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    Use Tilt Sensor to trigger alarm

    But if they add it back I believe you will lose local processing, so adding a door/window sensor or garage door controller might be preferred since they will both work and allow local processing. The door/window sensor can be more of a pain to try to get setup than the tilt sensor since you have to put one half on the door and the other half on a non-moving part of the frame, in order to keep the parts out of the way I had to add a block of wood to the door and frame to get the sensor and magnet outside of the track hardware.
  2. They do this with most of their devices when they are sure their replacing them, they stop production ahead of having the new ones on the market and sell out of their stock. Probably so they don't have a bunch of returns when people just bought a "new" old model camera days before or in some cases months before they new model releases. It's annoying sometimes.
  3. Terk

    help with a garage door opener

    Glad you found a controller that worked for you, I had to add a Smart plug in my garage to keep the Iris garage door controller's signal strong enough.
  4. Terk

    help with a garage door opener

    That controller just connects to the two terminals where your wall button would be connected, you can also purchase a keypad that will connect to those terminals as well.
  5. Terk

    Deadbolt locked but iris doesn't know

    When they added the jam detection it caused me all kinds of problems, if the door wasn't all the way closed when the lock command was sent it would show jammed and stay that way for about 8 hours and not let me control it remotely at all until it reset, even if I manually locked or unlocked the device it wouldn't update the interface to allow me to remote control it again until it timed out most of the time, I think once or twice it actually worked soon after changing it manually. I also had the issue where it would not update to show locked when I locked it manually or even through the app, which likely is why the jammed message wouldn't clear most of the time for many hours. I tried removing two of the locks, resetting them to factory defaults, and repairing next to the hub and that worked for a while on one of them but then it started having the issues again. Eventually I ended up moving my locks to SmartThings where they have been much more stable, although I also moved my garage door controller and it has not been as stable as it was on Iris so I've been thinking about moving it back.
  6. Terk

    Hub Offline

    Also when you unplug it you need to remove at least one battery (all of the lights should be off) then plug it back in after a minute and replace the battery. What lights are on after the hub has been on again for a few minutes?
  7. Terk

    Don't Throw Away Your Old Devices

    I actually had really good luck with the v1 range extenders even with the v2 hub where they showed up as a generic device until about a year ago when I finally retired them both since I had enough V2 Smart Plugs to cover the house.
  8. Terk

    Smart + 3 LED Flex Light Strip

    That looks like it is for Apple homekit only, I would think you would need something like https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KV7LGTK/ref=sxbs_sxwds-stvp_3?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_p=3341940462&pd_rd_wg=INc3B&pf_rd_r=5NWJCYNRA8XBW1W4VMPX&pf_rd_s=desktop-sx-bottom-slot&pf_rd_t=301&pd_rd_i=B01KV7LGTK&pd_rd_w=odJLG&pf_rd_i=smart%2B+led+flexible&pd_rd_r=add3edf9-8eec-4377-8e7a-614c14fa8f00&ie=UTF8&qid=1521057806&sr=3
  9. Terk

    Automatically Lock Door

    The auto-lock function on the locks usually is pretty limited and happens after 30 seconds or so and doesn't care if the door is open or closed so instead you can setup a rule to "Run a Scene" when a door is closed then in the scene just lock the door, however there is now delay capability. They have the rule "Someone left the door open" however it just notifies, it would be nice if it could close a garage door, and if you could choose a lock to notify you if it is left unlocked.
  10. Terk

    Well ring is out

    I originally had the Ring Video Doorbell and had issues with it when the temperature dropped below freezing because the battery would get low, even though it was hardwired. A few years ago I switched to the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and it has been working great except as Terminal said the night motion detection got terribly unreliable with a firmware update months ago. Other than that I have never had the pro drop off my wireless and have only seen the black screen unable to connect to the camera once or twice.
  11. Terk

    Outdoor camera disconnected

    With the V1 cameras at least you can hear what sounds like a shutter click when you plug it back in to make sure it is getting power. I had one drop a few weeks ago and last night I remembered to unplug it and plug it back in. Sometime between then and this morning it is back online again.
  12. Terk

    iOS v2.9.0

    Actually it does ask for Touch ID after exiting the app but leaving it running in the background it just has a longer timeout before it requires Touch ID then I was thinking it would. Nice.
  13. Terk

    iOS v2.9.0

    And it adds support for touch ID, it only seems to take effect if you swipe the app away between uses (force close the app) but it is better in my opinion than on new logon only. However when I installed the update I had to logon using my credentials for some reason, wasn't expecting that as it hasn't happened with previous updates.
  14. I haven't ever logged out of my app intentionally in the last 3 years, other than to test the fingerprint logon on iOS as that is the only fingerprint access right now. I would much prefer it be used to prevent the app from being used if I give my unlocked phone to someone so I like your post were you suggested both sliders to enable either/none or both.
  15. I've had an Iris v2 motion sensor under my eves in front of my garage door in weather between -14 and 101 for almost 2 years with no issues. It isn't outdoor rated but it has worked fine as long as it is sheltered sufficiently.
  16. Plug them into SmartPlugs for future reboots?
  17. Terk

    Is something going today 1/28?

