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  1. Whyris

    V2 Keypad not pairing

    I just had the same problem when pairing to a SystronicsRF hub. I was apprehensive when I started the process because, as you, I have had trouble with the V2 keypad in the past (with Iris). I also tried various approaches to get the device into the pairing mode. It ended up taking me close to half-an-hour to finally get the thing into the pairing mode. You must get it into the state where you see the repetitive blinking green LED. Once I finally got the keypad in the correct state, I was easily able to pair. I wish I could tell you I have a proven process doing this, but it seemed like random trial and error. I did a lot of searching online, but never saw a definitive solution.
  2. Whyris

    Gamma Stage Offer from SystronicsRF

    I am registered and received the invitation, but haven’t heard anything since.
  3. Whyris

    Gamma Stage Offer from SystronicsRF

    Anyone heard any more about when the gamma phase would be starting?
  4. Whyris

    Zero Hour?

    Well, I guess if this is accurate, it will go down at 0000 PDT. I've been holding-off removing all my devices. I guess the time is now.
  5. Whyris

    Zero Hour?

    Does anyone know exactly at what time Iris will go dark? All that has been mentioned is March 31, without any particular time. As I write this, it is past 0000 EDT and everything still seems to be up. I was just curious as to the specific drop-dead time.
  6. Whyris


    I've now received all my hub components. As the SystronicsRF software seems to be built on top of Debian Linux, would it be reasonable to load Raspbian Stretch on the Pi in preparation for the software release?
  7. Whyris


    Hi....just curious on whether you are going to do all of the referenced profiling during the Beta program, and not release the software until all of the above are completed? As we are about 3 weeks from the Iris shutdown, I was wondering what intermediary milestones are anticipated prior to release of the product. I am planning on migrating to your platform. I registered on your site in early February, but unfortunately didn't get into the Beta program. I have entered data/devices into my profile, and am in the process of procuring the hub hardware. I should be ready to go in about a week and eagerly await software availability.
  8. Whyris

    Manual Redemption for added devices post redemption

    So far, I have a manual redemption of $290, but have a few more unpaired devices at another location. I guess I shouldn't worry too much about getting those devices paired into the system and getting compensated for them.
  9. Whyris

    Manual Redemption for added devices post redemption

    Do we know for sure that the $300 manual redemption is a total amount, or could it be $300 per each attempted manual redemption?
  10. This actually wasn't true in my case. While it didn't make the initial (paired devices) redemption easier, it was helpful when I went and tried to get previously unpaired (spare) devices on my overall redemption list. When I got on the phone with support (after about 30 minutes wait) they were able to see the devices that I recently paired (after the 1/30/19 snapshot) and were quickly able to credit them for me. I had a spare V2 hub that they needed to see reconnected in order to get credited. They instructed me to create another place that utilized this hub. Once done, they were able too see this in realtime, and thus were able to credit me the $100.
  11. Whyris

    Iris is Officially Done

    When I heard the news yesterday, I paired all my spare devices that weren't connected to my hub. This morning I checked my redemption list, but none of the newly paired devices were included. I haven't proceeded with the redemption yet, nor have I yet contacted support. I wonder if there's any chance they will be taking another database snapshot? That would be the only reason I would delay proceeding with the redemption process immediately.
  12. Whyris

    V3 Smart Plug

    OK. Thanks. I assumed this was going to be the case, but it would have been nice😀.
  13. Whyris

    V3 Smart Plug

    Does anyone know if the V3 Smart Plugs have temperature sensors built in? I know the V1 and the V2 do not. I'd like to create a thermostatically controlled switch, and it would be nice if I could do int with one device. I thought this may have been discussed previously, but my searches turned up empty.
  14. Whyris

    Iris 3.0 (Yes, it exists)

    Hmmm. I just looked again, and sure enough, it had been connected less than an hour. Perhaps a call to tech support is in order.
  15. Whyris

    Iris 3.0 (Yes, it exists)

    Has anyone else with a V3 hub noticed that the hub appears to be reseting (or at least losing connection) frequently? It seems that every time I check status on the web page, the uptime is alway very short. See below. Online Since Nov 09, 2018 8:41 AM (0 d, 0 hrs, 40 mins) I'm not sure if this is real or just a reporting issue. Once I did catch it reseting when I logged-in, as indicated by the glowing LED. I haven't noticed any operational issues, but just seems odd that I'm seeing such short uptimes.