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  1. For the last week or so i have noticed that my thermostat disconnects sometimes. Its happening several times a day. Has anyone else seen this?
  2. System Down?

    my camera was up for a few minutes now it is off again. Yep i guess phase 2 has started or something. At least my hub is online (or it was 2 minutes ago)
  3. System Down?

    I am able to log back into the app BUT my hub is still offline.
  4. System Down?

    furthermore, the app in the google play store is 1.14.1 so i guess the new version has not actually made it to the play store yet.
  5. System Down?

    Why dont they do this stuff in the middle of the night like everyone else???
  6. System Down?

    Well, I for one is thrilled!!!
  7. System Down?

    Ya i cant get on either. Now it is asking for my username and password but it will not let me in. BAD day for this, i have a injured dog that i need to monitor via my camera. The ONE time i actually need it to work and it is down....par for the course i guess
  8. Hub question

    I was checking to see what verision of firmware my hub was on and i say a couple of dates and times. I thought it was strange that it says my hub has been online since about an hour ago and that the last contact was about an hour ago. I guess i dont know what this means since my internet didnt go down. Can someone maybe explain what it means? Thanks
  9. Incorrect Reporting Times. 9/15/2016

    This is actually the only real problem i am having with my system. After the first couple weeks of using V2 i have been real happy except for a time issue between iris and my ct 101 thermostat. at least 2 times a week i have to reset the time on the thermostat because it some how gets messed up. i am talking about 4 or 5 hours messed up.
  10. v2 indoor camera wont pair

    here are a couple of videos.. the second is what i had to do to get it to pair.
  11. Shouldn't we be past this?

    Huh??? its not Windows it is a cell phone app. Furthermore if it is Industry standard to notify users, why every time i go to Google Play is there a long list off apps that i need to update? Not a one notified me. Additionally you can read the Lowes Iris Blog and they let you know there is a update coming.
  12. Shouldn't we be past this?

    You do control the update process... Turn off AUTO UPDATE setting in the Google Play Store.
  13. Android App Screen Orientation

    It doesnt work on Android phones either. Or at least on my Note 5 it doesnt. The only thing that is landscape is when i want to view my camera. So i think it does not have a landscape mode on Android.
  14. Android App Screen Orientation

    It will not go into landscape mode on my phone either. I bet that is the way the app is made.
  15. Why doesn't all Lowe's stores stock iris products?

    My local Lowes, sold Iris but doesnt anymore. I was told because it is a do it yourself product and i live in a community of many retirees it did not sell. So I have to drive 25 miles to get my stuff. My Lowes is the only one within a 100 miles that does not sell it.