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  1. Soozicle1

    Any Chance of IRIS working post 3/31?

    Because my grandmother, who lived through the great depression, would yell at me for throwing away something I could figure out a way to use. "Don't throw that perfectly good three day old bubble gum away!"... After all, the Iris hub makes a damn fine door stop. No seriously I have double hung windows and only bought one set of sensors for the bottom pane with the thought being that anybody who tries to break in through a window is going to just raise the bottom pane not waste time trying to hoist themselves over the top. I'd still like to have the top pane monitored but would rather not pay for a full second set since I have all these v1's laying around... maybe one day someone will crack their secret code of the divine.
  2. Just checked, both the Aeon Doorbell or Siren are actually cloud but there's not much delay in the announcement anyway.
  3. I'll have to try that before the return period on my Aeon doorbell runs out to see if it's comparable without being too laggy. The doorbell I think is processed locally and you can put your own custom MP3s on it which is cool - and could be fun at Halloween 😈
  4. I spent last week migrating from Iris to Smartthings. I just unpaired each device from Iris and re-paired it with Smartthings one at a time, leaving the alarm functionality all on Iris until I had time to move it all at once. My best advice is not to try setting up rules/scenes/etc until after you have everything paired and then one thing at a time start recreating what you already have set up to run. Play with new stuff later. I also screwed myself up at first trying to use both the Smartthings Classic and the new app... I ended up having to remove all my configurations and starting over in just the Classic app. I just got the Aeon Doorbell last night and had fun making MP3s for each window and door that starts with a pleasant tri-tone and then has a man's voice say the name of the device. Like you I missed the door beeps too much and now I'm tickled pink every time I open a door and hear "doodoodoo Kitchen Door". But outside of making the Iris v2 keypads beep (which were always too delayed because they're processed in the cloud I think), I only got somewhat acceptable (more annoying than anything) beeps out of the Aeon Siren, and the way I had it set up you couldn't use the siren for both siren and door chime functions- just one or the other which was a huge waste of a loud plug-in siren (I bought it because I was always afraid the Utilitech siren's batteries will go dead without Iris telling me, so this way I have a plug-in backup). The Aeon Doorbell is Aces for door chimes but I think I have to adjust the volume in my MP3s; I have the doorbell at volume 10 and it's too soft to hear over the tv even though it's supposed to be 80Db. It's also pretty expensive at about $70 on Amazon.
  5. Soozicle1

    Iris is Officially Done

    Yeah I gave in last night and just deleted everything I had set up, including all apps, except the devices themselves and started over using nothing but the ST Classic app from scratch with a different Security app for handling the Iris keypads. So far so good (fingers crossed) - it's finally behaving like I expect it to and so far predictably, in fact (again, so far knock on wood) it seems to be far more responsive than Iris was, now that I've removed what was probably a bunch of conflicting rules that were causing general chaos. So for now SmartThings gets a big thumbs-up from me, provided you keep track of where you've configured each action closely as you set it up with a mind toward keeping it as simple as you possibly can. Miniature bowling? I wouldn't have any need for the ones I have myself if I hadn't transitioned so many Iris devices over to SmartThings. I really hate these weird specialized batteries, and now I'm even more dependent on CR123As too.
  6. Soozicle1

    Iris is Officially Done

    That's basically the same thing I've done only instead of the trigger being a button, it's a time. In the "Good Morning" Routine I have "Set Smart Home Monitor" to Disarmed, and then I have the Routine set to run 5-10 minutes before I usually leave. Yesterday it worked fine and I got out the door without an issue while this morning it reacted as an intrusion even though the logs showed the devices all received an OFF command at the scheduled time (the reverse was true with the presence sensor running the HOME mode; on Tuesday it still set off the alarm and then last night it ran fine). The aggravating thing is I can't reproduce the same behavior more than once in a row which is not expected of something that runs off code that didn't change. I think I just need to let it sit for a few days while I document the behavior and timing of it without changing a single thing, and just deal with the false alarms until I decide how to proceed. Otherwise I might start punching myself in the face to relieve the frustration. You might just want to specify you mean v2 Iris devices... just as not to confuse anyone who might've skipped to the last message of the thread.
  7. Soozicle1

    Iris is Officially Done

    I'm starting to consider that maybe I went the wrong route buying the ST hub without more in depth research first. I gave up on the keypads doing the job and set the alarm to turn off 10 minutes before I'm usually walking out the door in the morning... and yet again it went off this morning. I checked the logs and the last thing to happen before the alarm went off was 7 minutes before when all of the alarm devices including the sirens received an OFF command at the scheduled time and yet... there it went off anyway. Unfortunately I already tossed the packaging for most of it so if I switch to the ST ADT hub now I'll have to try to sell it all on ebay and take a loss on hardware that's only a week old I guess. 🤦‍♀️ The alarm functions being this flaky is just unacceptable for me.
  8. Soozicle1

    Emotional farewell to what we've lost

    While this is true, I was happy with Smart Things after I migrated everything over, replacing what I had to, and recreating my rules. I was tickled just to see that you could program a ST button for 3 different rules (press, double press, and press-hold) so I didn't need as many buttons as before but was happy just to have the same rules I had in Iris moved over... ... but damn that flaky security is an issue for me. Still fighting with it after almost a week trying to get it to behave even somewhat predictably... I'll piece something together that will work I'm sure but it's a pain in the tuckas and doesn't seem like it's going to be as effortless as the security provided by Iris.
  9. Soozicle1

    Redemption timeframe

    Thanks. Have been wondering about that. I feel like I'm waiting for my tax return... twice. 😏
  10. Soozicle1

