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  1. Logitech Harmony Smart Control and Alexa

    I use it pretty much every night to turn on Netflix which turns on the receiver and TV, and sets the appropriate settings on each, then I also use it to turn it all off occasionally. I use the remote to move around and select things and mos of the time to turn it off as well. I also have one of my ceiling fans on it via IR but if I ask Alexa to turn that fan or light on when I'm watching TV the Harmony turns off the Entertainment center which I haven't found a great way to avoid with the limited power options they give.
  2. Osram bulb experience?

    I had the same experience, bought the OSRAM hub and updated firmware and they have been solid since, this required removing it from Iris joining the OSRAM hub update the firmware then remove it from the OSRAM hub and move it back to Iris, unfortunately you will need to cycle power a few times to the bulb to do this.
  3. Cortana to control Iris

    In the meantime, you can supposedly connect Cortana to your Alexa account so you can tell Cortana to ask Alexa to turn off you light. I haven't tried this yet since Cortana is disabled on my work machine and I have an Echo dot next to my Windows 10 machine at home.
  4. New echo to be smart home hub

    Thanks, I guess that doesn't sound too interesting even if it had both Zigbee and Z-Wave since for a while at least, I'm sure it will be missing many of the scheduling and rule handling options I rely on.
  5. New echo to be smart home hub

    I saw the + is supposed to have a smart hub integrated but I couldn't find any information on what smart hub it had, anyone know?
  6. The Arlo Q+ cameras are POE so can connect via Ethernet or WIFI, both the Arlo Q products offer 24/7 recording with a premium plan, however they record 24/7 in the cloud like Nest cams so they will use a lot of your internet bandwidth, the Q+ cameras have a micro SD slot so they can record locally but they still always record to the cloud if it is available. I have the Arlo Q+ products in my house for the free motion cloud recording and I have Unifi G3s (POE Ethernet connection only) outside recording 24/7 locally to the NVR in the house with time stamps on the video. That way if something happens outside in front of the cameras I have it all even if it was too far away to trigger motion recording, but if someone breaks in and steals or destroys the NVR I still have the motion recordings of them making their way to the NVR in the cloud. I have to use two separate apps depending on outside verses inside but I can access both systems remotely via those apps with secure communications and streams, the Arlo systems have 2-way auto, the Unifi systems only have a microphone so I get audio with the video in the recordings but I cannot talk through that system. I'm sure there is a way I could copy the motion clips to a cloud storage drive using the Unifi cameras since they record at the same time as the full time recording clips but I already had most of the Arlo cameras and they work great.
  7. Iris still only integrates with the Iris branded cameras. The Arlo cameras don't work with Iris but are still worth getting if you want free cloud storage for motion recordings. If you don't care about cloud storage you could go with Unifi G3 POE cameras with their free NVR software or Blue Iris. Dahua and Hikvision are also popular cameras but would require either Blue Iris or some other NVR solution.
  8. Garage Security

    Did you get your garage door opener reset? What I normally do when I can no longer control the garage door controller via the app I unplug the GDC plug it back in wait a few seconds then press the button on the side and it should beep multiple times then after an hour or so the GDC works again. As far as a notification the garage door got left open there are a few options you can set a rule for if the GDC reports open for more than an amount of time to send a notification, you could add a NYCE tilt sensor or a contact sensor and use the did a door get left open rule to notify you, I personally use both the GDC rule and a contact sensor since the tilt sensor I had started acting up. And as far as a motion sensor goes, I use a v2 motion sensor outside under my eaves to turn on the outside lights on motion and it has been out there working perfectly the last year through one of the coldest winters I can remember and a hot summer, however you would need two motion sensors in the garage for it to set off the alarm I think since I think they made it a requirement of 2 sensors when the first trigger was motion, you could use the motion on the camera as one as well. Also you may want to put a camera inside the garage as it sounds like yours must be outside if they where able to sneak past it.
  9. Iris 2.5?

