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  1. Soozicle1

    Anyone notice that an app update is rolling out?

    Last night my bedroom lamps were acting strange (they're supposed to both toggle at the same time with a button) and then I was awakened this morning at 6am by my bedroom lights coming on to 100%. I didn't realize until I left for work that both fobs lost connectivity at the same time just before 6am and reconnected a few minutes later, triggering the "I'm Home" scene which opened my garage door, unlocked the door to the kitchen, and turned the house lights on. I figured there had to be a patch pushed to the hub but even still, what a dangerous thing to let happen! I fell back to sleep even, without knowing the house was wide open while it was still dark out. I live alone and only have multiple fobs to begin with because just having a single one caused similar issues whenever it decided to stop talking for no reason. Note to self: As you leave for vacation next week, cut the power to the garage door opener.
  2. Soozicle1

    New Iris Pro Monitoring Email

    Damn, they don't call or give you any other way to validate before calling dispatch? My old SafeTouch alarm had the two way speaker where they would come over the intercom and ask for your password when the alarm was triggered. If you didn't respond or gave a false pw they'd call dispatch. I routinely set mine off accidentally and I won't get monitoring if there's no way to call off the dogs when you do. Actually I hadn't really considered it anyway, given my experience with SafeTouch. One time we woke up to a yard full of emergency vehicles who said our alarm went off but it never did. I've also read accounts where people say some police will privately tell you monitoring isn't worth it as long as the system notifies you, because you're likely to know if it's a real alert and call faster than a monitoring service will. Of course they could just be sick of false alerts tying up personnel.
  3. Soozicle1

    Anybody have stability issues since April app update?

    I guess I spoke too soon. Now things are getting wonky with when they want to run. I got the door lock to lock/unlock with the away/home scenes perfectly well, but then after I left and it ran to lock the door today, 10 minutes later it inexplicably unlocked itself. Yay! Thank god it's on the kitchen door inside the garage, which thankfully remained closed. I've got things turning on at random times or not turning off or on when they're supposed to. Back to the drawing board I guess.
  4. Soozicle1

    Anybody have stability issues since April app update?

    I was finally able to pair the lock and after some fidgeting get it to work again with the scenes. I had to remove the orphaned device in Zwave Tools but it still took a few tries afterward to get it to pair, but was still unable to be controlled remotely and on some screens would still show up as an unknown device until I used the code on the keypad to unlock and lock it again. Weird. I've given up on the GE bulbs. The ones that I have are all two years old and are getting moisture beads inside the clear lens even though they're inside and no where near water or steam. I've also not been able to get them to repair after removing them. I suppose because they need to be reset but I don't want them paired for now anyway. So I'm back to "normal" except my Sylvania bulb is still disconnecting every few minutes and two of my motion sensors pop offline for half an hour or so once or twice a day... that could be because they're more than 50 feet from the hub but the mailbox sensor has been fine for a year and just started barking (Drives the neighbor's dogs nuts ) I did recently replace the battery so maybe the new battery was crap. I guess it's just individual issues with specific devices that just happened to happen all around the same time, rather than a systemic issue... but it's still a pain in the butt.
  5. Everything was A-1 stable for over a year but since the April update everything seems to be going haywire. I've had two bulbs drop connection never to respond again (I had to replace them with Osrams because they were the GE bulbs, they've been paired for over a year but suddenly (at different times) showed up as disconnected never to reconnect and of course can't be paired now), one Sylvania bulb that did that and repaired but now does the connected-disconnected dance all day long, two motion sensors losing connectivity at least once a day or more, not sending alerts half the time in the meantime, and my Schlage lock started acting crazy so I unpaired it, tried to pair it again but it paired as a unknown device, removed it again and just tried to pair it no less than 30 times and it just won't repair even after factory reset on the lock. This feels as miserable as it was when v2 was first released. Anybody else or is this just my good fortune?
  6. Soozicle1

    Camera is seeing ghosts!

    I don't have IRIS cameras but I have several outdoor IP cameras. Every spring I have a boat-load of false alerts due to bugs, especially at night due to the IR lights, and sometimes they're too quick in and out of frame for the camera to document but enough to set off the alert. I especially love it when a spider decides to lay a string of webbing over the lens. Just another factor to keep in mind.
  7. Well then how am I to overspend because I dared go to the grocery hungry?! lol ALL the racks are impulse racks for me on those days Big Box Stores felt convenient at first but compared with online shopping they're a pain in the hiney anymore. I could foresee a return to the small mom-and-pop shop coming rather than a total upheaval. I myself have begun going to the corner drug store whenever possible even if what I'm getting is cheaper elsewhere. I can park by the door to pop in and pop out with quick ease. I can't hardly stand going to Walmart anymore because it's as if the shoppers there either hate it as much as I do or feel somehow more entitled than anyone else to be there. I recently had a woman make a rude comment just because I was shopping for something in front of what she wanted; she waited literally two seconds and then chose to be rude rather than simply say "excuse me". Perhaps online shopping is affecting people in more ways than just where we shop... we have a whole new generation already grown that has zero patience when dealing with real people. Lowes hasn't gotten on my "avoid" list yet. For some reason even if the parking lot is full the store never feels like it's crawling with people. That said the much smaller Ace up the road would do well for most of my needs, except I'm still determined their selection is smaller even though it's probably just the smaller aisles making me think that.
  8. Soozicle1

    awful Iris end caps/displays.