    Not to say there aren't advantages (and disadvantages) to ST but they have more than their fare share of issues as well..
  18. Terk

    Garage Door Opener Rules

    I have had the Iris branded Linear for around 4 years and have only had to change the tilt sensor battery once and have only had a handfull of times where it stopped responding remotely and each time it was fixed by simply unplugging it and pluggin it back in then pressing the pairing button once then waiting about an hour for it to become available again. That has only happened once since switching to the V2 hub. I have had no other issues with it and I have a rule setup that closes it at 11pm in case we forget, have never had it open although I don't have the tilt sensor issues shmoe723 is running into.
  19. Just curious, have you checked your Alarm participating devices to see if the Aeotec water sensor is available?
  20. Terk

    Smart Things?

    I don't think your going to have any better luck with the First Alert Smoke/CO detectors on SmartThings it seems those devices sleep the home automation communications until an event occurs to save battery so SmartThings won't likely know their true battery level until either you test them manually or there is smoke or CO detected. As for alerting Iris alerts automatically about any offline devices or low batteries although slowly. With SmartThings you need to set that alerting up yourself as you add devices so it is easy to forget to add it for new devices however you can set it up to alert you as soon as you want. I have both systems and love many of the features of both but there are some issues that you can't fix without spending more on devices like the Halo Smoke/CO detectors or Nest detectors which will self test and report low batteries before the device starts beeping at 2am or when you remember to push the manual test button.
  21. Terk

    Iris V2 camera light

    Good luck, going with a little larger wire would probably be a good place to start, although you may just want to shorten the wire back to normal length by exposing your solder connections and clamping the wires back the way they were first to see if the camera behaves as expected before going to the work of replacing the garage door wire?
  22. Terk

    Iris V2 camera light

    I'm guessing you mean you cut the cable between the transformer and the end that plugs into the camera and spliced in extra length, is this right? If so they make an extension cable https://www.lowes.com/pd/Iris-9-ft-White-Indoor-Outdoor-Security-Camera-Power-Extension-Cable/1000059647 Are you sure you didn't accidentally get the polarity wrong on the plug now by getting the wires mixed up? One wire goes to the center of the post and needs to match what is expected it should be marked on the device as + or - in the center.
  23. Terk

    Wink hub and sonos

    I have my Sonos speakers paired with my SmartThings hub which lets me pause all music when nobody is home, I can also play announcements through them however I don't use that feature as it messes with the playlist currently assigned to the speaker.
  24. Terk

    Iris sent me news about Santa Tracker

    Santa Tracker isn't new they just turn it off after Christmas and turn it back on in time for the holidays, so I doubt it takes any of the Developers time each year anymore. I haven't used it yet, but there are many on here with small children and most say their kids seem to enjoy it.
  25. Terk

    Iris vs SmartThings

    I have many devices in SmartThings as well as Iris and I've actually had very good luck with the phone presence sensors on our iPhones with ST. My wife used to have an Android and that was problematic with geofencing, and since iOS 11 we have to keep the ST app running in the background, but we have had only one false alarm in the last year. Lately ST has made many improvements, but your right the 10 months prior that I was on ST there was little native improvements. Lately though they have greatly improved the number of devices that run local (as long as you don't use community created DTHs for devices like locks, Aeon Labs mini motes, sirens, contact sensors, switches, bulbs, ... Also the only SmartApp that will run local is their SmartLighting app and the Smart Home Monitor (their alarm system). They are missing a natively supported keypad though and their presence sensor fobs don't run locally yet so if your Internet goes down and you arrive home you have no way to stop an alarm until the internet comes back on short of unplugging things and pulling batteries (they are supposedly working on getting the presence sensors to run locally but they really need to get a keypad that they support natively as well. They have also finally gotten the app secured via touchID and their lock code manager (I was never comfortable with having my locks on ST until they got their own lock code manager because I could see the codes being passed in clear text with the community created DTHs and SamrtApps via the logs). One of the many things I really like about Iris is only half there but its better than ST which is when you assign a contact sensor as a Door you can easily see how many, if any doors are open at a glance, I just wish they would do the same for Windows. With the ST Lock manager it does that with your locks so that finally matches up with Iris. I also like Iris's native calling to notify you of an alarm even if it is not monitored whereas with ST I only get push or SMS notices natively and need to use IFTTT to get a call (which I find to be much more likely for me to notice quickly).