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  1. Terk

    Starting up with Hubitat

    I don't have any v1 devices here but I have a number of them on my parents hub and they haven't had any issues with them. I had issues with multiple devices on one side of the house dropping off every week or two and battery life issues on those devices then the battery died in one of my Iris v2 sensors and I couldn't get to it to replace the battery for a few months and everything was stable in that time. Spring finally came around and I could replace that battery and all of a sudden things on that side of the house started dropping off again so I've had the battery out for about a month and a half and no issues so I'm going to replace that device and see if there are any issues but my guess is its a bad device that was causing interference with the other devices.
  2. I'd been holding onto the Iris v1 keypads in the hope that Hubitat would eventually support them however I have purchased a few more v2 pads to replace them, I have two of the v1 pads if anyone is interested. I think I read Systronics RF supports them? I'll probably throw them out in a week if no one is interested. Thanks.
  3. Terk

    Careful with old Iris Cameras

    I take it you had a port open in your firewall to the Iris camera?
  4. Terk

    Switching to ST New App

    Not all smart apps support the new ST app fully yet. The new ST app uses different Groovy display requirements than the old app did. The developer for the one smart app I'm still running on ST said he hasn't had time to rewrite it yet but is planning on it. So for now I'm still on the old app.
  5. Terk

    Pet feeder using Iris

    I bought a Petnet SmartFeeder (2nd generation) about a year ago and the first 1 I had worked for about a week but then wouldn't talk to their cloud anymore. They sent me a new one and it has worked perfectly since then. The 1st gen unit didn't have a locking lid and I guess pets could get it open and I don't know if you could disable the manual feed button on it either but both of those issues were resolved in the 2nd gen. One time it fed way more than expected but it only happened once in the last year. It hasn't ever missed a feeding even when the internet was down since the schedule gets downloaded to it for offline use and it has a backup battery so if the power is out it should still feed on schedule for a few days. It is WiFi and doesn't integrate with ST or Hubitat but it works from Alexa and it's own app. With our single cat I have to fill the hopper about once a month.
  6. Terk

    How to write a Driver

    I have a few of the gen1 keypads sitting on a shelf hoping one day i could use them again not for their looks but they worked great until Iris went under. As far as the cameras go i gave all of mine to my parents and configured them via the http put commands for use with Blue Iris, their serving them well so far, of course they have nowhere near the quality of night resolution of my Dahua Starlights but my Dad was happy with them for free.
  7. Terk

    How to write a Driver

    Mike, the main driver developer for Hubitat was planning to look into this about 8 months ago but I've never heard that he made any headway. He wrote drivers for most of the other v1 devices he just never got the keypad working enough to release it I think.
  8. Terk

    Prepaid Visa Card

    Unfortunately, I doubt there is anyone still employed to help you with that.
  9. @Vettester is the Home+ 4 app worth the $14? Thanks.
  10. Terk

    Iris Instructional Videos Gone

    Hubitat updated their supported list with reset/pairing instructions for most everything they support including most of the Iris devices https://docs.hubitat.com/index.php?title=List_of_Compatible_Devices
  11. Terk

    Iris Instructional Videos Gone

    That sucks that they pulled the videos!
  12. Terk

    Arcus Smart Home

    If the camera is working with your wifi you should be able to find it via your routers DHCP list.
  13. Terk

    Arcus Smart Home

    The keypad, and sensors should all work with Hubitat. The cameras as @vettester said will work with Blue Iris which will integrate with Hubitat for profile (recording, alerting, settings) per mode. Although I don't have any experience with the model you have I have the original Outdoor and Indoor models working on BI.
  14. WebCore is frowned upon by the Hubitat support team since it is a very process intensive app (SmartThings offloaded some of the code about a year or so ago to their server side to try to lessen the load on the SmartThings hubs where it is used) and can really stress the hub depending on how rules are configured. Rule Machine can do most of the same things WebCore can and both take some getting used to.
  15. Never mind I do get a time stamp (without seconds) its just tiny and in the upper left part of the frame not part of the picture so I thought it was BI5 doing it. And I cannot seem to change it to AM/PM instead of 24 hour time as the command errors out each time.