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    Door Chimes

    My car has proximity keys so one of the main functions I want my home automation to do is open the house when I get home, and that way I never have to dig my keys out of my purse. Having to dig around in a purse is one of those things that immediately gets under my skin like hearing someone chewing 😏 so it makes me feel vaguely like ripping off my skin. I just needed to make sure the I'm Home scene is set to run only if the alarm status is AWAY, and make sure I only use PARTIAL when I'm at home so I'm Home never runs if I'm there asleep; I haven't had it happen again since. Since I live alone I also have 2 key fobs in case one loses connection it doesn't fool the system into thinking I've left & come back; I had to do that with Iris, too.
  2. Soozicle1

    A unified forum

    Really? At first I had to work through some bugs but once I got all the functionality back I had with Iris (except native support for calling on alarms), I *love* ST. I love the Geofencing and custom audio alerts (both via Alexa and via the Aeotec Doorbell - Halloween should be fun) so much it makes me wish I had just trashed Iris as soon as v2 came out just for those two things. Of course then I wouldn't have had my new gear paid for by Lowes so... worth the wait I guess! Anyway I'm not doing anything terribly complicated with it but except for a slightly longer delay in lights reacting to buttons, everything runs a lot smoother so I'm really super pleased with it.
  3. Soozicle1

    IRIS in hospice. Family Gathered Around

    I miss those days... sort of. As the youngest in my family every time a tracker alert broke in on the Christmas Eve movie they all turned and looked at me and went "woooooo"... just like they all do to Ruby Sue in Christmas Vacation when Clark claims he heard on the news Santa was on his way in. As an introvert who hates attention, it drove me *insane*.
  4. Soozicle1

    Alarms and SHM

    If it helps any my only disappointment switching to SmartThings from Iris is that ST doesn't have the ability natively to call on intrusion alerts, just push/text. But then I've only had it since the weekend they sent out the notice that Iris was dying so my experience is limited. I've already had two window sensors randomly go missing and have to be repaired so if that behavior continues I might have a different view of it in a couple of months, but other than that for now I'm very happy.
  5. Soozicle1

    New Gear Thanks to Iris

    I got the below, with money left over: 6 new v2 Iris contact sensors 2 ST Multi-Purpose Sensors 3 ST Smart Outlets 2 Iris v2 Keypads 2 Pet-Friendly Motion Sensors (a steal at $15/ea opposed to the only similar one I found for Iris that was $40) 3 ST Buttons 2 Secondary Sirens an Aeon Doorbell The ST Hub TBH I was tickled to death on day-1 just from realizing you could put three programs on one button, so being able to make my own custom alert audibles with the doorbell makes me smile every time I open a door so much sometimes I open a door just to hear it 🤓
  6. Soozicle1

    Door Chimes

    Yeah they are huge, they're really meant to be game buttons like they have on Family Feud LOL. I have the one running my "Let's Eat" routine hidden under part of the centerpiece on my dinner table. You can see it when you look right at it but since it's black and it's underneath in the shadows it doesn't draw your attention when you look at the table. My two cents on the Aeon Doorbell and Alexa: I have a mix of both. I like the flexibility of creating my own MP3s on the doorbell, though once I realized Alexa could announce device status changes it made it mostly redundant. I still use the doorbell to announce alarm status changes and play custom alert tones I've made, which turned out to be a good-not-so-good thing when in the middle of the night last night my ST hub lost connectivity and ran the I'm Back routine when connectivity was restored, opening my garage door and unlocking my kitchen door at 5am when I was home alone asleep and it was still pitch black outside. At least I woke up when the doorbell announced the alarm was disarming, the bedroom lights turned on, and Alexa announced the garage door was opening 😧 Really, ST?
  7. Here's what I think you want to know: The day we got the discontinuation email I went to Best Buy and bought the SmartThings hub, v3 was the only one they had locally. I love the wireless but the lack of battery backup was surprising to me. Otherwise I don't think they offer any functionality difference?? I'm not sure but I wouldn't think v3 wouldn't be compatible with things v2 is. Only Iris'd be that dumb 😏
  8. Soozicle1

    Visa Cards

    That doesn't surprise me. I'm sure you'll have to hand over your first born to get that $300 since it was handled on the side.
  9. Soozicle1

