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  1. Terk

    Page load speed?

    It looks like the developer of the Ecobee suite has heard about this issue: https://community.hubitat.com/t/arrrgggh-here-be-zombies/15998
  2. Terk

    Page load speed?

    We have Nest but not integrated with Hubitat. The only 3rd party apps I have installed right now are BI Control, Combined Presence, and Super Tile, the Drivers are Axis-Gear-V3, Custom WU Driver - New Format, iPhone Wifi Presence Sensor, Lightify Zibee Button, and SuperTile Display Device. We use Life 360 presence sensors rather than physical fobs but SHM has been working great, we haven't had a false alarm since moving from Iris except when I tried to add some motion sensors which our cat triggered almost immediately.
  3. Terk

    Page load speed?

    Are you connecting to your hub via the local IP address rather than the original cloud address they give you to get your hub setup? I'm guessing your talking about the pages like apps, devices, settings, ... that are loading slowly? The pages like settings, Apps, and Devices all load pretty quickly via my local IP (around 2 seconds over my VPN connection since I'm remote at the moment). My 1 cloud dashboard loads fairly quickly ~4 seconds sometimes but often it has issues if I try to refresh it, but my local dashboards load quickly ~2 seconds and refresh just as fast.
  4. Terk

    Six weeks with Hubitat

    I moved many devices from Iris to SmartThings a few years ago but still had about half the devices on Iris still and when Iris announced the shutdown I started moving things to Hubitat and have since moved everything from SmartThings to Hubitat as well, I still have the SmartThings hub running only to start our Neato vacuums cleaning every few days only after we leave. I'm hoping someone will port that app/driver pair from SmartThings at some point. My wife never even noticed either change from Iris to SmartThings or to Hubitat since she controls thing via Alexa or they are automated via buttons, switches, or motion, The only thing I still wish was better on Hubitat was the dashboard interface is difficult to setup one interface that will work well on all of my devices where the SmartThings app and even the Iris app for a while (although they broke iPads later) displayed great on my iphone, iPad, and Android tablet. My Blue Iris server started acting up about the time I started moving to Hubitat so it took a while working with Ken to figure how to fix it. The issue was I had one of the check boxes marked for Until triggered in the profile screen which caused it to try to change to scheduling once motion was detected so I was never being alerted. I unchecked those boxes and changed the time on the profiles to 0 which Ken said makes it stay until manually changed, now my Hubitat changes the BI profiles based on the Hubitat Modes so when we leave the house more alerting happens and at night as well, all controlled by Hubitat. I had this working with SmartThings for the last year and hadn't changed anything on the profile page in a long time so still curious as to what changed other than I had updated the BI server around that time too. I now understand what the until triggered check box is for but am a little surprised they where honored since the schedule was disabled on the BI server and cameras.
  5. If your forking someone else's code then yes.
  6. I can't imagine there are many people who use GitHub as the only repository without having a copy local that they work on. I'd imagine it might be the only location of older versions for many though.
  7. Terk

    Gen 1 device limit?

    I haven't paired any v1 devices to my Hubitat environment yet but I've seen discussions claiming that you should change your hub to zigbee channel 20 in order to get the best results from the v1 devices, and that the change can take 24 hours to complete.
  8. Terk

    Device that can show power failure

    It is a good way to know if the internet went down though. The only downside is I would need to turn on ICMP responses which I currently have off to attempt to limit the number of tries against it.
  9. Terk

    Tips for migrating to Hubitat

    The only issue I have with the Iris v3 keypad on Hubitat is that the lights never turn off so it drains the batteries (rechargeable) in a little over a week.
  10. Terk

    Device that can show power failure

    500ma is the output rating, I haven't put a meter on it.
  11. Terk

    Device that can show power failure

    The relay is powered by 12v DC which the transformer supplies.
  12. Terk

    Device that can show power failure

    I bought a USP Power Loss Sensor and simply connected the yellow and black wires to the two terminals in the Ecolink Z-Wave Plus Door/Window contact sensor then setup a Rule Machine rule : when the sensor is open on true send a Pushover message that the power is out and on false send a Pushover that the power returned. This works great and was very easy to setup in about 5 minutes. Of course my Hubitat hub is connected to a UPS and the Power Loss Sensor is just plugged straight into an outlet. The Power Loss Sensor pretty much snapped into the bottom of the Door/Window sensor so I didn't even bother taping them together since I don't expect it to get moved or bumped much were I have it, but they could be taped together for better rigidity.
  13. Terk

    GE Z-Wave Plug-in Dimmer

    Sorry, I missed the part about it not even turning the lights on. That sounds like an air gap switch issue (small tab under the switch you can pull out and push back in after a minute to reset power to the switch) or possibly just a dead switch.
  14. Terk

    Tips for migrating to Hubitat

    The clickable panels in the keypad object are for manual setup of codes, getting the current config, changing configurable options like grace periods... You should never have to touch any of those if you are using the Lock Code Manager. Hubitat has only been available for 1 year and they already support as many or more devices as SmartThings and all locally so I can understand the documentation being behind. I agree when I first got mine I couldn't bring myself to switch to it because of the device management interface, when they introduced the Dashboard it helped but still wasn't what I wanted coming from Iris and SmartThings but after going through multiple outages on the vendors cloud side from both companies I decided to spend a few hours really trying to understand the Hubitat interface and how I could make it work for me. So far I have everything working on Hubitat that I had in either Iris or SmartThings except my Neato botvac, that app hasn't been ported yet so I still have that on SmartThings. In HSM under Configure Arming/Disarming/Cancel Options do you have the Arm-Away when mode becomes... and Disarm when mode becomes... defined? What does your keypad do when you tap on, what does Hubitat do does it change HSM state or Mode? What happens when you type your code and hit off? When you click on does it show up in the device logs?
  15. Terk

    Kwikset 910 not pairing

    Did you remove all codes from the lock before joining it to Hubitat? If not it could be there is already a code in that spot that needs to be deleted from the lock side before Hubitat can manage it.