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  1. MidNiteChoir

    Iris update causes the Gillion's portal to fail

    Iris Team --- If you're following this thread, you need to work WITH Gillion and 'IrisUsers', not against. We all know that security is important, but unless you can assist and facilitate an interface to your servers that will enable this extremely valuable 'Iris Web Portal' service to continue, you are going to lose a significant part of your 'high end' user community. People like me who have stuck with Iris despite the problems, but need the extra capabilities 'The Gillion' was providing which your own 'official' portal still does not. For those like me who use their system for a second home visited every few weeks or months, things like battery monitoring, signal strength, webcam reset, and history downloads are what make it possible to actually manage this system remotely and continue as Lowes customers. You can do it ---- without compromising security.
  2. I seem to have prompted an interesting exchange, except nobody can tell me why my Iris system (and presumably others) no longer records on Security Alarm ---- only on Safety (smoke & CO) Alarm. I'm guessing that this is Iris quietly discontinuing one of the most critical Iris functions we all rely on, so that they can include it only for those who now sign up for the $15/Mon monitoring program they've just announced. I am pissed off enough with the poor performance, lack of a web interface, frequent dropping of sensors, etc, when I already pay for the premium service. So I don't have any expectations for improvement if I pay more. Nonetheless, I have done as suggested, and set up a scene, which if triggered will record from the main camera for 10 min. And then set up an Alarm rule to run that scene if an Alarm occurs. We will see if that works. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to test this by causing an alarm, since my Iris system is on our vacation home and I'm an expensive flight on other side of the continent. (Which is why I was extremely pissed off when Iris staff told me last spring on the phone that they expected the V1 service to continue until the Web browser version was ready --- and then two days after we had packed up and left the house last spring Iris sends out a bulletin to advise that the V1 Hub would be 'bricked' in June last --- without correcting the many shortcomings of V2. So I had to fly out to West coast to install my V2 hub before they shut down V1 service. What an incredible mess Lowes has created! I'm going to Home Depot these days --- they stand behind what they sell.
  3. Hi. For reasons unknown, my Iris system is NOT recording video when the security alarm is triggered. I can easily arrange for video to be recorded by motion in front of the camera. I can easily set up the 'Safety Alarm' (smoke and CO) to record video if the alarm is triggered. I assumed that there was no rule to permit video recording if the security alarm is triggered, and that this is why there is no rule (that I can find) for this operation. But triggering the security system, intentionally or otherwise, does not appear to result in a video recording. What's up with that?!? Not much point in having video camera or cameras connected to the Iris hub if a recording is not created when the security alarm is triggered. Surely, there must be some flaw in my system to account for this lack of response when the security alarm goes off (i.e. is triggered). Thanks
  4. MidNiteChoir

    Cell Modem?

    Well, the new 'Cellular Radio' USB modem has now been announced. It consists of a pre-programmed Huawei USB cellular modem, which works on a 4G cell network. But unlike the 3G version which could be used full time in place of a broadband connection through cable or ADSL(on a copper pair), this wondrous new product is limited to a maximum use per month of 72 hours. That means it is only a backup, and cannot be used full time by those of us 'out in the country' who have no hard wired broadband available, but do get reasonable cellular service. So once again, the new Iris V2 system has let us down, and Iris will be losing another group of customers.