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  1. pseudonym

    WTB 2nd Gen Keypad

    How much would you like for one of them?
  2. pseudonym

    3rd Gen Keypad Backlight

    I picked up a 3rd gen keypad and paired it with Hubitat. It's working well but I have a question about the device itself. Are the keys usually illuminated evenly? Keys 7, 8, 9, 0, and * are brighter than 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Under normal room lighting, I can't tell that 1-6 are illuminated. Just wondering if this is normal or if I have a bad led under the keys.
  3. pseudonym

    WTB 2nd Gen Keypad

    Looking to try one out with my system. Let me know how much you want for it. Steve
  4. pseudonym

    Don't throw away your V1 devices just yet!

    I'm getting temperatures from my V1 contact and motion sensors. I had to do a few resets by removing the battery but they're all working now.
  5. pseudonym

    Water valve and water heater question

    You could probably use smart plug to control a 220V relay with a 110V coil.
  6. pseudonym

    Reworked Thermostat Controls

    Dear Lowe's Iris, In the next app release, is there any chance we can get the thermostat to treat its schedule as periods of time rather than discrete set points?
  7. pseudonym

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    Sunset was a few minutes before 5:00 and my lights turned on per my schedule.
  8. pseudonym

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    Another one not able to login to iOS app.
  9. pseudonym

    Gen 1 door/window sensors on Ebay

    I bought some "new" contact sensors in bulk packaging from ebay. They looked to be used as they were a bit rough looking but the price was good and they worked just fine with good batteries. I'd buy them again but would expect them to be refurbished.
  10. pseudonym

    Pairing From A Distance

    Support tech had me do this process to pair a light switch I was having a problem with and, to my surprise, it worked just fine.
  11. pseudonym


    Had the same issue yesterday. I called tech support and level 2 reported they had a platform issue on Monday. My hub came back online while I was on the phone with them. Tech claimed he didn't do anything other than check my system from their end. He also said they'd come back by themselves eventually. I'd call if still having an issue.
  12. pseudonym

    Dimmers Turn On and Off at Random Percentages

    My plug-in dimmer switch is set by a schedule to come on at 100%. The past few days it has been turning on at 31% then going to 100% within a minute. It has been turning off by going to 60 something % then to off within a minute. Nothing to contribute, just relaying my experience.
  13. pseudonym

    Thermostat fails to run schedule

    Same issue here. I've scheduled the temperature every hour to minimize the time I have to wait to end the "Away" temperature override.
  14. pseudonym

    Thermostat fails to run schedule

    Can you clarify something for me? Your title makes me think that your "I'm Home" scene is failing to run a thermostat schedule but your post indicates that your scene has the SCHEDULE turned off and is setting MODE and COOL TO. Please let me know what your settings are and I'll try to replicate it on my system and see if I have the same issue.
  15. pseudonym

    Motion Sensor Rule Lag

    Yea, I can't say for sure that anything I did actually fixed my problem. It could have all been a coincidence. Hopefully, it will continue to operate just fine. If it happens again, though, I will start by removing my sensor and pairing it where I did last time.