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  1. The keypad used to beep, notifying you the system was about to go into full alarm when a sensor had been triggered. With the new Hub, this feature went away. Now, the keypad lights up but doesn't beep when a sensor has been triggered and when you forget to check the keypad, the system will go to full alarm without giving you a warning like it used to.
  2. The ARM NOW feature has disappeared. Given the keypad now ignores the silence while arming toggle, it is pretty important to immediately arm the system so the beeping (while arming) doesn't wake the family.
  3. The thermostat HOLD feature used to be more intuitive than it is now. Before, HOLD would appear under "Mode". It has since disappeared. I understand now that you use HOLD by unchecking your thermostat under Schedule. But the previous way was more clear.
  4. ghvz1

    Something Fishy Around Here (again) [emoji23]

    What gets me is there is rarely any notice of what IRIS changed in their updates. Features change and drop off with no notice. A simple notice that you should check your connections/pairings after the update would be a (small) step in the right direction. After one update, I found out my thermostat settings changed to the default settings while I was on vacation and overrode the Hold I had placed. Another update affected one of my window sensors and I did not realize it had not re-paired until a few days later. They're affecting people's safety yet don't seem to do the due diligence to ensure the sensors, cameras, locks, chimes, etc will work afterward.
  5. ghvz1

    Alarm arming Sound

    Happened to me too. Iris did an update recently so this must be the reason for the sounds while arming. Like you, I made sure the toggle was OFF for this feature but it still makes that annoying beep when arming. On a similar note, I wish Iris would bring back the beep when a sensor has been triggered. We often don't disable the system until it is in full alarm since they took away the warning beeps that gave you a chance to disable before going full alarm.
  6. Is there a way to put a temperature "hold" on the CT101? I used to be able to do this but cannot with the latest iPhone app update. A "vacation" mode is similar but that too is not available. I don't want to turn the system off but I also don't want to lose my schedule settings.
  7. ghvz1

    iPhone app times out

    I noticed I was having issues with my iPhone 5 with apps freezing so I rebooted my phone and the IRIS app log in went through, the app opened, and my thermostat reconnected (another issue I have been having). Everything is back to working as it should on the IRIS app. It looks like I'll be getting a new iPhone soon though.
  8. ghvz1

    iPhone app times out

    Once again my iphone IRIS app just spins and that's all it does. Minutes will go by and it will not let me into the app. I finally uninstalled the app and then reinstalled but now it won't accept my log in. I get error code 104 - or 701. Sometimes, I don't get an error code - it just won't respond. I went to the website and changed my password but the app still won't let me log in. I have an iPhone 5. This app never gave me trouble until the Hub "upgrade" (which has been a disaster).
  9. ghvz1

    Lowes Dumping IRIS for Google Home?

    I've noticed no matter what Lowe's store I visit, the IRIS display is poorly stocked. The price wouldn't be so hard to swallow if the system worked consistently. However, considering how often my thermostat disconnects (and cannot reconnect without a reset), and that my iPhone app just spins, IRIS is a waste of $$$$.
  10. ghvz1

    Thermostat not responding to iPhone app

    That is why I haven't gone to the door locks! Nothing would be as bad as not being able to get in especially if I left a code with a neighbor to let the dog out and feed him. IRIS is much too finicky for me to try the locks.
  11. ghvz1

    Thermostat not responding to iPhone app

    I did notice that issue as well. If it was 62 inside and I wanted to warm it up to 67, I would have to tap +, wait for everything to catch up, tap + again and wait and so on. Seems like the overall issue is it just takes time for the hub and t-stat to catch up.
  12. I have a 1st Gen thermostat and a Gen 2 Hub. Over the past two months, I've experienced several cases where the thermostat won't respond to temperature adjustments made via the app or where manual temperature settings on the thermostat don't appear on the app. For example, if I want the heater to come on, I'll raise the temperature on the app. The app will look like it's sending the request but after about 30 seconds, the previous temperature setting will appear and the heat doesn't come on. When this happens, the only way to adjust the thermostat is to do it manually. Last night, my son set it manually at the thermostat for the AC to come on but the app didn't show this change, so in effect the AC was running when the temperature inside was already below the setting showing on the app. It took about a dozen attempts on the app before the thermostat finally recognized my command to turn off the AC. I do have a range extender but the thermostat is well within range of the hub even without an extender. Two months ago while we were away during Thanksgiving. I noticed that even though I had set the thermostat to minimize run time, it had reverted back to its daily schedule and was heating the home when no one was there. When I got home, I took out the batteries, did a hard reset, deleted the thermostat from the app and hub, and repaired with new batteries. Apparently that worked for about 6 weeks. The batteries in the thermostat are good. I've logged out of the app and back in. I've even deleted and re-installed the app. No success. The firmware on my hub is V2.0.2.016. My iPhone app version is 1.15.1. I've had lots of issues since the hub "upgrade" with sensors losing signal, batteries running down faster, and now a thermostat that seems to need resetting/repairing every month. I've had IRIS for several years but I'm ready to admit this was a bad purchase.
  13. ghvz1

    Hose Controller

    I have the exact same problem. It worked fine until the update. I'll try the battery removal trick.
  14. The current method requires choosing to skip for a # of hours. It seems it would be easier to skip a number of days or a number of scheduled times or to "skip until ____" and you put in a date for it to resume the schedule.