humidity was high or not since Iris never enabled humidity-based device rules that actually worked with an Iris-capable device.
  10. pavalov

    Gen 1 device limit?

    This was the Systronics guys' answer to that question, at least as to their system: "Regarding device limits, there’s no real upper limit. The ability to extend the mesh by adding additional routers, in the form of SmartPlugs & Range Extenders, allow the system to support many devices. There are users with ~100 Gen 1 devices on a single Gen 1 network."
  11. pavalov

    "Works with Ring"

    That's a significant development for attracting users from other platforms. I'm especially pleased to see they've included the First Alert Smoke/CO2 sensors and GE switches.
  12. pavalov

    Gamma Stage Offer from SystronicsRF

    Any gamma testers that have not yet bought your equipment, Vett has a good deal on some of the needed modules:
  13. Systronics RF has significantly opened up uses for the Iris Gen 1 Key Pad as compared to its use in the Iris platform. This post is limited to describing the 10 different sounds from the Gen 1 key pad that can be assigned to Actions in the SRF Control System. Here's the list of names, with a subjective attempt to describe the sounds emitted: 1. Alarm: two-tone siren, British style 2. Armed: 3 fast beeps, high (freq.) tone 3. Arming: 3 slow beeps, medium tone 4. Bad Pin: 2 beeps, fast/slow, medium then low tone, repeated once 5. Home: 3 ascending beep tones, repeated once 6. Key Click: 1 beep, high tone 7. Locked: 2 quick low tones 8. Lost Hub: 2 long low tones 9. Night: 6 high tones 10. Open Door: (same as #1) 11. Panic: very rapidly repeated two-tone beeps, high freq. (like a cordless phone used to sound)
  14. pavalov

    SystronicsRF vs Hubitat

    In contrast to Vett's views,I think the color scheme in SRF is one of its advantages in comparison to the crude appearance of the Hubitat system. I have not liked the screen shots I've seen of the Hubitat web browser UI, or dashboards, or whatever they call the interfaces. The SRF interface seems much more polished and well thought out from a user perspective. With SRF, each device has a picture of the device itself, along with text describing where the device is (both as to the room and location within the room). Devices are sorted by room and floor level, and each room of the house can be designated with different colors so that finding a particular device within a list is quicker visually. This is probably more easily shown than described: That said, I agree with Vett that they have not yet developed profiles for some key devices: deadbolts, thermostats and garage door openers. There also continue to be some glitches with rules firing and devices falling off. They are aware of the problems and have an update scheduled for tomorrow. I'm hopeful about SRF (but continue to watch the Hubitat discussions with interest). One reason I'm sticking with the SRF beta is that, as mentioned by Vett, they plan to incorporate the Iris cameras. Since unlike some others I continued to rely on Iris for camera monitoring rather than going to an alternative system, I've got a strong interest in salvaging my current nine camera installation.
  15. pavalov

    Gamma Stage Offer from SystronicsRF

    I know they were working this weekend on control system stability issues, with a control system update due tomorrow. That may be delaying the software version they plan to send out for the gamma test.