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  1. tundrwd

    Arcus Smart Home

    Yeah - I read the same things, and came to the same conclusions. That's why I'm wondering if @thegillion has everything in place, knows what will/won't be released, and has it "waiting in the wings" pending review. Having done a couple software reviews - that could take months - or longer. No idea how many lines of code. Just a hunch, but I'll bet they find that they have used some GPL'ed code, and that source should have released long ago. One of the hazards of having so much available on the 'net, git, etc. Coder faces a deadline, and grabs some code from a place they shouldn't have and plops it in. I'm asking because I think it would be best to temper everyone's expectations that this MIGHT be available this calendar year - or maybe not. If this won't be available for months - then anyone actually concerned about household security should be seeking other devices/services. For home automation - well they can get up to turn the light off in the meantime, and we have another competing open source project available for that.
  2. tundrwd

    Arcus Smart Home

    @thegillion - I know its a stretch - but I have to ask.... When? I can't wait for 6 months after Iris dies on 3/31/19 - I need something, and I need to replace it probably within a month to get it set up, tested, etc. If it were the open sourced software that was basically Iris before, then I can make that closer to Iris' demise. So is Arcus something that could happen within a month - or are we looking at 6 months, or longer?
  3. Unfortunately, all of my sensors, etc. are V1. The hub only was V2.
  4. Last night's outage is the final straw. So - what other systems will support the investment I have in the contact switches, fire alarms, etc. that are running on Zigbee and ZWave?
  5. Wonderful! Meanwhile - HOW DO I GET THE ALARM TO STOP BEEPING? I'VE GOT A MASSIVE HEADACHE. There's got to be some way to turn the stupid thing off. And more importantly - because they had a cloud failure - I CAN'T EVEN CONTROL MY SYSTEM THRU MY OWN WIFI?
  6. Ok - I have no idea what happened - but my keyboard is incessantly beeping (over an hour), it indicates the alarm is "on", I cannot use the code to disarm. The app on my phone says the alarm is off, and I can't get it to stop. Anyone got any ideas how to turn the stupid thing OFF?
  7. With the first gen hub, I had a 90 second delay before the alarm would go off, to allow for entering, getting to keypad, armful of groceries, etc. That seemed to hold after the upgrade, but it's now down to 15 seconds. My wife keeps setting it off when she comes in. How can I get the delay alarm time changed back to 90 seconds? I don't see that in the app, or at least can't find it.
  8. tundrwd

    Is the V2 hub ready for anything?!

    Absolutely. It's marketed as security first.
  9. tundrwd

    Is the V2 hub ready for anything?!

    I had nothing but issues with V1 hub and devices. Going offline almost constantly for 6 months in the beginning. Then repeatedly at various times through the month. No doubt 2013/2014 were horrible - they certainly were for me. Yes, as I stated, 2015 started getting better. If you wanted an automation hub - that's great. HOWEVER, that is NOT the way Lowes advertised Iris. Yes, it did those functions. It was also marketed equally as a self-monitoring security device. I don't go to the others (although I should have), as many don't allow self-monitoring, and since I live "in the county", power can be spotty, and local law enforcement is not happy about getting a centralized service calling them out for a false alarm. And the fact they (law enforcement) charges you after a couple false alarms. If the Iris V1 hub had been centrally monitored, I don't even know how much that would have cost, and they'd have forced me to disconnect. I studied the issue starting 3 years ago, and the information to do what I want to do (self-monitor with some company) is basically non-existant. Maybe better now, but the companies don't want you to know anything about the box, so unless you can find a buddy who knows the ins-n-outs of a particular brand - you've got very little information on what works, what you need, etc. Even the guys that sell direct to consumer (forget the forums), don't tell you much of anything. I could never get a straight answer on even what hardware was needed to get the devices I needed for my home, much less who/where I could go to for monitoring via internet. Fact is - Iris didn't learn their lesson through the last couple of years it seems. I just lost power for 7 hours yesterday, and I know the UPS on my router won't last anywhere near that long (about 2 hours max), and I got NO NOTIFICATION the hub was offline. None. Doesn't matter there's battery backup in the hub - it couldn't communicate. And Iris took no notice of that fact. I had all of my Zwave devices go offline within 24 hours of installing the V2 hub, got notifications they were offline (something I've never seen before), and am told that "that's just the hub trying to rebuild the zwave network". Ok - have a message stating that. And the weirdness, they all went offline - I got an email and SMS notifications they were offline, but they didn't all appear offline. Then - never got anything they were back online. Never.
  10. tundrwd

    Is the V2 hub ready for anything?!

    Oh, and I'll add that I did those kinds of tests at least monthly. So I have a pretty good record of what happened when. While the times got better, they didn't get into the "under 10 minute" range until several months ago.
  11. tundrwd

    Is the V2 hub ready for anything?!

    Solid? I can say that the V1 was far less than solid for quite a bit of time. I'm not talking about updates that went wonky. Did you ever disconnect your hub from the broadband? How long was it before you were notified? Ever take the battery out of a device to simulate it going "down"? How long before you were notified? Most of the time (until shortly before the V2 hub was announced), it took HOURS. Back in '13/'14, you weren't notified at all many times, and the standard line from support was that it was supposed to notify you "within" 24 hours. For both hub and devices. That is NOT a security system - as it was advertised to be.
  12. tundrwd

    Is the V2 hub ready for anything?!

    Umm... V1 hub and devices? Purchased and installed 2 years ago? Heard all about how things were going to be fixed on V1 - seems to have been pretty stable for the 8 months or so. Prior to that...
  13. tundrwd

    Is the V2 hub ready for anything?!

    reset how? I've got no instructions with the unit that tells me that. Is there a switch internally? Remove power? And I heard for over 2 years "this is a known issue and a fix is in the works".
  14. JUST had the hub suddenly say it lost contact with all zwave devices. Yet - they still show up. I'm going to be pissed if I have to run out to the shop to get a ladder to re-pair all of my smoke alarms again. And remote alarm. CANNOT turn ON alarm at the keypad. Just beeps and does nothing. Partial on the keypad works. (V1 keypad). JUST configured rules to turn on lights with smart plugs when a motion detector senses motion. I can see the motion on the history - multiple times - NO LIGHTS. Please don't tell me this is going to be a joke all over again like when I first got the Iris. NOT a security system if it isn't reliable. NO MATTER WHAT THE ADVERTISEMENT SAYS. How do I go back to the V1 hub? This is a pile...
  15. tundrwd

    Remove Iris Smart Plug (Unpair)

    Should have known - based on the past with Iris - "don't look here" means the opposite.