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  1. Jirish

    Question for you Hubitat users

    Great, should have no problem with my S9. Thanks for your response
  2. Jirish

    Question for you Hubitat users

    Is the Hubitat dashboard compatible with android phones?
  3. Jirish

    Anybody got their pre-paid Visa card from Lowe's?

    Received $264 Visa prepaid card this morning. Still due $467 from manual redemption process.
  4. Jirish

    CT101 Thermostat and Alexa

    This question is for those of you with Alexa and CT101 thermostat. What type of control is possible with Alexa? Is it just inc/dec temperature setting or will it allow control of mode, fan only, etc.? The CT101 has been reduced to $59.99 which seems to be the lowest price available for a smart thermostat. I have had a CT101 for a couple of years and it was problematic early on but has been stable for the past 6 months. I have 2 locations with Iris and CT101 at 1 of the locations but need a smart thermostat at 2nd location. Trying to decide whether to save pennies and purchase another CT101 or go with wifi thermostat (possibly compatible with Iris). Any comment would be much appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the comment. There is something about the smart plug repeater function that I just do not understand. It seems illogical that the smart plug is communicating properly with the hub yet is not acting as a repeater. Does this have to do with the way the mesh network is configured? If so, can it be reconfigured to operate as it should. It seems that the contact sensor is ignoring the repeater and is still communicating directly to the hub. I would like for the "Iris by Lowes" team to comment on this. I have read other posts which indicated the same problem so I do not think this is a unique situation.
  6. I am attempting to extend the range of next gen Iris hub by using next gen smart plug. 1st gen contact sensor was out of range on sun porch and would lose connection to hub when placed on sun porch. Initially placed smart plug in adjacent room and tested by cycling it on and off. It responded quickly through several cycles. The sun porch contact sensor performance did not improve. It remained disconnected and unresponsive unless moved closer to the hub. Experimenting further, the smart plug was placed on the sun porch. Its performance did not change. It responded quickly each and every time it was cycled from my smart phone. So the smart plug is communicating with the hub without any problem and is supposed to repeat the signal to the contact sensor which is in the same room with only 5 feet of air between them. Obviously, this is not happening. Can anyone provide any insight on what might be wrong with this scenario?
  7. Jirish

    Radio Thermostat - setpoint display error

    I do think they may be related. I had read your post previous to posting mine but decided to post as separate topic with thermostat in title to draw attention to fact that there may be general thermostat issues rather than isolated cases. There were some differences as I am not running a schedule and my brand is Radio Thermostat as opposed to Honeywell.
  8. I have had thermostat on V2 for about a month with no problems until about 2 days ago. The target temperature as displayed when thermostat is launched from favorites display mode = cool , target = 73. The actual target as displayed on the thermostat and what it is controlling to is 76. The history file shows heat setpoint set to 73 despite the fact that this action was never taken and the mode remains in cool. I have un-paired and re-paired and this has not resolved the problem. The thermostat is "unchecked" on the schedule screen so scheduling should be inactive. The thermostat was previously on V1(no problems) and my migration was manual (33 devices) I have considered doing hardware or factory reset but am not sure if these actions would erase HVAC settings. This is a concern because I'm not 100% sure what these settings should be as they were set up by the HVAC installer. Any advice/comments appreciated. Ref attached photos.
  9. Jirish

    Battery % Fluke or....?

    In my opinion, it is extremely important that Iris should promptly send a notification via push and email if a smoke detector goes offline. There are many more lives lost and property losses annually from fires than from burglary or forced entry. I like the automation features but the safety and security of my family is priority number one.
  10. Jirish

    2 Accounts, Separate Billing, 1 Smartphone

    Thanks Otto. The tip is much appreciated.
  11. I have 2 accounts to maintain, my residence + my mother-in-law. Doesn't seem like the "people/Places" feature is designed to handle this. Can I have 2 instances of android app on my smartphone? How should this situation be addressed. The V1 app would allow choosing which account to login to. I have already transitioned my residence to V2 and was preparing to go to mother-in-law's to transition her residence when I realized this could be a problem I wasn't sure how to address. Does anyone have any tips on the best/only way to accomplish this?
  12. Jirish


    Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback.
  13. Jirish


    V1 would chime for contact sensor opening. V2 is not chiming and I cannot find a setting to allow chiming. Is this a feature planned for a future update?
  14. Jirish

    V1 Server Down?

    Strange... Must be routing error. Will try rebooting my router
  15. Jirish

    V1 Server Down?

    Cannot connect to V1 server. Time = 5:50 pm CST 6/8/16 Anyone else having a problem? My internet connection OK, no problem connecting to other sites.