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  1. seang

    My iris grade is...

  2. seang

    Fan control with alexa

    NO NO AND NO! You run the risk of burning out the motor, or worse - burning down your house. The dimmer switches say right on them not to use them with fans.
  3. seang

    Fan control with alexa

    I actually find percent works better. I find 'medium' doesn't work with any of my fans. "Alexa, office fan 25 percent" (low) "Alexa, office fan 50 percent" (medium) "Alexa, office fan 100 percent" (high)
  4. seang

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    And I just logged in with my Samsung Galaxy S6
  5. seang

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    Glad to help! Panties, who doesn't enjoy them.... lying on the floor.
  6. seang

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    That's really old news. They've used Convergys since Gen 1. Like any other tech company, they farm out 'over queues' and night queues. During the day during high call volume and after 8pm, the phones are forwarded to Convergys. They're a call center provider - it's all they do is answer the phones. They're trained to answer the phone as though they work for Lowes. Nothing to get one's panties in a knot about, 90% of tech support calls are handled 3rd party. Ever talk to someone with an Indian accent (Dell)? Costa Rican accent (Microsoft)? Nuf sed. It's like hiring temp workers for the Christmas season. Until now, you never would have known.... right? Happily, Convergys is staffed by Americans (although they have some Canadian offices too) and I happen to know they're very well trained (I used to contract to Convergys for deployments). I have Bright House internet - based entirely in Florida - and quite frequently end up talking to someone in Barrie Ontario... funny thing is, they're often more knowledgeable than their US counterparts. But I digress...
  7. seang

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    Technically, platform update, not server upgrade. Server upgrade is the actual computers that host the platform. Platform is the Iris software that runs our devices. Problem is the Iris software, not the servers. I kind of have an inside line now... that line tells me it should be resolved by morning. Sucks to be us, but we can still go and shut them off manually... That said... this is case in point for moving to systems like Control4. They're not reliant on centralized control. Upshot is, it's also a case for asking for a free month of service. Footnote: if my alarm trips tonight because of this and wakes my wife and she chews my face off (she doesn't like Iris as it is), they're going to be giving me a whole damned year free.
  8. seang

    Rain Delay - Orbit 12 Station - NEW FEATURE??

    Mental note: if your Orbit 12 station is having issues, put a smart plug between it and the hub. Seems to have fixed all my weird little issues with this device.
  9. seang

    Monitoring - anyone else see this yet?

    and 4 months later....
  10. Rainbird has a rain sensor that you can attach to the Orbit 12 station. I have one connected, but our rain season is over and my lawn is so euchred from an earlier failure where the hub was loosing connection and mis-watering my lawn that I need constant watering right now anyways. I wanna say it was maybe $17? Once I get a chance to test it, will post results here.
  11. So I talked to Iris (not Convergys) about this - convinced a phone drone to send it upstairs as a feature request. Got an email back where whoever sent it clearly didn't understand what was being asked. See below: Nov 9 (8 days ago) to Sean Hello Sean, This is a follow up to let you know I have received a response from development on your requests for more functionality with Alexa and Accurite (sic) weather. Updates to Alexa are coming all the time and more functionality with all the features with the mobile application. However Halo is available currently you can see online. We have Halo + coming shortly (no release date at this time) that will have CO, Smoke and weather alerts. Sincerely IRIS Diagnostics Support 855-469-4747 [THREAD ID:1-4K9URMM] Sean Nov 9 (8 days ago) to CustomerCare Thanks for the update, but I think I was misunderstood. We're not looking for weather alerts. Please refer to the forums for more info, but the weather data we're looking for as Iris users are things like rain data to adjust the sprinkler schedule and outdoor temperature data to adjust thermostats. The Acurite 09150 bridge uses ethernet to upload WX data to Wunderground. I'm sure it could be bridged to Iris easily enough and give Iris the advantage over other smart home systems. The other option is to take data from Wunderground (.com). I would be happy to entertain one of your developers with discussion and a better explanation on the issue. Feel free to call me at 999-999-9999.
  12. seang

    Two-Way Audio

    Correct. The OEM software on this device is AMAZING, but they won't give me the original firmware for it because of the licencing contract they made with Lowes. Corporate fuckery at it's finest.
  13. seang

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    As of right now, the system is still having problems. I cannot even log in to my app. Iris support queue (now turned over to Convergys) has high call volume. Hang in there, everyone.
  14. seang

    Two-Way Audio

    Iris overwrites the firmware of any RC8221 that's paired to the hub (afaik), so it would appear you haven't paired it? If it's paired and the firmware is replaced, you'll just get 404 when you browse to it. Iris removes any GUI code from the camera once it's paired.
  15. seang

    Energy Monitoring Future with Iris

    I just spoke to Iris support and was advised that (** unofficially **) the Aeon energy meter should work with Gen 2. However, they were unable to provide an exact model number.