    I use both SmartThings and Iris, SmartThings has a few things right, communications is one of them. When they have an issue they send out an email to everyone letting them know there is a partial outage, what the symptoms are and that they are working on it. They then send out an update once they have verified it has been resolved. Iris has made improvements in notifying us of firmware updates and app updates, although usually on the day of rather than a little notice, they still don't notify when they are aware of issues and are working to correct it. Although I am impressed with the turnaround on this firmware fix.
  10. Old house

    Bulbs would be you best bet without hiring an electrician to rewire the house which would be very cost prohibitive, although you would want to cover the switches so they don't get turned off as that would cause any devices connected through the bulb to loose its connection as well. They make plastic covers you can just back out the two cover screws put the cover on and put the screws back in. You would need to use Alexa, motion rule, routine, or a Smart Button then to turn them on/off.
  11. How to add a rule to a motion sensor?

    Within the Arlo app choose Mode->the camera->the pencil next to Armed->check the Push Notification or Email Alerts check box under Alert to have the Arlo camera notify you on motion when armed. This is a setting per camera so you'd have to set it on each camera you want to alert you. Is that is what you were asking about?
  12. 3rd party cam viewer ?

    I was using my cameras with Iris, TinyIP and IP Cam Viewer lite, you can get live video with it connected to the Iris system you just cannot use the Mic or Speaker for two way audio and there are other settings that are restricted.
  13. How to add a rule to a motion sensor?

    All of the rules in Cameras & Sensors are video recording related and do require a subscription to use. Look through the other rule categories like Lights & Switches or Notifications to see what is available without a subscription plan.
  14. Alexa now supports multi room audio

    I read in another forum that Bluetooth speakers were not working for someone users. I haven't tested mine yet as the Bluetooth speaker disconnected on Friday/Saturday morning at like 2am or something like that when the Echo got an update I think and it didn't reconnect and I haven't manually reconnected it yet either.
  15. Alexa now supports multi room audio

    I was able to add 5 devices to one group the only device I couldn't add was one that is unplugged at the moment
  16. IRIS Cameras worth getting?

    I haven't had lag issues with my 5 Arlo Qs 4 of which are the Q plus and one is the Q. You can setup zones on the Q or Q plus, and the Q plus has a Micro SD slot for local recording if desired however they will always record to the cloud if accessible, if not then it will record local only if you have the card in. You can also pay extra per camera if you want 24/7 recording to the cloud so you minimize the chance of missing anything however I have found the event based (motion) recording to be extremely reliable and don't want to pay the extra or have that much impact on my network so I haven't tried that. I have setup motion zones to minimize false alerts from my cat.
  17. IRIS Cameras worth getting?

    I had 3 of the original outdoor Iris cameras and 1 of the indoor and they worked well but I wasn't happy with the night vision quality or limited field of view so when I had a couple drop off I decided to replace all of mine with Arlo Q Plus cameras. I have been pretty happy with the Q Plus and the free 7 day storage plan that supports up to 5 cameras. They have pay plans if you need more than 5 cameras and/or longer retention.
  18. Nest now compatible with Iris

    I just updated my app and paired my Nest thermostat looks nice in Iris, hopefully they are working on adding the Protects and cameras as well eventually.
  19. Samsung SmartThings at Lowes?

    Not really all that strange to see SmartThings being sold at Lowe's its just something they have resisted until now, most grocery stores and pharmacies have their house brand mouthwash, facial tissues, and many other products but still sell the competitors versions since they don't want people going to another store just because they refuse to carry a popular brand.
  20. Maintenance notice from Iris

    My default sensor for reporting temperature hadn't changed the day of the update but today when I looked it had changed to the window sensor it has a tenancy to change to, this scews my temp reading since that sensor is in direct sunlight. I have noticed my hub reboot a few times since the update even though the firmware hasn't changed and is still at .032.
  21. Maintenance notice from Iris

    My hub is at .032 now as well and my default sensor for reporting temperature didn't change this time however that has changed on its own many times in the past.
  22. I had that same message about a year ago or more but I couldn't stream as it disabled the buttons. I called support and had to mess around with taking out the modem, putting it back in going back on cellular by pulling the RJ45 waiting a minute and putting it back in, eventually the message went away and streaming was working so support said they would look into that if they could replicate the issue.
  23. Toasty Freezer

    I was guessing that was supposed to read as... "have been hosed by an update that considers the primary function of the device only, not the great forward thinking of users."
  24. zwave heal

    In the app click the menu button (3 stacked lines) in the top left then Devices then scroll to the bottom to the Z-Wave Tools then choose "Rebuild Z-Wave Network"
  25. Dumb ceiling fan to smart

    That is creative, I don't think it would have worked with the fan I was dealing with last night, it probably would in our room that shroud is much larger.