    Visa Cards

    I know, I'm not talking about these. I'm talking about future random deliveries that anybody could pretend to be you and sign up to get notification of. My point exactly. Suhcuhrittee.
  10. Soozicle1

    Visa Cards

    Well if we start having packages get ripped off before we can get home to pick them up, I guess we know who to blame... Lowes!! ALL PROBLEMS IT ARE BELONG TO LOWES! No seriously, they could at least make you validate your phone.
  11. Soozicle1

    Visa Cards

    I can't see why it would. I went through the process within 30 minutes of the notification email they sent out, and I'm still not getting mine until Friday where others here are farther from the distribution center and are getting theirs Thursday. They may have gone alphabetically, too, since my last name also starts with an S. Nah, if Lowes wants a Snickers they can treat themselves to their own candy shelf!
  12. Soozicle1

    Visa Cards

    You sound bitter, Scott. Send me your address and I'll send you a snickers bar. 😝 Just teasin'...
  13. Soozicle1

    Visa Cards

    If you have an ex-spouse who moved to a different county/city sometimes they'll connect you to their address even if you never lived there. In my case I was surprised but the correct answer to all of the identifying questions they asked were "none of the above". Sheeesh, great security there guys.
  14. Soozicle1

    Visa Cards

    Yes I already have that service set up, but it would've been nice that Lowes followed through with the tracking numbers and advanced warning like they said they would.
  15. Soozicle1

    Visa Cards

    I thought they said they would notify us by email with the tracking info? How incredibly inconvenient, but if it *is* them it's good news. I had the money to replace my stuff but it was cash I had already earmarked for a home improvement project I've already started 🤦‍♀️ I don't see much difference between a gift card and a check other than a slight lack of convenience. Just use the card for expenses you normally would use your checking account for and there's the cash. I have $500 in monthly bill pay already going to a credit card # anyway.
  16. Soozicle1

    Any Chance of IRIS working post 3/31?

    I started out with Iris with them configured similarly. The trim around the glass is just deep enough that the Iris v1 magnets will sit right on top of it and slide behind the other window without catching, so putting the magnet there at the bottom of the top pane puts it right behind where the sensor sits when the window is closed with the sensor on top of the bottom pane. I couldn't do that with the v2 sensors I bought to use with ST because the magnets were too fat and the v1 magnets didn't work very well with the v2 sensors. My main problem is I bought the double-hung windows to be able to leave the windows open at night without rambunctious pets accidentally popping out the screen and disappearing into the night. Previously I accomplished that by sticking a second magnet at the top of the upper pane that would meet the sensor when it slid down to the fully-open position. When I bought the v2 sensors to work with ST I moved them to the bottom of the bottom pane because I realized how dumb that was... with the window open someone could easily see, reach, and defeat the sensor. So for it to work with the window *open* it needs to be hidden or out of arm's reach. It's a positioning trick I need to figure out & a second sensor would just be helpful.... and give me something to do with those damn v1 sensors instead of just throwing what had been perfectly good sensors away.
  17. Soozicle1

    Any Chance of IRIS working post 3/31?

    Because my grandmother, who lived through the great depression, would yell at me for throwing away something I could figure out a way to use. "Don't throw that perfectly good three day old bubble gum away!"... After all, the Iris hub makes a damn fine door stop. No seriously I have double hung windows and only bought one set of sensors for the bottom pane with the thought being that anybody who tries to break in through a window is going to just raise the bottom pane not waste time trying to hoist themselves over the top. I'd still like to have the top pane monitored but would rather not pay for a full second set since I have all these v1's laying around... maybe one day someone will crack their secret code of the divine.
  18. Just checked, both the Aeon Doorbell or Siren are actually cloud but there's not much delay in the announcement anyway.
  19. I'll have to try that before the return period on my Aeon doorbell runs out to see if it's comparable without being too laggy. The doorbell I think is processed locally and you can put your own custom MP3s on it which is cool - and could be fun at Halloween 😈
  20. I spent last week migrating from Iris to Smartthings. I just unpaired each device from Iris and re-paired it with Smartthings one at a time, leaving the alarm functionality all on Iris until I had time to move it all at once. My best advice is not to try setting up rules/scenes/etc until after you have everything paired and then one thing at a time start recreating what you already have set up to run. Play with new stuff later. I also screwed myself up at first trying to use both the Smartthings Classic and the new app... I ended up having to remove all my configurations and starting over in just the Classic app. I just got the Aeon Doorbell last night and had fun making MP3s for each window and door that starts with a pleasant tri-tone and then has a man's voice say the name of the device. Like you I missed the door beeps too much and now I'm tickled pink every time I open a door and hear "doodoodoo Kitchen Door". But outside of making the Iris v2 keypads beep (which were always too delayed because they're processed in the cloud I think), I only got somewhat acceptable (more annoying than anything) beeps out of the Aeon Siren, and the way I had it set up you couldn't use the siren for both siren and door chime functions- just one or the other which was a huge waste of a loud plug-in siren (I bought it because I was always afraid the Utilitech siren's batteries will go dead without Iris telling me, so this way I have a plug-in backup). The Aeon Doorbell is Aces for door chimes but I think I have to adjust the volume in my MP3s; I have the doorbell at volume 10 and it's too soft to hear over the tv even though it's supposed to be 80Db. It's also pretty expensive at about $70 on Amazon.
  21. Soozicle1

