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  1. Local Processing Is Here

    I had the same experience on the official forum. They where able to verify local processing made it to my hub for me.
  2. No Local Hub Processing When Offline HUGE BUG/FLAW

    I expressed concern about being able to identify if local processing made it to my hub on the official Community forum and Mike from Iris PM'd me and asked for my hub ID because he said there is currently no way to know from the users side if it has been setup without testing. I sent him my hub ID and he verified that my hub is ready, I plan to test this weekend sometime.
  3. Iris 2.7 email

    I had 1 certified device participating in my alarm, yet I got the Maintenance Notice from Iris about the upcoming 2.7 release on November 12th. Also in the 2.7 release notes it says the Alarm has to be off to get the update. To make sure I get the update I have removed 3 certified devices and turned off my alarm, however any idea what to look for to know it is done so we can turn the alarm back on?
  4. Local Processing Is Here

    It says "Local Processing for Security & Panic Alarms" I wonder if that includes Smoke/CO or Water alarms and local activation of the water shutoff valve in case of a leak?
  5. Local Processing Is Here

    Thanks, it's good to know we need to turn off our systems to get the update (We will only update your system while it is disarmed), and I will need to remove my Hinge pin sensor in order to get the update (Places with a NYCE Tilt Sensor or uncertified devices are currently unable to participate in Local Processing).
  6. Iris vs SmartThings

    Many devices will work local on ST now including Iris door/window sensors GE light switches, some locks as of yesterday (as long as you use their new SmartLock manager), Hue bulbs, Aeon Labs Minimote, and other devices, however the SmartThings presence sensor will not nor will any device that requires a custom DTH so you don't really know what will or won't work locally until you buy it and install it, at least I haven't found a good place to find out what will or won't. You are also really limited on rules if you want to ensure they work locally on ST. Any community DTH you install for added features or to make a device work will cause the device that DTH is installed on to run in the cloud even if the device would normally be able to run locally, and most of the rule engines like CoRE/WebCoRE or almost any other SmartApp will only run in the cloud, I believe the "Smart Home Monitor", the new Scenes feature that also became available yesterday, and the "Smart Lighting" SmartApp are the only things that will work locally currently but at least they do have some things, however they don't have a keypad that works with ST natively (the Iris v2 one will but not locally) and their own presence sensor will not work locally right now so I'm not sure how you go about disabling the system when you get home if it was armed and the internet is currently down.
  7. The SmartThings devices just went on sale recently as they seem to be interested in growing their ADT integrated solution more which has its own set of devices. The Utilitech Water leak detector will work fine with Iris but is a lot more work to install so the convenience of the Iris one provides some benefit to me anyway. Usually Iris's prices are less than Samsung's although there are a ton of others that make things that will work with ST but not necessarily run local (which of course neither does Iris).
  8. Glad it is working again, hopefully it stays that way, even though it would have been nice to know what was causing it.
  9. Constant False Alarms

    I'm guessing you have checked the motion detectors for spider webs? Do you have any cameras in those rooms that you can have record on motion and look at when the event happens? Maybe try replacing the battery if you haven't already. The strange thing is that the system shouldn't alarm unless more than one motion detector is activated within a few (maybe 5) minutes of each other.
  10. Water heater temperature adj on app

    That is good information, I think I saw someone else post something about this in the past but I didn't pay a lot of attention to it at the time. Thanks.
  11. I had a light I added a while back, I think I had called Kitchenette light but Alexa would always say a few things share that name when trying to turn it on even though there was nothing else with kitchenette in the name so I renamed it to kitchen bulb and it started working. Frequently I still get the a few things share that name when I talk to quietly or when I say lights instead of light. Alexa doesn't seem to want to chance turning on/off the wrong light so if it doesn't think what you said matches 100% then it seems to say there are too many choices.
  12. My hub seems to reboot frequently or at least I think that is what it is doing, I don't have the cellular modem service anymore since it doesn't work when running off the internal battery backup, it would if you used a UPS instead of the AA batteries. It is never down when I try to access it so it has never been an issue I was worried about but anytime I look at the up time it seems to be less than half a day (right now it says 3 hours 20 minutes). I also had an issue a month or so ago where my hub kept disconnecting, it turned out to be an issue with the small switch I have in the family room servicing the hub and some of the AV components. A reboot would bring that switch back online for a while but it kept happening so I replaced the switch and haven't had that issue since.
  13. Ring Pro issue

    I have not had the issue yet but I have seen many others with the issue discussing it on the "Ring Users Group" Facebook group
  14. Iris App Version 2.6.0

    Yeah, I'm sure your right, although it is frustrating when you can look through your surveillance camera and see the door wide open and nobody in the way but you cannot shut the door so it has to wait until you can get home or get someone else to stop over to push a button. Luckily with v2 the GDO has been more stable than on the v1 hub, I just wish I could say the same of my Schlage and Yale locks.
  15. Iris App Version 2.6.0

    It would also be nice at least on a garage door to still be able to try to close it again. The door already has a bunch of protection features but in and if I'm away and open it to let someone in then go to close it when they leave but it jams (most likely because they wheren't completely out of the garage yet and where interrupting the sensors) it is likely that in a few minutes it will be clear and it would go down if the app would let you try again.