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  1. dbjh

    Iris vs SmartThings

    Interesting to see energy monitoring mentioned so much. Its the most important feature that caused me to invest in Iris. You cant have a "smart house" without energy monitoring. I hope iris brings this back. I may jump ship if this doesnt come back in the next year.
  2. Thanks for the reply. The cost of the CT-101 is a bit high to use just as a humidity monitor.
  3. The energy monitoring capability of V1 was the single most important feature that lead to my investment in Iris in the first place. I found the ability to measure energy usage both at the smartplug and the meter reader lead to significant energy savings and the savings eventually paid for the iris components. I spend my winters out of state in warmer climates, so its CRITICAL that I be able to see the temperature history of key areas of the house to ensure that my pipes dont freeze. I tapped contact sensors to the pipes on external walls of my basement, and had alerts sent to me when the temperature was within 5 degrees of freezing. When I got the alert, I would raise the temperature set point of nearby thermostats. This process allowed me to minimally heat the house and achieve the highest degree of energy savings. I dont know how Lowes determined that this feature wasnt heavily used in V1, but I think its a MAJOR selling feature of the overall system. I would also like to be able to monitor the humidity levels of my basement during the summer months, and have a rule to turn on the dehumidifier if the humidity gets too high. The dehumidifier is the largest single electrical cost during the summer months. I'm asking Lowes to reconsider the priority of the energy management ability for V2.
  4. dbjh

    Gen 1 Indoor Camera Issues

    Ive had gen 1 indoor cameras working flawlessly for over a year, including the migration to gen 2. Suddenly one of my cameras went offline and despite 5 attempts to reset, factory reset and repair the cam, I have no luck. I'm staring to wonder if its the results of a recent server-side update. Is anyone else having gen 1 cameras go offline?
  5. dbjh

    Schedule not working

    Yes, I had the same experience on November 15th, all scheduled lighting events did not work. Was working perfectly for many months, and all of a sudden they stopped yesterday. Seems to be back to normal today. I think Iris may have had a server problem.
  6. dbjh

    Interesting call & email from Iris

    I not only got the email, but they also called me for the same reason, explaining that the extenders HAD to be removed and readded to perform properly as signal repeaters (extenders). Nice of them to call.
  7. I have a camera in my 1/2 basement that has windows facing an intersection. Once the sun goes down, the headlights of every car that enters the intersection lights up my basement and sends the camera into alarm. The camera is even facing away from the windows, but the movement of light from the headlights streaking across the basement makes the camera think it is seeing motion in the room. If anyone can think of a solution to this, i'd appreciate hearing your ideas.
  8. dbjh

    4G Modem Email, Post Here if You Received it.

    Finally got my 4G modem after providing copies of proof of purchase of the 3G, and proof of payment for the monthly support. Thanks IRISBYLOWES! Now, if we can get back the V1 power reporting feature and have the ability to turn on/off a dehumidifier based on humidity levels in my basement, I will go from a HAPPY customer to a VERY HAPPY customer. :-)
  9. dbjh

    Another Major Disappointment

    I'm still waiting for my 4G modem. I'm leaving for the winter in another 8 weeks, and getting furious waiting for promises of things to come. Also disappointed to hear its only good for 3 days a month. Nothing but one disappointment after another these days. Still waiting for the energy management to come to V2 like we had on V1. The dashboard says its coming soon. I wonder which year "soon" will be.
  10. dbjh

    4G Modem Email, Post Here if You Received it.

    Still waiting for mine. I am leaving my home for my annual winter get-away, and faced with the unacceptable possibility of not having a dependable security system while I am gone after spending thousands of dollars on Iris. I don't understand why we have to wait so long for V1 parity.
  11. dbjh

    4G Modem Email, Post Here if You Received it.

    I am still waiting. I wonder if their records don't show I have one. I am a long term user of IRIS, still have my modem and I paid for the service for years, but haven't received my letter or offer for a promised free replacement. I spend my winters 5,000 miles from home, and desperately need this service. If anyone has suggestions on how to speed up the replacement, please let me know. I have already contacted IRISBYLOWES, and they asked for my email address, but I haven't heard anything since. I am getting very frustrated!
  12. dbjh

    What clever things do you do with Iris?

    In addition to my previous post, i'm hoping IRISBYLOWES will add a feature to the temperature/humidity detectors that will allow us to setup a rule for high humidity that would tell my smartplug to turn on the dehumidifier. This would allow me to have better control of the dehumidifier, based on the humidity at the far ends of the room, versus what the dehumidifier sees the humidity being within the unit's humidity detector.
  13. dbjh

    What clever things do you do with Iris?

    I put my basement dehumidifier on a smartplug to cycle the unit; one hour on, one hour off, 24 hours a day. My previous dehumidifier had a feature for the cyclying, but a replacement unit didn't, so I used the smartplug to recreate this functionality.
  14. dbjh

    4G Modem Email, Post Here if You Received it.

    Well I contacted IrisbyLowes for my promised free 4G modem and still no email from them. My internet provider sucks, so my $2,200 investment in IRIS is of zero value to me when my internet service goes down. Are others still waiting for the 4G email? What does one have to do to get the 4G modem? My 3G modem is collecting dust.
  15. dbjh

    Key Fob

    I have experienced this issue too, many times. It ended up being a weak battery. When the battery voltage fluctuates, it causes the hub to thing the fob is leaving/returning. Replace your battery and see if that fixes the behavior.
  16. dbjh

    4G Modem Email, Post Here if You Received it.

    I was a 3G user and I'm desperate to get my free 4g modem as my internet provider sucks. What do we have to do to get the free 4g modem that IRIS is promising us?
  17. dbjh

    V2 Cellular Modem Discussion

    Its been months since iris said cellular would be coming. So far,.... crickets......
  18. dbjh

    Still no local Processing

    Agree, IRIS is usless without cellular backup and offline processing. I have frequent internet outages, leaving me without any home security!
  19. dbjh

    GE Dimmer not retaining custom name

    This problem is now fixed with version V2.0.1.063
  20. I recently purchased my first pair of OSRAM Lightify A19 LED lightbulbs and experienced a bug. This is one rare occasion that I was able to figure out how to solve it, so I thought I would share this with others in the event they experience it too. I put the two bulbs into recessed ceiling light fixtures that happened to be controller by a single light switch. I believe this configuration lead to the hub being confused. I added each bulb to the hub without any issues. Both were recognized immediately. I could see the devices in my list, however, only the FIRST bulb added could be controlled by rules and only the FIRST bulb would respond on on/off commands. The workaround that solved the problem is as follows: 1. Remove both bulbs from the device list. 2. Screw in the first bulb and add it. 3. Physically remove the first bulb from the light fixture and set aside. 4. Screw in the second bulb and add it. 5. Screw in the first bulb. At this point BOTH bulbs should operate independently and respond to on/off commands and rules. Hope this helps someone.
  21. dbjh

    Android 1.9.1 White Screen Issue

    I have also been getting the hangs/whitescreen issue too, needing to force the app closed and restart it. Has happened 100% of the time since I made the migration to Gen2. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next version.
  22. dbjh

    Old hub uses

    I sent my hub back. Nice to see them suggest and pay for the recycling. My 2 cents.
  23. dbjh

    GE Dimmer not retaining custom name

    I am experiencing this issue too. I originally thought it was an issue with longer length names, but anything I try will revert back to the original name. This appears to be a bug. Not a big issue, but annoying.
  24. dbjh

    Utilitech siren issue in V2

    I have experienced this issue too. Firmware V2.0.1.057 android 1.9.1