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  1. EEllis708

    Nest now compatible with Iris

    if so that's great. I've been waiting for another thermostat option because I just haven't found one that liked and was iris compatible. Nest may fit that bill.
  2. EEllis708

    V1 Keypad Experience

    I have one that has only given me trouble once. I unknowingly tried to disarm the system when it was upgrading. Other than that never an issue.
  3. EEllis708

    Energy Monitoring Future with Iris

    Yeah they have their own site with all the data, give you a weekly email, and you can log on to the site xKing posted which is from the energy provider instead of the retailer. I wouldn't mind having info on individual devices energy usage. I'm OK with what Im getting from the power company right now though.
  4. I've found that fully half of my connectivity issues were battery related.
  5. EEllis708

    Energy Monitoring Future with Iris

    I wanted to be able to track my usage but I just switched my service and my new provider, I live in Houston with an open market, sends me a weekly email with my daily usage in graph form with the previous weeks usage for comparison. It lists the actual cost per day, kw, even the Temps for that day. I wouldn't mind having data for individual devices or outlets but to me whole house consumption is no longer nessasary and there are far better things they can spend time working on.
  6. EEllis708

    Keypad beeping on arming

    I bought some Duracell batteries and am going thru them like crazy. I got them cheap and now I know why. I'm sure it's the batteries not the sensors that's the problem. Next time I'll be a little more careful about what I buy.
  7. EEllis708

    Cellular backup must be right around the corner

    I'm just happy they are so close to coming out with the cell backup.
  8. EEllis708

    Has anyone got V2 to actually work?

    I guess it's just me but I like V2 better than V1. There are some things that may be missing but the hardware seems better to me. I always felt like they were trying to limit the use of outside devices and only allow "IRIS" hardware. Seeing the ever growing lists of supported devises is heartening. I also don't get the "Web interface" thing. I mean sure it might be annoying if you only have a pc but it seems like a non issue to me. I haven't bothered but i assume I could even run the app on my TV. Change is often disturbing even when it's for the better but to me iris is looking even more promising than ever. I will say I was late to move to V2 and missed much of the problems.
  9. EEllis708

    What clever things do you do with Iris?

    I have two night lights set up on smart plugs so when motion sensors activate the night lights turn on as path lighting. It's not much and you can buy night lights with motion sensors but I think it's neat.
  10. EEllis708

    Has anyone got V2 to actually work?

    Personally my switch to V2 went fine. The only real issue was with 2 V1 motion sensors that I ended up swaping for new ones.
  11. EEllis708

    Please welcome to the forum IRISbyLowes....

    The guy asked zero questions. He ignored the whole purpose and reason for the forum to vent his anger and no one but one account on this forum has any say on anything Lowe's does. Scunnyngham isn't iris PR and shouldn't have to act like it. For such a minor response, because afaic all Scunnyngham was doing was reflecting that no one was here to talk anyone out of leaving iris, your comment seems overly concerned.
  12. I went in to return a couple of V1 devices and was told that without a receipt or packaging they couldn't do a return. I basically told the guy he was wrong, that may be the normal policy but they were supposed to accept all iris returns. I then showed the pics of the memo that was posted here and he got the ok to take my return. Picked up a couple of smart plugs but one was an open box and didn't work right and now I have to return it today.