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  1. OhioYJ

    Iris Instructional Videos Gone

    Glad you thought to do this. I know before they shutdown I downloaded manuals for everything I had and could find.
  2. So I have Utilitech Water Leak Detector underneath my fish tank, in the cabinet with my sump. For those not familiar with aquariums, it's just another tank of water for filtration essentially. However the water is fairly warm (80-82 degrees roughly), uncovered, moving all the time, and in an enclosed area, which leads to a pretty humid environment for the leak detector. It pretty much always reports as being wet, even though it's not. See below: Here is what I'm dealing with (cabinet door removed): I have the "remote" sensor inside the cabinet, down low (pictured below). It is not touching the tiles. It's dry. The other end (with the batteries is outside of the cabinet.) Am I missing something obvious? Just a bad sensor at this point?
  3. OhioYJ

    Home Depot not a great place

    I'm always skeptical of anything I read on Facebook. I never really go to HomeDepot anyways. Your first hand account though a good story and worth posting. Some random Facebook story, I'm always skeptical of, especially since the snopes link is even unconfirmed. On a side note, you are the second person I've seen mention carrying around a DD214? I've never done this, as it seems like a lot of personal information to have on me. Is there a reason for this?
  4. OhioYJ

    Home Depot not a great place

    So I prefer Lowe's over Home Depot anyways.....However, you are using an unconfirmed, 4 year old, Facebook story? Home Depot's official statement even said they give a discount every day of the year. Facebook is good for passing around fake news anyways, but even if it was true I'm more inclined to believe there is more to this story. It's more likely this guy say didn't have a military ID on him or something like that, and got angry they wouldn't let him slide?
  5. OhioYJ

    Modding my Cable Modem

    Did get my new router modified as well: The majority of the heat comes from the right side, so that's where the fan is:
  6. OhioYJ

    Modding my Cable Modem

    Well I recently upgraded my internet service at the house, which meant I needed a new modem, and meant an excuse for a new router. It also meant I needed to modify the new modem, because as expected, during a long Steam download my speeds would tend to drop off after a while. I ordered both copper and aluminum heat sinks this time. Ended up using the aluminum since they had taller fins and I was going to have a fan, hoping that would out perform the little extra I would gain from the copper. This time instead of using a double sided tape on the heat sinks, I did use a thermally conductive epoxy as it had twice thermal conductivity of tape. I was also able to get the fan on the side of the modem that had most of the heat sinks, so the fan is blowing down on the board this time. So positive pressure inside the case this time. I know it's not perfect in the looks department, but it's a cheap easy modification, makes the modem run nice and cool, and no more drops in speed. The other one was still going strong as it was. The new router will be next, but it was a priority as it doesn't run near as hot as the modem did.
  7. OhioYJ

    No recycle boxes for V2 HUB?

    Not to derail this topic, but, you realize most stuff you set out at the curb doesn't even get recycled right? There have been so many of those "electronic recycling" companies that keep getting caught disposing of electronics in land fills. Lots of articles like this recently since China cut us off for shipping them garbage essentially that wasn't recyclable, as they do still take recyclable goods from other countries: What happens now that China won't take US Recycling?
  8. OhioYJ

    March 31st - Doomsday?

    I'm glad you posted that. I had removed all my devices, including my hub but, I almost forgot to do that.
  9. OhioYJ

    Who hasn't migrated already?

    I would unpair everything. If you unpair everything through Iris all your devices will be ready to pair with a new system. If you leave them paired, and Iris goes down, you will have to individually reset each item through each ones manual reset process to pair them to a new system/hub. One click to unpair on the Iris app right now, will save you work later.
  10. OhioYJ

    Multi Sensor as garage door tilt sensor

    Perhaps, I don't remember that at this point (maybe I did?). I know all my automations and such are setup in the old app, I don't even have the new app installed. Until they make it do what the old app does, I don't see a reason to use it.
  11. OhioYJ

    Multi Sensor as garage door tilt sensor

    Since when? There is a bunch of stuff that doesn't work still in the new app? Maybe, but I use the new hub exclusively with the old app. Due to delay and reliability problems with the tilt sensor from what I've read, most people end up just using the sensor as a contact sensor with the garage door. Mounting it directly to the door using a bracket if need be, and the other half to the wall. Is there a reason you specifically want the tilt function over the contact sensor?
  12. OhioYJ

    Best Contact Sensor for Outdoor use

    Let me know how that stuff works for you. I've used some spray stuff in the past, which works for large items, but it was really thin, and tended to run. It also meant multiple coats. You shouldn't have those problems though with a brush. Nail polish was just easy to obtain locally for me.
  13. OhioYJ

    Best Contact Sensor for Outdoor use

    Have you thought about just thought about using some nail polish on a regular contact sensor? How to Waterproof Electronics || Nail Polish, Silicone, Potting Compound Just use some dielectric grease on the out edge of the battery contacts after everything else is coated. Perhaps an idea?
  14. OhioYJ

    Multi-platform interference problem? coincidence?

    No. Kwikset tech support at least verified that the Rev 3.8 module was a stronger signal, than the Rev 1.0 module, which was the info I needed. However they told me the two were incompatible with each other, and they did not sell the modules separately. I was able to source the module separately, and swap it out with my Rev 1.0 card, and it's worked perfectly since. It was a $40 experiment though (cost of the module for me).
  15. OhioYJ

    Support Experience

    I've read this, the only interaction I've had was a phone call. I suggest you call as well. It's definitely not the same experience as calling / dealing with Iris. I'll tell you that right now. However at least with the phone call I was able to speak with someone, who helped right then, and didn't have to wait for an email.