    Lowes 0716 is always somewhat low on stock, and while they don't usually have torn up boxes on the display, I generally have to dig to the back of the shelf to find one that isn't a return. I personally believe these are not the type of items Lowes should be putting back on the shelves after being returned without some sort of discount. It's hard to say whether or not something was returned due to user error, incompatibility, or malfunction and I won't take the chance by buying any home automation gadget that's already been opened (particularly since some things have to be reset before repairing).
  9. This is why I always pull two or three off the hook and take one from the back of the display. At my store more often than not the front product on the Iris shelf is a returned one, especially true in the last year.
  10. I have the garage door opener, but I also have two Sylvania bulbs activated by motion detection in the garage. The motion detection works great to detect me coming out the kitchen door (because I put it on the shelf right next to the door, I pass within inches of it), but on hot days it doesn't see my giant car pulling in until I'm already all the way inside the garage. I figured I could just create a rule to kick the lights on whenever the garage door is opened but I don't see the option. Well, it's not like I haven't missed stuff before so I wondered if it's hidden away somewhere? I figured my next option would be to go get another contact sensor because I do see the option to use those to trigger lights, but not the garage door being opened. Just thought I'd save myself the $23 if someone knew how to use the existing sensor on the garage door instead.
  11. Soozicle1

    Anyone else seeing general instability since the outage?

    Well fart, I guess I'm the lucky one then. One of the sylvania bulbs in my garage has decided to do the constant "disconnected reconnected" dance since then though it has been fine since I moved it onto v2, and random lights are still coming on at random times- just caught my back door light on when it's set up to only trigger by motion after dark, and a different light randomly came on at 4:16 this morning. *Shaking fist in the air* whyyyyy right before I put up my holiday lights?!?! *sulk* I'm going to find my outdoor christmas lights on at 4am every other night, aren't I?
  12. I was just wondering if anyone has seen any new problems crop up since we got the "all clear" that everything had been restored from the "Great Pre-Thanksgiving Debacle of 2016" (GPTD for short if you want). Prior to that everything was working flawlessly (except the thermostat would occasionally set itself to 45/95), but I've got problems with lights turning on at unscheduled times. I just wondered if it had to do with the GPTD or if the couple of new devices I've added recently have caused instability. Thank you for your consideration. I'm Soozicle, and I approve this message... oh wait, sorry that's over!
  13. Soozicle1

    PSA Osram LED lights on sale at 25% off

    Just an update... after I got the new set in the mail I double checked the connections on the old strand and made sure I tightened both sets up the same way. I laid them both out on the counter and plugged them both in (without being paired) and within an hour or so the old set started blinking again. I noticed the controller on the old set was very warm to the touch and the controller on the new set was cool. I let the new set stay on for a while longer to verify it didn't get hot and then paired it and let it stay on (changing the color from time to time) for about 5-6 hours... controller still didn't get hot and it didn't start blinking like the old one did. In short, I do believe the controller on the first set I got was just bad. So far the new one is working great, but I've had it less than 24 hours so... fingers crossed.
  14. Soozicle1

    PSA Osram LED lights on sale at 25% off

    I actually thought a loose connection might be the culprit and double-checked them before boxing it all back up. None of them seemed loose at all but in case my hands just aren't strong enough to tighten it to it's liking I guess I could get out some pliers and make sure they're as tight as I can make them without breaking something. Either way I've already got another set on it's way so... I guess if I could get the first one to work then I'd just keep both. But it's good to know someone has successfully paired the older set with IRIS, so thanks.
  15. Soozicle1

    PSA Osram LED lights on sale at 25% off

    I thought I'd come back and report on my findings so far with the older version of the Osram GardenSpot lights in case anyone were considering buying the older set to save $20. I got them Friday and paired them even though we were having issues with that platform upgrade. I really wanted to test them out before Thanksgiving so I took the chance. It didn't go so well as a few hours after they had been on I noticed they had turned primary blue and had started flashing. Not a good look for outdoor accent lighting. I assumed it was the platform upgrade and unpaired them, then waited until IRIS gave the all-clear on fixing the platform upgrade issues and tried again. This time it only lasted about an hour before it started randomly flipping between colors and then eventually turned primary blue and started flashing again. I unpaired them again and brought them inside, then plugged them in without being paired to validate that it was flashing without being paired at all (it was). They were also flashing in an unpredictable pattern, but were flashing in sets of three (maybe they're possessed). This made me think it was the controller on the lights that was bad and perhaps started acting up after it had been on for a while and warmed up, so I took the chance and ordered another set (so I could still have them in time for Thanksgiving IF it was just the case that I got a bad set). If the 2nd set does the same thing I'll just return them both and only have one trip to UPS to have to deal with so I'm not really losing anything by trying a second set. I'll get the 2nd set tonight and will spend a couple of days with them verifying whether or not they work as expected. This time I'm going to start by plugging them in without pairing and leaving them on all night. Then as long as they don't start flashing I'll pair them tomorrow and make sure it's not pairing them with IRIS that is causing the malfunction. *sigh* The new version was supposed to be for adding in WEMO compatibility and someone else said they tried both sets and found no other differences so I'm still hopeful the cheaper set will still work and I just got a defective unit. If not I guess I'll return both and try the new ones.