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  1. itzthom

    schlage touchscreen deadbolt function issue

    Thanks! Having security on/off trigger lock/unlock deadbolt scenes worked much better. Still a bit sluggish on unlocking, but no more so than Iris overall.
  2. Finally got my new Schlage touchscreen dead bolt to work. For those still frustrated it called for putting the iris hub 1 foot from the dead bolt in order to pair. Now I have an issue re: functionality. There are two rules that allow the dead bolt to lock/unlock when setting the Iris security alarm to arm/disarm. When using the rule where you use the keypad to set the alarm is where this issue is. When using the keypad to arm the alarm the deadbolt works perfectly, locking at the end of the warning beeps. However, when disarming there can be as much as a 30 sec delay for the deadbolt to unlock after the system is disarmed.. 30 sec may not sound like a lot unless you're standing outside in -9 degree weather. Is there a way to fix this? I have tried the other rule where the Schlage deadbolt controls arming and disarming the alarm and it works perfectly. However, that means every time you use the deadbolt you also set the alarm. So locking the door at night before going to bed is out.
  3. Two sec hub reboot? That would be unplugging it for two secs? If so, I have already had it unplugged for 5min. Restarted the iPhone program several times, also rebooted the iPhone. No dice. Should also add that my wife has the interface on her iPhone, and sme deal. It's possible that the batteries are dead on the keypad. Does not light up at all. Even though it's only 60 days old, I've had trouble with short lived batts that come with new devices. Tonight it remains disconnected, though still installed, and the iPhone buttons remain dead. Could the two be related?
  4. I just returned home after four days. I tried to disarm my system, but my keypad was off line. I tried to use my iPhone, but the alarm interface was not only changed (result of most resent update) but non functional. I tapped all three options (on, partial, off), but no response. The screen buttons didn't respond. I finally just went in, the sirens went off, the calls and texts came in. I had to unplug that crappy v2 hub, let it sit without power. Plugged it back in. The alarm is off, now. However, the iPhone arm/disarm buttons remain dead on the iPhone screen. I rebooted the iPhone, too. Nothing. I don't know if the keypad disconnecting is a coincidence or not. Please, before I invest an hour on hold with tech support, does anyone have experience with, or a thought about this issue?
  5. Again, on the advice of V1 tech support, the two indoor cams are set to 640x480. Again, they warned about too much data should all three cams go into record. Because V1 video was so much better than V2, I figured I better keep data rates as low as possible. Dkleeh, re: missing too much, you're right with good video systems. With Iris, when the camera doesn't go into record, you miss everything! Such is the state of V2 video. The other day a UPS truck pulled up the drive way, the guy walked up to the door, back to the truck. No recording. I'll experiment with 15fps and see.
  6. I have three cameras connected to my V2 hub, two indoor, one outside. The outside camera is set to record 720/1fps for 30 sec upon detecting motion at the front door. When it did record, sporadic at best, it showed the thumbnails in "clips." However, about 50% of the clips would not play. There was another thread related to this. The suggestion was to set the camera to 720/24fps. I did, and all the clips recorded, played. However, I also have the hub set to record on all three cameras if a security alarm is triggered. A test revealed that none of the cameras recorded. Tech support for my old V1 hub (wish I had it back) advised that all cameras be set to 1fps because 24fps was too much data to handle. Setting the outdoor cam back to 1fps caused the first problem to return. Anybody have thoughts?
  7. The v1 hub had a voice. Just before the siren was triggered a female voice announced the alarm was triggered and authorities are being notified. V2 has no voice. Anyone know if V2 will find its voice again? Police say this feature probably aborted a robbery in our neighborhood. Two guys entered a home (takes two to lift the flat panel TV off the wall), but they quickly left, grabbing only a few trinkets on the way out. This figured into my choice of Iris. Now it seems to be gone. Forever?
  8. itzthom

    Iris Video Camera - cant stream

    That might work, but i have my cameras (2) set to record when an alarm is tripped. In V1 Iris advised to set the cameras to 640 1fps in order to insure they both record by minamizing the amount of data streamed to the Iris server. Have things changed in V2?
  9. itzthom

    2.0 Added person doesn't get alarm alerts

    Yes, she was added. After camping out, waiting for tech support I finally got an answer. In V1 we both got a call at the same time. In V2, she gets a call only if I don't respond. Ok, this make sense. What doesn't make is why Iris doesn't post a complete manual. This question and many others could be answered without tech support.
  10. itzthom

    Saving Clips

    Great. I'll tell the bad guys to wait. Or, maybe if you have the Iris sign out front, bad guys will know you can't share video of them with the cops!
  11. itzthom

    Video Recording Skip Back

    I, too, am very disappointed in video functions. I've also experienced all the above, late recording, no recording. Also, erratic recording. Yesterday a big fat UPS truck pulled into the driveway, the guy gets out and walks to the door and back. The big fat truck pulls out. NO RECORDING! And yet, 15 mins later, a small dog in the driveway triggered recording. Broad daylight, same conditions, small dog, yes, big fat truck, no. Further, the camera did catch a few frames of a suspicious guy. I wanted to download it, but NO DOWNLOADING! Iris says that option is coming. Fine. I'll ask bad guys to wait. Lastly, I check clips every night, but I find at least half don't play. I get a grayed out play icon with a slash line through it. Starting to think switching to 2.0 was a big mistake.
  12. After waiting literally hours on the phone for fairly poor tech support, decided to try this. Three days ago I migrated from first gen to next gen. After tweaking for a couple of days, I have figured out nearly everything. However, one issue remains. I have entered my wife in the "invite people" section. "I checked the Alarm notifications only" because she arms and disarms using my PIN. Sorta like, our PIN. I entered her name, email and phone number in the invite people section. In fact, I've done it about seven times, double checking each time that all information is correct. THE PROBLEM: SHE DOES NOT GET TRIGGERED SECURITY ALARM ALERTS. No email, no phone call, no nothing. I do, and it all works fine. Her... nada. Does anybody have an idea? BTW, 'wrote this as I was once again waiting on the support line. It's been 45mins so far.