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  1. Iris sent me news about Santa Tracker

    The Santa Tracker comes up every year... I think what we got is what we are going to get at, no sense in worrying about it anymore... Honestly at this point they have started rolling out local processing, as long as they get that back to a working state I'm going to call it close enough. So I guess lack of local processing was my biggest complaint. What's yours? Other than that my alarm is back to functioning pretty good these days? I do miss a couple other features from V1, but those features aren't deal breakers for me.
  2. Modding my Cable Modem

    Since the cable modem turned out so well, I decided to go ahead and do the same thing to the router: The fan couldn't be directly over the heatsink, but it still made a noticeable difference drop in the temperature on the router.
  3. Shots fired Amazon and Google at war

    I saw this too. They are both so big that I don't think it really matters. Its just like Samsung and Apple fighting, they have these little spats, but I don't see anything serious happening. Although Samsung and Apple need each other a bit more than Google and Amazon.
  4. New Kwikset Lock

    So devils advocate... Where do I stick a key to unlock the door if this fails? I'm glad they thought about if a battery dies, but am I supposed to run back out to the store to get a 9-volt battery or just carry one with me? I guess I don't like the idea of not have a key option.
  5. Modding my Cable Modem

    I briefly thought about that, however mounting the fan on the outside would have been really ugly. This way at first glance nothing looks amiss, as the modem sits on the bottom of the entertainment stand in the living room. I figured if everything got hot I could flip the fan around, but so far, the entire thing has stayed nice and cool, even after having one of my PC's downloading from Steam most of the night. As for the dust, we have many PCs in the house, I usually just bring the air house through the house and blow all the electronics out every so often. Since a few of them have windows, I usually can't go that long, otherwise it looks really ugly. If the entire side of the PC is glass, got to keep it fairly clean inside:
  6. Guess I can't leave anything alone. A while back I picked up a new cable modem. However this one just didn't seem to be as stable as my previous one. This one also ran noticeably warmer. I assumed the heat was most likely the cause of my problems and decided to modify it a bit. I picked up some Raspberry PI heatsinks, and a 40 MM fan. This is the underside of the cable modem. The silver heat sinks I added. This side it was primarily just to memory chips. The big heatsink is on the CPU that was existing. This would have been the ideal side to have the fan, but the fan would not fit inside the case on this side. I added the fan connector to the power leads here as this modem runs off 12 volts, as do most. Using a connector like this will allow me to easily replace the fan if I ever needed to. One more heatsink on the top side added to a MOSFET just for good measure. May have not been needed, but they were cheap. The fan pulls air through the enclosure. From the outside it's the only thing that looks any different. There is definitely a huge temperature difference. It now feels nice and cool when you put your hand near it. It also has not slowed down yet since doing the modification. I would call this a success for a quick, easy, and cheap modification.
  7. Hacking the 2.0 Hub.

    Leaving the password blank would be pretty boneheaded since it is always connected to the internet.... I wonder what you would see if you sniffed the traffic though during a software update?
  8. New V1 stock?

    Ok now I'm confused? I think this would be good news though, the V1 contact sensors are so much better.... IMHO. The smart plugs, I have both, I prefer the V2 just for the repeater function. On the motion sensors, I only have V1. Overall the build quality seems better on V1 stuff anyways. *Edit* So I just looked on the website, V1 stuff is back on the website as well.
  9. Door Chime Noise Changed?

    It has been fixed FYI. Got to give them credit for a quick fix on this one.
  10. Iris 2.5?

    The door chime noise is fixed. Got to give them credit on a quick fix on this one.
  11. Power Outage Notifications

    Now if only they would add this for the hub going offline or at least the option to be notified.
  12. Iris 2.5?

    My hub firmware updated today and I noticed the annoying buzzing sounds are back on the keypads.... I thought it was clear to Iris pretty much everyone preferred the chimes? Oh well if its a update and that's the only thing I have to complain about I guess thats actually pretty good compared to some. I am however still waiting for my offline processing.
  13. Mine was definitely fine before the update. However I don't know when they started the update. So perhaps it was just coincidence. I've always used the cameras as motion sensors in my alarm system, as most of my house has room darkening / insulated curtains. The cameras are basically in dark rooms most of the time (why I have the lights come on if the alarm actually goes off, just so the video that is captured is clearer). I'm using the cameras as motion sensors not only for the video, but they also were helping me void buying additional motion sensors as well. In the dining room, there is one motion sensor already, however to cover the entire room, I would need two, so the camera was covering the other half, as well as the door. *edit* -- And I'm not arguing / disagreeing with anyone, I just know what's been working for me the entire time I've had the alarm, so it's frustrating when it decides to stop working. Everyone's feedback is appreciated!
  14. It maybe coincidence, however Monday morning we had a bunch of problems with our indoor cameras. The alarm armed but with one bypassed because it was detecting motion. Moments later the alarm was triggered due to motion which we canceled and reset. The cameras kept triggering the alarm, until I gave up and set the alarm to partial. The only camera that would not trigger the alarm is in the garage that is completely in the dark (It is also an outdoor model). Later that afternoon, I was able to switch from partial back over to ON, and no problems. This morning, same problem, very early in the morning, they would trigger the alarm, so again I set it to partial. I called support, and now I have it to ON and of course it works fine. Regular motion sensors work fine of course, no motion detected. Anyone else experimenting increased sensitivity since the update? Related? Unrelated?
  15. Iris didn't tell me

    It's really annoying too when you get home from work and come home to a house that's either cold or hot because your thermostat didn't change temp because the alarm was offline and the schedule didn't run.... I'm less annoyed by my outdoor lights or my living room lights not being on or off. I'll flip a switch, it takes a longer for my house to cool off or warm up. Granted it's all annoying.