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  1. mbrooks78

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    I think I am going to go with Wink for my home automation hub. I already pulled the trigger on Ring for home security. I really wish Iris would have put more into marketing to compete because they truly offered a good one stop shop for all of this stuff. Question: If I remember correctly from migrating to iris v1 to v2, I had to unpair all my iris devices using the iris app prior to paring them with the v2 hub. Will this remain the same when migrating to wink? Most of my stuff is gen 1 stuff and will not be used, but would like to know for my gen 2 stuff. I
  2. mbrooks78

    Anybody got their pre-paid Visa card from Lowe's?

    I received mine today via FedEx. I worked as a credit card and I used it online to purchase some ring products for my home security.
  3. mbrooks78

    Gen 1 door/window sensors on Ebay

    Will any CR2 battery work or is there a specific type needed?
  4. mbrooks78

    Gen 1 door/window sensors on Ebay

    Does anyone know where I can buy replacement batteries on the cheap side?
  5. mbrooks78

    audible chime when contact sensor is opened

    I found it. Thanks for the help
  6. I stil have v1 keypad and contact sensors. I believe with the old system I could designate a particular sensor to chime when the door/window was opened. I cannot seem to find that option in the v2 app. Is it gone? That would be a shame. I am trying to have a sensor on my toddler's bedroom door so I can be notified if the door is opened without setting off an alarm.
  7. mbrooks78

    unpairing ct101 from v1

    Thank you!! That worked.
  8. mbrooks78

    unpairing ct101 from v1

    I finally have a day off and I was wanting to change over to v2 today. In order to pair my thermostats to the v2 hub, I need to unpair them from the v1 hub. Without having any v1 interface anymore, does anyone know how I could do this?
  9. mbrooks78

    API - Probably Not Happening

    API access would be nice. I could work on something for Windows 10. Cortana integration would be nice.
  10. mbrooks78

    Thermostat Issues

    had this happen to me using the ct101's. It was a wiring issue for me. I would check the manual for wiring instructions and make sure that it is wired correctly.
  11. mbrooks78

    Ways to avoid V2 with thermostats?

    I have two CT101's currently running on V1. I tried V2 about a month ago and dealt with a myriad of problems. My question is: What if I do nothing after the switch deadline. Would my thermostats still be locked into their current program. I know I could not communicate with them via the app/web, but if the schedule remains intact, then I am tempted to go this route. If that will not work, are these thermostats manually programable? If so, has anyone used the manual programming and does it work well?