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  1. The water leak sensor we have under the hot water tank went off at aound 2pm today and sent a push notification which I was lucky to see and was able to handle the problem. The email alert, phone call and alarm did not come through until about 3 hours later! When I installed the 4 leak sensors in various locations about one month ago, i tested each one and the all worked! Anyone know whats up with that?
  2. Ignatius

    Garage Door False Notifications

    .....how is that driver update delivered? How do we get it?
  3. Ignatius

    Some of your most innovative uses for iris devices:

    1. We have motion sensors in our mailbox to tell when the mail comes (saw this previously on this forum). 2. We have bypassed the timer for our pool pump and took one of the 110 lines and use a GE Iris Switch to regulate and schedule the pump. 3. We use an ORBIT IRIS hose controller mounted in a waterproof box (that would hold irrigation equipment) and hard piped the in and out water outlets instead of using hoses. We hardpiped the controller to a pipe in the pool system near the pump and put a backflow filter in. NOW when we want to add water to the pool we can do it with IRIS and don't have to be there or have a hose hanging in the pool. We can also schedule a water pattern to add water in small amounts to allow for evaporation.....
  4. Is there a doorbell with camera and sound that would work with iris?
  5. I was going to post this same question but searched and found this. I also planned on using an "on/off" switch to toggle ONE of the 110 lines. I see that ladams1 has done the same thing. WHY are others talking about a "relay" and what purpose would that serve? Why can't we just toggle one of the lines?
  6. Ignatius

    Official Iris Community Launch

    SO......................we signed up at the new link.............. DOES that site take the place of this site? Do we need both? thanks,
  7. Most stores in our area sell the GE Zigbee switches, dimmers etc. The ZWAVE stuff is in the Green Boxes. The Zigbee stuff is in the RED boxes. They are about $10.00 more at Lowes.........but work well.
  8. Ignatius

    Dusk to Dawn settings

    Not sure why you keep asking people if they have the correct time zone setting. The time issue is a problem with IRIS not with us. I have 4 devices, 3 account and ALL times no matter what time zone it is set to, will revert to a Pacific Time. This has been happening for about 2 months. It originally happened when they went from v1 to V2 and then they corrected it sometime in June of 2016.........then when there was a recent update in prolly August or so, it happened again and they have not been able to correct it......... I would like to see if you add a notification under the care card, to see if you get a correct time when you are notified. The notifications from that card show the date/time..............which I have been saying is WRONG........... SO is your's correct?
  9. Ignatius

    Water Heater Controls Not Working

    Ha, I'd be interested in hearing when you get your call back. 100 degree water is cold for me and even in South Carolina winter is around the corner. I'd make sure the manually override is working since winter will probably come and go before you get that phone call !
  10. Ignatius

    Notifications now sent via email

    Thanks...............Hopefully one day the time will just correct itself............like it did month's ago!
  11. Ignatius

    Notifications now sent via email

    I did.......on all apps and on all three locations. They are all correct. I called support and they checked also and it was correct. BUT they have no reason as to why it is doing it.
  12. Ignatius

    Notifications now sent via email

    Ok, but I still don't understand what you mean. Here is a better description of what I have happening: 1. All locations, our iphones and ipads are all located in ET 2. ALL TIMES IN History in IRIS APP on both Iphone (gsm) and Ipads (WIFI ONLY) are correct 3. ALL ALERT TIMES on both Iphones (gsm's) and IPads (WIFI ONLY) are all 4 hours off. (So there goes the cell time theory) 4. I have also noticed that all the times on our thermostats (Radio Thermostats) are also incorrect. THIS ALL STARTED ABOUT 2 WEEKS AGO............. Any guess as to why?? (actually, I would rather have an actual answer rather than a guess! Thanks 3.
  13. Ignatius

    Notifications now sent via email

    Thank you for the suggestions, and I did all three and it worked. They are working normally now. Has anyone been able to come up with a reason why our (at least ours not sure about others) notifications that give a "time" are 4 hours ahead? I am sure that it can't just be us, since we are using 3 different locations, on a total of 5 different mobile apps and all of us are getting the incorrect time. That all started about 10 days ago.?
  14. Ignatius

    Iris Web UI Preview

    All well and good that they replied. BUT that was an hour after this was posted and two days after the problem started. Why couldn't they just do it on their own without giving everyone grief and aggravation.
  15. Ignatius

    Notifications now sent via email

    I did all three just to be sure and now my notifications are working correctly again.