    Iris is Officially Done

    Yeah I gave in last night and just deleted everything I had set up, including all apps, except the devices themselves and started over using nothing but the ST Classic app from scratch with a different Security app for handling the Iris keypads. So far so good (fingers crossed) - it's finally behaving like I expect it to and so far predictably, in fact (again, so far knock on wood) it seems to be far more responsive than Iris was, now that I've removed what was probably a bunch of conflicting rules that were causing general chaos. So for now SmartThings gets a big thumbs-up from me, provided you keep track of where you've configured each action closely as you set it up with a mind toward keeping it as simple as you possibly can. Miniature bowling? I wouldn't have any need for the ones I have myself if I hadn't transitioned so many Iris devices over to SmartThings. I really hate these weird specialized batteries, and now I'm even more dependent on CR123As too.
  22. Soozicle1

    Iris is Officially Done

    That's basically the same thing I've done only instead of the trigger being a button, it's a time. In the "Good Morning" Routine I have "Set Smart Home Monitor" to Disarmed, and then I have the Routine set to run 5-10 minutes before I usually leave. Yesterday it worked fine and I got out the door without an issue while this morning it reacted as an intrusion even though the logs showed the devices all received an OFF command at the scheduled time (the reverse was true with the presence sensor running the HOME mode; on Tuesday it still set off the alarm and then last night it ran fine). The aggravating thing is I can't reproduce the same behavior more than once in a row which is not expected of something that runs off code that didn't change. I think I just need to let it sit for a few days while I document the behavior and timing of it without changing a single thing, and just deal with the false alarms until I decide how to proceed. Otherwise I might start punching myself in the face to relieve the frustration. You might just want to specify you mean v2 Iris devices... just as not to confuse anyone who might've skipped to the last message of the thread.
  23. Soozicle1

    Iris is Officially Done

    I'm starting to consider that maybe I went the wrong route buying the ST hub without more in depth research first. I gave up on the keypads doing the job and set the alarm to turn off 10 minutes before I'm usually walking out the door in the morning... and yet again it went off this morning. I checked the logs and the last thing to happen before the alarm went off was 7 minutes before when all of the alarm devices including the sirens received an OFF command at the scheduled time and yet... there it went off anyway. Unfortunately I already tossed the packaging for most of it so if I switch to the ST ADT hub now I'll have to try to sell it all on ebay and take a loss on hardware that's only a week old I guess. 🤦‍♀️ The alarm functions being this flaky is just unacceptable for me.
  24. Soozicle1

    Emotional farewell to what we've lost

    While this is true, I was happy with Smart Things after I migrated everything over, replacing what I had to, and recreating my rules. I was tickled just to see that you could program a ST button for 3 different rules (press, double press, and press-hold) so I didn't need as many buttons as before but was happy just to have the same rules I had in Iris moved over... ... but damn that flaky security is an issue for me. Still fighting with it after almost a week trying to get it to behave even somewhat predictably... I'll piece something together that will work I'm sure but it's a pain in the tuckas and doesn't seem like it's going to be as effortless as the security provided by Iris.
  25. Soozicle1

    Redemption timeframe

    Thanks. Have been wondering about that. I feel like I'm waiting for my tax return... twice. 😏