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  1. tfford2

    Iris Indoor Camera Pairing Problems

    I followed the instructions per each step in the video and the printed text. While online with the tech support we executed the same instructions. I get a message that the pairing has timed out every time and the camera does not pair.
  2. tfford2

    Iris Indoor Camera Pairing Problems

    I've read some to the problems with re-pairing Gen 1 Indoor Camera to Gen 2 Hub. I'm having the same problem. I have been on the phone with IRIS for over an hour twice with no resolution. Iris 2nd tier was suppose to get back with me but that did not happen. Give me Gen 1 Iris back, it worked flawlessly. When I transitioned to Gen 2 Hub all devices transfered fine. After one day into using Gen 2, one of my indoor cameras went off line. I ended up having to force remove it. I have followed all the instructions to reset the factory settings and try to re-pair with Gen 2. I continue to get a pairing time out error. As stated I have consulted Iris support by phone twice with no resolution. This troubleshooting process has spanned over 3 weeks now. Is it time to give up and fine a more reliable system? Very Frustrated!!!!!