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  1. Cutting the cable

    Couldn't agree more.
  2. Cutting the cable

    I was paying $135 for Internet, TV & Phone, but I wasn't using the phone service. When I cancelled TV and Phone, they wanted to charge me $69/Month for Internet. I ended up keeping Internet and Basic TV for $49/Month, but I don't use their basic TV channels. I have a hard time accounting for the Internet, because I would keep it regardless. As part of the "bundle", Internet was about $29/Month. There were some extra charges for DVR, extra TV's, etc., so my bill for all three services was $135. Now, including Internet at @$49, I am paying in total about $100/Month for Internet and TV(Sling, Netflix & Hulu). So, I guess I am saving about $35/month all in. But we have adapted to OTA/Sling/Netflix & Hulu and I wouldn't go back to cable unless it became significantly cheaper and I felt like it was going to stay that way. It seems to me that the cable model is changing. People aren't as willing to pay $75-$100/Month for cable for a bunch of channels they don't want. They want more a la cart options, (i.e., cheaper) and cable companies basically bundle a bunch of channels together so that the better channels support the weaker channels and they can generate more revenue than with a la carte options. I can stop Sling, Hulu or Netflix anytime I want with no penalties, so I do feel like I have more control over what I spend each month. The Tivo unit with DVR and mini's really makes it seem like we have cable...the interface is very similar and we can record a lot of the shows we like to watch. In short, I'm very happy where we are today.
  3. Cutting the cable

    I'll add a little bit to Smitho's comments. I have Tivo as well and I also have 2 of the the Tivo mini's. Smitho is right, the performance of the mini's is surprisingly good. No noticeable lag, same interface, same functionality as the TIVO OTA unit. Also, the Tivo OTA unit has 4 tuners, so you can watch up to 4 separate programs simultaneously, or watch one program and record others simultaneously. The interface on the OTA is very good, very intuitive and if you have ever used a cable DVR you won't have any trouble using the Tivo OTA. I use a Mohu Sky 60 outdoor antenna, and the reception through it is fantastic. The only difference in my setup is that I am running my mini's wirelessly, which Tivo says not to do. I use a dual band Wifi router (TP Link N750) and put all of the video on the 5 Ghz band. I have NetGear dual band range extenders (N300) (they have a single Ethernet port) that I run to the Tivo mini's. I wasn't sure how it would work over the wireless connection, but I've been using it this way for over a year with no issues. I can't tell that they are not wired. I run all of my other devices, phones, laptops, iPad's, etc., on the 2.4Ghz band. So, I have the Tivo OTA & 2 mini's. We also use Sling TV, Netflix, Hulu & Amazon. Sling TV is very nice if you are looking for other channels and live broadcasts. Through it I have ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, SEC Network, TMC(Walking Dead), HGTV, EPIX & others for $25/month. In all, I spend about $50/Month for my TV services, but best of all, no contracts and no price increases (at least so far). Sling is available via ROKU, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc. Previously I was spending about $135/Mo. when I had Time Warner. I'm in complete agreement with Smitho, if you are looking to cut the cable, Tivo and/or Tivo mini's is a great way to do it. Sling, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon can fill in any gaps that OTA doesn't have.
  4. No Local Hub Processing When Offline HUGE BUG/FLAW

    Still no update on Local Processing?? Beyond ridiculous.
  5. Cutting the cable

    Tivo adding a Sling App is my number 1 wish. I believe there is bad blood between Tivo and the company that owns Sling however, and i doubt it will ever happen. I have the Tivo on HDMI 1 and my ROKU(with Sling) on HDMI 2. I have to manually switch between the two.
  6. Cutting the cable

    Cut the cable about a year ago. Mohu OTA outdoor antenna Tivo Roamio DVR Tivo Mini's(2) Sling TV (Awesome!) Netflix Amazon Hulu Very happy with this setup.
  7. Control Iris using Amazon Echo

    From USA Today: “These devices are microphones already installed in people’s homes, transmitting data to third parties. So reasonable privacy doesn’t exist. Under the Fourth Amendment, if you have installed a device that’s listening and is transmitting to a third party, then you’ve waived your privacy rights under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act,” said Joel Reidenberg, director of the Center on Law and Information Policy at Fordham Law School in New York City. Now I don't know if that's correct or not, or even if a case that tests this presumption has been adjudicated anywhere, but I don't intend to be the guinea pig and find out. Just not worth the risk to me.
  8. Control Iris using Amazon Echo

    Personally, I have no plans to ever use Amazon Echo or anything similar. The always listening thing creeps me out and I have no idea if or where any of that data, or requests, go or are stored.
  9. No announcement, but I guess they did...unbelievable. v1 Hubs now show 7/31/16.
  10. I'll be shocked if it is extended, I give it about the same chance as me winning the lottery! To be fair, I've moved everything to v2, and it generally is doing fine. I think the rules/scenes are a little kludgey, but I've got it doing what I need it to do. I did lose internet due to some storms for half a day and would really like to have local processing which I am assuming is coming "soon". 6/30/16 is still too early. Nowhere near parity with v1, but it is getting better, SLOWLY.
  11. Got home that evening and everything was fine. Guess it was just a glitch.
  12. My v1 hub went offline this morning at 12:18am and hasn't come back online as yet. My Internet service is fine. Did Lowes/Iris pull the plug on v1 early?
  13. V2 Forum Survey

    I'll chime in as well. Moved my CT101 to the v2 Hub. Other than missing the "Presence" feature" in v1, I have not had any problems with it connecting/disconnecting. I did notice that any devices that I add after the CT101 is on the v2 Hub, the CT101 disconnects, then reconnects. I assume that's part of the pairing process, although I don't see any other devices doing this. Could that be the issue?
  14. V2 Forum Survey

    +1 On providing data. Very, very useful. The overall satisfaction (1-5) is no surprise, but should be a concern for Lowe's\Iris.