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  1. Hopefully this isn’t a dumb question but is there a way to create a timed event that turns a smart plug off and on? For instance I’d like to turn on a smart plug at 3p and shut off at 2am every day
  2. marklight

    Can't complete invitation process with iOS 10

    Thanks vett that fixed it!
  3. marklight

    Can't complete invitation process with iOS 10

    Rebooting doesn't fix the problem
  4. App crashes every time before I'm able to put in invitation code or complete the invitation process. This is new with the latest iOS.
  5. marklight

    use iPhone and geofencing in place of keyfob

    Philips hue app does this perfectly. Uses wifi or your gps to create a small zone around your house. The app notes when you're in and out of the zone. In the case of Philips hue you can turn on your lights when you come home at night. Or off when you leave your house. Works like a charm.
  6. marklight

    3rd party cam viewer ?

    Thanks that worked Does anyone know how to get the camera to work with ZoneMinder?
  7. marklight

    3rd party cam viewer ?

    Hey guys, trying to get IP Camviewer to work. I can access my camera using VLC without any difficulty. I'm not sure what settings to use in IP Camviewer on my iPhone. They don't have the Lowe's RC8221 listed as a supported camera. I've tried to use various settings without any luck. Any suggestions?
  8. marklight

    Philips Hue Integration

    I have a lot of philips hue bulbs. I'd love if the iris team could find a way to integrate them with the system - mainly just turning them on when alarm sounds.
  9. marklight

    Is the range extender supported in V2?

    I took my range extender to lowes today and told then that an iris rep told me it was defective and that I should return it for in store credit. they looked for a replacement, couldn't find it (bc it's dc of course) and then exchanged it outright for a smart plug as I told them that's what the rep said I should replace it with. Went pretty smoothly.
  10. marklight

    Is the range extender supported in V2?

    I think I get my range extender to connect - I hear a confirmation beep during pairing and I see a New Device 1 in the device menu but other than that I can't tell if it's truly connected and working.
  11. If this is already a feature then I apologize but it seems like a no-brainer to use your phone with geofencing in place of a keyfob. who wants to carry that bulky thing around? We take our phones everywhere. I'd love it if I could set the system to arm the alarm when my phone is outside the "fence" and that way I don't have to mess around with remembering to arm the system. This feature could also incorporate multiple users so if I leave but someone else is still at home then the system wouldn't arm... but if we're both gone then the system arms.