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  1. I myself have email corporate and got a response within 24 hours, that help work through few issues and still working on others. Today I got a call back and they have discovered that there are issues with many hubs and the way they communicate with devices. I had an issue with a v2 keypad that kept coming up as New Device (Unsupported) no matter how many times I tried it would not connect, Picked up 3 new ones from lowes and put them all in pairing mode (4 total) only one would pair, all the others would come up as New Device (unsupported). This is one of the many issues the system has and they are working to resolve. they also have a new tool that should be ready next month to help diagnose problems better. They are working hard to get they system working. As many problems as I have and have fixed I am still optimistic about they system. They have fixed many issues since the release of v2 and they are getting fewer and fewer every time. They have huge plans and look forward to what the future will bring. I am still buying new devices and add adding them to the system. Many people have no issues, some have a few, and others have lots. there at millions of-options on setups out there and iris is working to make them all work. I use to have lots and now down to just a few. One thing I can say is do not use the migration wizard. Do everything manually. this solved a lot of the issues for me. I have: 16 Contact Sensors (all gen 1) 4 Dimmer Switches 2 Fan Switches 2 Smoke/Carbon Sensors 2 keypads (gen1 & gen2) 4 smart fobs (gen2) 3 fobs (Gen1) 1 Irrigation controller 3 Light switches 1 Smart Button (gen1) 1 Siren 3 smart plugs (gen2) 4 Schlage Touch deadbolts 1 thermostat 2 water leak sensors 2 (Water shut off valves (Currently not pairing) - This is my only issue left) So just over 50 devices with plans to add more.