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  1. Using Alexa to Run Scenes

    I guess you just need to figure out which one is the "piazza" as they say in Charleston.
  2. Camera App Connection Bug

    Sounds like just another way for you to tell when an update is in the works ;>
  3. Local Processing Is Here

    @thegillion, you continue to devise upgrades for us that are truly useful, and explain them as well! My Nyce tilt sensors that I use for redundancy on my garage doors were participating. Once I removed them and hit the new "hub to local" button again, my system went to local processing. Thank you! Now if we can just get Iris to include the water shut-off valve . . . and lights/switches!
  4. Local Processing Is Here

    Interesting decision on Iris' part: my Panic buttons show the Cloud icon beside them. I would have expected them to be included in alarm-associated devices and therefore part of local processing.
  5. Local Processing Is Here

    John: Please help me understand the significance of the symbols. On my All Devices page, I can now see which ones are local and which are cloud-based. Cameras, sensors, etc. are all showing the local icon. However, like Vettester, the cloud symbol is showing beside my alarm bell on the Home Page, which you indicated means that the system is set to cloud processing. Does it only switch to local if the hub loses internet connection, or does that mean that the system is not operating with local processing at all? Thanks!
  6. MS-DOS Smart Home Automation

    Most of my devices were the re-branded Radio Shack ones. I had read about the phase bridge but never implemented it. My device failure rate was just too high to stick with it: remote transmitters, alarm clock/controllers, switches, etc. all seemed to have a relatively short life span for me.
  7. Question Regarding Thermostats

    I'm running two CT-101's as thermostats (and three more as humidity sensors in my crawl space). My experience has been similar to Terminal's -- some problems in the past, but they are now stable and I rely on them every day to make the adjustments I need.
  8. Osram bulb experience?

    That would drive my wife over the edge -- she doesn't share my "focus" on lighting. A bulb constantly changing color would have her mumbling something about the BeeGee's taking over her living room. The Osram hub-enabled update definitely stabilized my lights. They've not fallen off since I did so.
  9. Iris 2.7 email

    I have several NYCE sensors and an uncertified switch. As stated above, I didn't receive the email. Otto is saying this doesn't matter if they are not part of the participating devices. I didn't see that explained in the Iris post about the update, so I hope that is good back-channel info.
  10. Anyone else having hub disconnect issues?

    My experience is that it is far from instantaneous. A few months back, my hub lost wireless just a minute before my CT-101 was supposed to change over to my peak rate setting (i.e., not run during that time). By the time the cellular modem had taken over, it was a minute past the time for the thermostat change, so it missed the setting and kept running.
  11. Iris 2.7 email

    Interesting . . . I did not receive that email, and there's nothing on the Iris Support page about it. What did it say?
  12. Using Alexa to Run Scenes

    The Alexa app continues to be updated and improved, but I still cannot get it to run Iris Scenes. It "sees" them and lists them, but I cannot find a command word that will initiate an Iris scene. Amazon CS was of no assistance -- they told me the Iris hub wasn't working correctly. Who is having success running Scenes through Alexa? If you are, what wording convention do you use?
  13. MS-DOS Smart Home Automation

    Needing to replace my X-10/Plug-N-Pow'r equipment is what led me to Iris. My modules and mini-controllers kept burning out, and the commands didn't always work b/c I have a 2-breaker box wiring system (the through-the-wire commands would often not make the leap between the boxes). One unique feature I really miss, though, was the "Random" setting for the lighting modules. It was used to make your house's lighting less "patterned" so that it looked more lived in when you weren't home. For instance, if I programmed a light to come on at 7pm and had it on the Random setting, it would vary the time that the light came on by as much as an hour each day. I wish Iris had such a feature.
  14. Anyone else having hub disconnect issues?

    Mine's been up the last 50+ hours.
  15. Iris Q3 Reset Overview on YouTube

    Thanks for posting. Seems like some equivocal messaging: "Iris has a lot of great momentum right now," [but] Google Home display will "replace the Iris Digital Media player . . . most are dead anyway." "Hopefully, it will sell a whole lot of Google Home because, after all, Google Home works with Iris."