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  1. Prices lowered below: 18 v1 Smart Buttons - All include batteries and most have at least 80% life left I would prefer to sell these as a set to one buyer for $100. Otherwise, I'll list them one at a time on eBay. I will include the shipping for free. Please contact me if you are interested and thanks for looking.
  2. Hello- I have switched to the basic plan, which means no more rules and no more Smart Buttons to activate them. Instead, we use Alexa turn things on and off, and it works pretty well and saves us $10 a month. I also have a USB modem that I was never able to use as coverage in my area is poor. For sale are: 18 v1 Smart Buttons - All include batteries and most have at least 80% life left I would prefer to sell these as a set to one buyer for $120. Otherwise, I'll list them one at a time on eBay. 1 v2 USB modem The modem is for sale for $50. I will include the shipping for free with both of the items. Please contact me if you are interested and thanks for looking.
  3. jjallen

    Is Lowe's Still Accepting Returns?

    I've decided that Iris V2 is not for me. I returned several items last summer without a receipt/packaging; am I still able to do so?
  4. jjallen

    4G backup modem problems

    I discovered the same thing. Support was able to see my signal strength, which was poor. I live in the country, but I am still within a few miles of an Interstate highway. I received the modem free, so I didn't need to get any sort of refund on the hardware. They credited me back for the service portion. If my modem can be reused, any of you are welcome to have it.
  5. jjallen

    GE Outdoor Plug - minimum range on V2

    None. Also, I live in Wisconsin, so they get the full range of weather conditions and hold up great. One of them is from an older project and is about 4 years old and still looks brand new.
  6. jjallen

    GE Outdoor Plug - minimum range on V2

    I had 7 of these controlling low voltage lighting around my home. Operative word there is had; I returned them all in the late summer and went to V2 Smartplugs in weatherproof outdoor boxes. Google "Sockit Box" for the ones I am using. Before I gave up on the GE Outdoor Modules, I was constantly fighting disconnects and lights failing to come on/go off as scheduled. I did all sorts of troubleshooting with technical support to no avail. After I switched to the V2 Smartplugs, I have had literally ZERO issues with disconnects. The farthest plug away is about 70 feet line of sight. In theory, Z-Wave should have a longer range, but Zigbee is far superior in practice at my home.
  7. jjallen

    Iris Return Policy

    Does anyone know if Lowe's is still honoring returns for Iris items? I returned my cameras, GE Outdoor Modules, and a few other items a few months back, and I just came across one more switch I'd like to take back.
  8. jjallen

    Iris and Google Home

    They responded with a polite "no plans at this time" to my email.
  9. jjallen

    Iris and Google Home

    I e-mailed Lowe's, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask the question here. Any plans for the two to work together? Google Home is stated to be compatible with Samsung SmartThings at launch. Thanks.
  10. jjallen

    Iris+ For Gen 2 - Alternative Android Application

    I now have a screen full of widgets to control my lights and the thermostat... with no need to log in! This is awesome and thank you so very much.
  11. jjallen

    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    Kudos. This is pretty neat. I'm surprised to see one of my V1 smart buttons, one of my V1 contact sensors, and one of my V2 smart plugs reporting as Z-Wave. I was under the impression that they were all ZigBee devices.
  12. jjallen

    GE Outdoor Plug

    I returned 7 of them. They were unstable for most of my time on V2. I purchased V2 indoor smartplugs and put them in a "Sockit Box" waterproof enclosure in the exact same places the GE plugs were. Not one issue since then... the range on the V2 indoor smartplugs is much greater and ZigBee is much more stable than Z-Wave for more remote devices.
  13. jjallen

    How to return cameras

    I returned all four of mine at the local store; each in their own little ziplock baggie with their power supply. Wasn't given any crap about packaging due to the blanket RMA.
  14. jjallen

    Question about Iris returns

    It can be helpful if you call ahead and speak to a manager before you come in to do any returns. Not all Lowe's stores sold the Iris items you may have, so these items will need to be added to the store's "master list" with the item ID and the price in order to process the return. This info can easily be found by doing a search on the Lowe's website; all of the Gen 1 products are still listed. I've returned about 15 items to two different stores with no packaging and received full credit on merchandise cards.
  15. jjallen

    Thermostat / V2

    My thermostat was missing scheduled commands until I took the batteries out of the hub and let it sit for 2 minutes and then did a reset. No problems since then. I also removed all of my GE outdoor modules from my system because I think they were causing problems.