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  1. Unfortunately I got the answer I was expecting. So sad, too bad. Oh well my fault. (Amazon required the expiration date BTW) Still a winner, caused me to get off my butt and get Hubitat.
  2. Bummer, didn't see this in time. Will have to call tomorrow to see if I can rectify.
  3. OK. I'll bite. what cameras are you using. Is this through Apple kit enabled device?
  4. I am also very happy with Hubitat. I chose Ring for my alarm not wanting to keep everything with one solution (Thanks again Iris) Since Ring now works with Alexa I can even link the Ring door sensors to Hubitat (using virtual devices) Reading the community posts you may be in for a little work to get the Schlage door lock to work, but there is Lots of support. Like you said "Pretty good so far."
  5. I went back and reread the invite. It states " We will be sending a further email in the next few days, which will contain the information for installing and using the system." Not sure what timeline that suggests. Maybe you should respond to the link at the end. Not following that as I have my hands full with Hubitat. Like a kid in a candy store that doesn't know what to eat first.
  6. I believe they have already started. I received an invite last Thursday, but have started with Hubitat. Make sure you register on their web site.