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  1. IRIS Cameras worth getting?

    When I mentioned that I had a wireless smart plug to cycle the hub remotely, I didn't mention that you have to remove the batteries for that to work. Instead of using the internal battery unit, I have a UPS that the hub is plugged into through the smart plug. Since the wireless plug doesn't communicate through the hub, you can still operate it remotely with the hub offline.
  2. I installed a GE fan switch on a circuit with a 20 year old fan. It would adjust the three speeds accurately (and would dim the light kit accordingly, which I could put up with, since I didn't want to run separate wiring). Then I replaced the fan with a basic Harbor Breeze fan from Lowe's. As long as the light kit pull chain switch is set to off, the fan adjusts to all three speeds accurately using the GE fan switch or the app (although when I change speeds from the GE switch, it isn't reflected in the app). Here's the weird part: If the light kit's pull chain is on, then the fan only works at the High setting. If, when the light is on, I set the speed to Medium or low, the whole unit loses power -- both fan and light kit. If I pull the light's chain to off, the fan blades start turning again. Set it to High, and I can turn on the lights again without the unit losing power. Any theories?
  3. Changing Order on Climate/temp tab

    Vett is correct. The iOS version of the Temp tab is simply maddening. If you use a lot of contact sensors, then you have a sea of temperature readings that not only are not editable, they aren't even alphabetical. I posted this in the IRIS Community in January ( ) Once it hit 20 "Kudos" in July, they finally changed the status to Investigating. However, they had this to say: "We are currently investigating creating editable lists for all devices, although this is not currently a top priority for us. We will continue to keep you updated on the progress of this." If you want to keep it on their radar, please go to the link above and kudo it.
  4. I've seen my system acting hinky in several respects since the update: an indoor camera that didn't record for a full day, scenes that didn't fully implement, and even rules that got turned off.
  5. Maintenance notice from Iris

    I'm still on .013.
  6. CT-101 thermostat is suddenly sucking juice

    So far, the second Z-wave reset has worked, after intentionally unpairing multiple times. I did the factory reset a few weeks ago during my system meltdown. I'll do it again if this current reset doesn't stick.
  7. CT-101 thermostat is suddenly sucking juice

    Yes. And I had to change the Modes manually. The app would not change it. The support info shows that there are three levels of "re-set": 1) Reset Z-wave configuration 2) Hardware reset 3) Factory Reset I did 1 and 2 Friday night, but lost app control within a few hours. I'm trying the first one again tonight. So far, I have maintained app control. If it fails again, I'll try the Factory reset.
  8. CT-101 thermostat is suddenly sucking juice

    I did so last night. I think it might have solved the battery problem (put new batteries in last night, and the Gillion portal is still reporting 100% battery). However, the app isn't able to control the temp now. It allowed me to reprogram the t-stat's schedule, but manual temperature changes through the app don't "stick." I rebuilt the Z-wave network after reinstalling, so I'm giving it some time to settle down.
  9. I've got three CT-101 thermostats, and have had them on IRIS for well over a year. They have not been battery hogs. Several weeks ago, I had a system melt-down due to pairing some uncertified devices. My t-stats eventually came back on-system, but ever since, one of them has been eating batteries. For instance, I put in 4 new AA's a week ago, and I am already down to 42% battery life. Any ideas on what's causing it?
  10. I have a V1 panic button that took over three weeks to update its battery level to recognize that I had replaced the battery. Neither removing and reinserting the battery nor cycling the button made a difference.
  11. Toasty Freezer

    Strangely enough, mine have continued to report normally. I've not had the problems others have had with low temps reporting falsely.
  12. Toasty Freezer

    Agreed. My kitchen freezer's V1 contact sensor's battery routinely reports battery levels in the teens, and has done so ever since I installed it. It has been working fine though, and has been in place for 273 days.
  13. Iris web portal V1.2.6

    Looks intriguing!
  14. Otto and Terk had it right. I forced the hub to cellular and back and the message has disappeared from my screen shots. Thanks for the help.