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  1. Thank you for the sdcard stuff here. I'm not really sure what it means. Is it similar to the set and get conversation earlier?
  2. On the local network, I get a screen shot at "http://mycameraslocalipaddress/img/snapshot.cgi?img=vga".However, if I go to mycameraslocalipaddress, nothing comes up. I get a 404 error. I've tried both port :80 and :554 in IP Cam Viewer Pro for iPhone with settings for Sercomm 8030. Any ideas?
  3. turn2smith

    Home Depot selling Wink

    The bulb paired with the Iris hub. I did not need the wink gateway.
  4. turn2smith

    Home Depot selling Wink

    I got the bulb today and tried it in my laundry room. It took me a few tries to get it to pair, but it shows as a dimmer switch in Iris, now.
  5. turn2smith

    C wire and Rh Rc Confusion for Thermostat

    Thank you for the help.
  6. Hey guys, I'm installing the thermostat today. I'm stuck. I've attached pictures of my old thermostat: image and image(1). I've also attached the a photo of the new thermostat wires where I'm stuck: I can connect c to c, but then do I put the R wire into the Rh with a bridge? My current system is a heat pump, electric with six wires. The old system didn't need batteries to work the LCD screen.