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  1. Response time on Panic Alarm

    Just had an interesting (and inadvertent) test. A keypad Panic button got activated by mistake. Alarms went off and notifications came, including one that said to "cancel Police Dispatch, call monitoring station." I called the Sheriff's office directly instead. They had no report of a dispatch request for my house. We chatted for a minute and hung up. Only after that call was over did I get a call from the monitoring station, saying they had just called the dispatch in and asking if dispatch should be cancelled or not. Email they sent me indicate it took about 4 minutes for them to make the call: "Panic Alarm Triggered" 6:51 pm "Panic Alarm Update: Police Notified" 6:55 pm That's not particularly comforting.
  2. Hacking the 2.0 Hub.

    I'm ignorant of the impact of the discovery. If you can get past the password, what capabilities does that create?
  3. Osram bulb experience?

    I took advantage of the steep Osram bulb discounts at Lowes, and bought four "Sylvania Lightify by Osram PAR38 1300 Lumens Smart Home Bulbs". One is giving me fits. It paired first as an unknown device. After resetting it, it paired but went off-line within 36 hours. A power cycle reconnected it for now, which is a pain because it is a roofline fixture with an unswitched circuit so I have to use the breaker. Are there others who still have connection problems with the Osram bulbs? What did you do to stabilize your bulbs? Is the Lightify hub necessary to update the firmware?
  4. Iris App Version 2.6.0

    I think 2.6 is the new app version, which has been generally released for download. The .055 is the hub firmware, and from what I understand, it is being pushed out to sections of users at a time. It may be next week before you see the hub update. I haven't received mine yet either.
  5. Osram bulb experience?

    accessdenied's procedure works like a charm -- didn't lose my programming on the bulbs, but I was able to update the software with the OSRAM hub. One problem: re-pairing one bulb when near the hub caused it to make a direct connection to the zigbee component of the hub. When I moved it far away from the hub to its original location, it started falling off the network because it wasn't going through my zigbee mesh; instead it was still reaching directly for the hub. Tier one confirmed that by looking at my zigbee mesh (which I didn't know they could do. @thegillion, is there a way to view the zigbee mesh like we do the z-wave?). Strangely, the bulb right beside it forged 15 different pathways through the mesh after I re-paired it the same way. Tier 1's advice was to un-pair the problem bulb, then re-pair it in its installed location. Apparently, there is no other way to rebuild the zigbee mesh?
  6. Camera Compatibility

    I'd approach uncertified devices with caution:
  7. I've had Tier 2 folks recommend doing the Z-wave removal 6 or 8 times in a row to "make sure the system fully recognizes the removal of the device." Can't hurt. The factory reset suggestion often follows.
  8. Is oct 10 maintenance complete?

    Thank you. I've received the last few such notices, which I appreciate. Wish I'd received one this time. I might not have spent so much time trouble-shooting my system.
  9. Is oct 10 maintenance complete?

    Like sparc, I did not. What was its content?
  10. iris app problem

    Yeah, that was weird. Alexa would say "OK", but not carry out the command. Wonder what caused it to "break."
  11. iris app problem

    I have the same issues, starting Tuesday night/Wednesday. My app was still displaying device settings from Tuesday. My CT101 thermostats continued to follow their schedule correctly, but didn't show the changes in the app or even in the History. Switches affected too. A hub reset didn't fix the problem. Tier 2 opined that large systems sometimes take a while for the hub reset to shake out. I suspect the roll-out of the app update is causing some back-office firmware problems. But the same pattern occurred again last night/today. A hub reset had no immediate effect, but after a while, the app updated the status of my devices (again, thermostats and some switches). I have a call back in to Iris.
  12. Osram bulb experience?

    Thanks all. I found an OSRAM hub for about $17 on eBay and will try the update procedure.
  13. I have a LeakSmart Leak Sensor that takes 1-2 weeks to show that I've changed the batteries.
  14. The Gillion's Iris Web Portal has a tool that allows you to download your Z-wave mesh map, which looks kind of like an old Spirograph drawing. It shows in graphic form what path your devices use to get a signal to the hub, i.e, what other Z-wave devices are in the mesh between your problem device(s) and the hub. You may find that just one device is causing all your trouble if it is in the mesh path for the problem switches. I believe at least some customer service folks have access to analytics that show that information as well (not sure if Tier 1 uses it). The tool is accessed through the little red wrench at the bottom of the menu on the left, just above the Donate button. There is also a download button for Graphviz that allows you to read the map. There are posts from several months ago that give some detail on how it works.
  15. I wonder if there is another device they are routing through that is causing your trouble. Is there any other z-wave device on your system that disconnects other than the switches? Have you tried mapping what those devices connect to in your mesh?
  16. Updated Camera Card in 2.5

    Iris has made several changes to the Camera Card, most of which I like. The wider field of view in the thumbnails is a nice add. Another big plus is that you actually have to touch the play button in the middle of the screen to play a clip. Before, you could touch anywhere on the screen and it would play, which I often inadvertently did when trying to hit the Delete icon. Two things I don't like: 1) every time I delete a clip, it takes me back to the top of the page (the most recent clip), even if I was deleting ones that were 30 clips down the page, and 2) The rendering of the thumbnails in the Clips sub-card seem to take much longer to re-render after deleting a clip.
  17. Updated Camera Card in 2.5

    Agreed that the snapshot in the camera card is still seriously cropped. However, I thought the preview thumbnails on the video clip page were now not cropped -- same field of view as the video itself. Upon further checking, though, you are right on that count, too. Although I was correct that the FOV's were the same on the thumbnails and the videos, it was because the two cameras I checked had had their Image Quality settings re-set to 640x480. I'm not sure if that occurred with the firmware update, but I had had them set at 1280x720.
  18. Iris 2.5?

    Agreed -- very fast fix. It says good things about improving internal communications that Tier 1 had accurate and timely information on this.
  19. Iris 2.5?

    A Tier 1 CSR said that they are aware of the issue and that programmers are working to fix it. Hope he's right because that buzz is REALLY annoying.
  20. Iris 2.5?

  21. Iris 2.5?

  22. Hurricanes and Iris - Observations

    When Irma blew through South Carolina, my power stayed on (probably because I made sure my generator was working the week before ;>), but my broadband has been down for days. The really good news: the cellular modem worked like a champ and largely kept Iris up and running. While I still pine for local processing, this was a good second best. My main disappointment is the disabling of camera streaming/recording while the system is on cellular. I've said this before: camera functionality is especially important when natural disasters hit. At the least, the system should allow streaming, even if recording and playback have to be curtailed. The other quirk I experienced was the reaction of the wireless (non-hub) smart switches. Of course with wireless down, the switches couldn't interact with the Iris system. Irritatingly, they kept audibly cycling -- looking for the wireless signal I guess. The result: lamps that had been on when the broadband went out would blink out and then back on each time the switch cycled, and the wireless switch inline on my hub's UPS would turn my hub off/on as well. I had to physically take the switch out of the circuit to keep the connection up on the cellular modem, because the modem (powered by USB from the hub) would cycle as well when the hub was turned off.
  23. GD00Z-1 - SOLD

    If you don't get any takers, I'd be interested in the GDO and the CT-101 shipped for $65. (Or we can just meet up if you are in the Columbia area.)
  24. Iris 2.5?

    I haven't tried it with Alexa, but since the firmware update, my app no longer reflects changes made on the screen of my CT-101's. For instance, if I change the setting on the t-stat from 78 to 76, it still shows that it is set at 78 in the app.
  25. Iris web portal V1.2.6

    Nice to have those Halo notices removed, too!