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  1. sptrr99

    Anybody got their pre-paid Visa card from Lowe's?

    I'm not being filled with confidence on the gift cards. Two weeks and no info. I wonder if it just takes a while to get them out, or if they are waiting for something else.
  2. sptrr99

    Platform Poll

    You'll have to flash the firmware of the cameras to the https://openip.cam/ firmware. Once you've done that, you can get a RTSP stream. Also, the WYZE cams do work with TinyCam on Android and Fire TV. I think there is an IOS version, but not sure.
  3. sptrr99

    Platform Poll

    I'm going to go to Hubitat. For my cameras, I'm going to use Blue Iris on a small PC and WYZE cameras. Probably re-flash the firmware to https://openip.cam/
  4. sptrr99

    Cameras Good\Bad

    That's a bit more than an iris camera ever was.
  5. sptrr99

    Cameras Good\Bad

    What kind of camera is that? Also, is the camera zoomed it to see 1500, or is that the wide view and you zoomed in after the fact? Meaning if you have the wide footage already, can you zoom in on the 1500 to see it?
  6. sptrr99

    Cameras Good\Bad

    Now you meantion it, that is a valid point, the car is kinda far and I might have trouble reading it if it was passing by. It was outside, not behind glass. Nothing blurry on the lens, I think it's the video artifacts. I'm probably expecting too much. It was a poc test. One to see if the wifi would make it that far. The wyze camera reported 80 to 90 percent wifi strength. I doubt that claim. The iris camera next to it connects to a wifi extender because it couldnt connect without it. I think I have a bit more work and tweaking to do to see if results improve.
  7. sptrr99

    Cameras Good\Bad

    All, I'm trying to find new cameras since my Iris ones are going away. What is anyone else doing? I have a wyze v2 cam, but the clarity isnt there. I'm attaching a pic of my wyze cam. I can't make out a license plate of a car and that seems important along with a clear face of a person. Thoughts?
  8. sptrr99

    Arlo Pro 2 Cameras vs Iris Cameras

    When it comes to IP cameras, bitrate is everything. Doesn't matter how great the camera is, if it cant send the video stream to the recording thing with a high enough bitrate, you'll get garbage. Some cameras cant do it due to hardware limitations and others have issues due to network problems. Here is a write up about it: https://www.security-camera-warehouse.com/knowledge-base/camera-bitrate-compression/
  9. sptrr99

    Post When you get your Gift Card

    All, If you get your card, post when you did your redemption and when you got your card. I did my redemption 2/3
  10. sptrr99


    I asked on their Facebook page and they told me they were not releasing dates on the mobile app and were silence on the hub. Not the best start for engagement.
  11. Calling on Super bowl Sunday probably saved me on wait time. I couldnt get my water heater module to connect, its messed up. I'm not going to sweat $40.
  12. I called to get redemption for my orbit water timer and a contact sensor. Was about a 30 min call. No issues, but the lady did have to get approval. Orbit water timer - $40 Contact sensor - $23 I have a water heater module, but she told me it was compatible with another system. I didnt think it would be, so that's good. Idk what system. I also thought the orbit timer was $130, not $40. I'll take it. I'm still going to come out ahead. Be mindful when you call that these people dont control Iris and they are losing their jobs. I'm just having to redo a system, not job search. I'm probably going to go with Hubitat, it seems like the best for me.
  13. sptrr99

    Iris is Officially Done

    Did you have to add the items and then call or did you tell her what was missing?
  14. sptrr99


    I looked at it, but my main concerns were that there are some delay issues when turning things on/off. Sometimes up yo 30 sec. Also, Will.i.am bought the platform and he has a bad record on tech ventures. Other than that, it looked ok to me too.
  15. sptrr99

    Iris is Officially Done

    More info from Facebook thread.