    Iris is Officially Done

    That sounds interesting. I'll keep that in mind if I can't get the ST native Home Monitor to behave. I just don't like having paid monitoring because I've woken up to a yard full of emergency vehicles before when the siren never even went off (on an old traditional security system, so it makes me nervous still). All I need is something to alert me if I'm away so I can check my cameras and call it in or wake me up if something happens while I'm asleep... it just needs to be reliable.
  11. Soozicle1

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    I found the rule creating in ST comparable to Iris, but the ST pairing process seems much less painful. I always had to fight with Iris to get it to recognize non-Iris branded hardware (including Osram bulbs sometimes), having to try 2-3 times resetting and retrying before they would pair. I paired over 60 devices with ST over the last week and didn't have that problem even once, not even with my CT100 Thermostat. It made moving over much less stressful than it was to upgrade from v1 to v2 Iris.
  12. Soozicle1

    Iris is Officially Done

    I get the text notice that "keypad is disarmed" and looking in the Smart Home Monitor it will say it's disarmed, but still goes off when the contact sensor opens... and then I have a dickens of a time getting the sirens to shut off. It seems wonky between the old and new ST apps too. Today after I left I had notification that "all zones are armed" with the AWAY scene running, but I just looked at the "new app" and it showed the system was disarmed even though there was no history or event to back that up. In fact I've noticed the new and old apps frequently disagree about what state the system is in; maybe I should remove all the routines, scenes, and rules, blow the new app away, and start over exclusively with the old one. 🤷‍♀️ In general it just seems a bit flaky which is scary for a home security system. You're right, I just misspoke. I just meant "check" as a generalized term for payment. It was very ambiguous and I signed up the first day it was announced but haven't heard a peep since. I didn't run out and spend money I didn't have but it did feel a little too good to be true that they'd offer nearly full price refunds on hardware we'd all used for (in many cases) years.
  13. Soozicle1

    Iris is Officially Done

    Security is why I bought Iris, having 15,000 rules on lights is why I stayed even through the painful V2 transition. After setting everything up in Smartthings the same way I had them in Iris, though, I'm wishing I had Iris back actually, even in all it's proprietary awkwardness. I'm still setting off the alarm after it says it's disarmed in ST, but at least the damn thing is going off so [I think] at very least I won't wake up with an intruder standing over me even if my ears are bleeding every time I come & go. I think there's just a lot more latency than I'm used to. I'd say ST just doesn't play particularly nice with the v2 Iris keypads but it did it with the Samsung presence sensors' arrival rule yesterday too. I smiled a wide grin as the garage door opened just as I pulled up to it for the first time ever (proving the arrival rule ran and should have disarmed the system), but then wanted to punch a puppy minutes later when I opened the kitchen door and STILL the sirens went off. Pro Tip: Don't run out and sign up for monitoring on ST right away. I know for certain there's more lag getting rules on lights to run on Smartthings than in Iris; after giving Alexa the command it used to only take Iris 2-3 seconds for everything to respond at the same time, now through ST it's up to 10 seconds and everything reacts in a random staggered pattern, so truly disarming the alarm must be lagging a LOT. That seems bizarre considering more is being processed locally than with Iris?? 🤷‍♀️ I'm holding out hope I can get the problems ironed out but I might've looked elsewhere if I'd seen a tit-for-tat comparison before I bought ST. Has anyone been given any word on when they plan to start mailing the checks? I mean I didn't have a choice but to replace everything anyway but it certainly was a large unexpected expense.
  14. Soozicle1

    Iris is Officially Done

    I just moved everything over to ST starting Friday, including one Iris V2 Keypad I already owned and two new ones I ordered after I verified that one worked... or so I thought. Using the instructions for creating the device handler and the User Lock manager app, it *looks* like everything is working (I even get a text when I disarm using the keypad to verify the alarm status has changed) but I'll be damned if the stupid siren doesn't go off anyway. I swear I tested it five times yesterday only for the siren to go off anyway as I'm leaving for work this morning even though I got a text that the status had changed to disarmed before I opened the door... 😡 Overall *if* I can get my keypad functionality back working correctly (and if the keypad battery life doesn't suck) I'll be happy as a clam wishing I had done this years ago. Just out of the box I'm loving the expanded button programability and some of the simpler things that just make life easier, like the fact that even without Geofencing configured it seems to be much quicker to respond when a presence sensor arrives (so far)... the only thing I'm missing is getting called when the alarm is triggered. I might be more prone to missing a text. Oh, and the $15 pet-friendly motion sensors that work with ST are awesome, too. They work just as well as the $40 one I bought to use with Iris. Is there any chance any of this V1 junk will be able to be integrated ever by anything? I hate throwing things like that away when five minutes ago they worked.
  15. Soozicle1

    Anyone notice that an app update is rolling out?

    Last night my bedroom lamps were acting strange (they're supposed to both toggle at the same time with a button) and then I was awakened this morning at 6am by my bedroom lights coming on to 100%. I didn't realize until I left for work that both fobs lost connectivity at the same time just before 6am and reconnected a few minutes later, triggering the "I'm Home" scene which opened my garage door, unlocked the door to the kitchen, and turned the house lights on. I figured there had to be a patch pushed to the hub but even still, what a dangerous thing to let happen! I fell back to sleep even, without knowing the house was wide open while it was still dark out. I live alone and only have multiple fobs to begin with because just having a single one caused similar issues whenever it decided to stop talking for no reason. Note to self: As you leave for vacation next week, cut the power to the garage door opener.