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    Thermostat issue

    I had a similar issue with my thermostat as well (Radio branded). The bug stopped the high point from adjusting when on the auto schedule. Re-pairing the device, removing the schedule, restarting the hub had no effect. The only way I got around it was to go to a cool only schedule. You might try that as a work around.
  2. Well, I cancelled my Iris service today as I was tired of the bugs, inability to support, and removed features. I'd like to leverage the investment in devices I already have, so is there a good alternative hub that will support the products I already have? This is what I have now: Radio Brand Thermostat Iris Security Camera Iris branded door/window sensors Iris branded range extender Garage Door Controller (GD-00Z-1) Iris branded Keypad Iris branded Outlet Between these devices they are using the Zigbee, Z-Wave and IP connectivity. What recommendations are out there for alternative hubs/control software? Just for the curious folk out here, here were the issues that drove me to cancel: - Alarm doesn't trigger when sensor is triggered (Fixed by re-pairing with hub) - Thermostat can not be set to auto mode unless manually selected on thermostat (fixed by re-pairing with the hub) - Thermostat doesn't respect changes in the high set point when on a schedule (unable to be resolved after multiple attempts from support) - Keypad continues to beep while arming (Per support, this is the way it works now) - Silent Arm also silences alarm (this is not how it's supposed to function, no fix from support) - Keypad continues to beep after disarming and showing an off state. Only stops when batteries are removed. (This was the final straw and I canceled, I did not troubleshoot) - There is no longer the filter reminder in the application and thus the run time hours are no longer adjustable. - The application randomly logs me off (No fix offered)