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  1. ryat2016

    vera hub goes offline?

    Thanks for the detailed response. A few weeks ago before the hub update - (may 6) - hub went down 4:04am, back up within a minute... Umm, that woke me up. The thing is - I don't think my internet went offline. Next morning, may 7 - again! same time!!! Installed the hub software update. Been stable since, until May 17th - 7:26am hub offline - back online. Then again May 18th at the same time!! At least it has been reconnecting. I just wish they wouldn't wake me on false alarms (that aren't my problem but their servers).
  2. ryat2016

    Anybody got their pre-paid Visa card from Lowe's?

    My card is all depleted, $0.00
  3. ryat2016

    vera hub goes offline?

    Hmm, I'm not losing any device connections. The hub is hardwired to the main router. The hub itself goes off line, and 24 hours later, repeats - and never comes back online. There's a bug of sorts internally IMHO. I'm going to have to bypass the lithium power supply adapter I bought for it, and get a Kasa Wifi power plug for the hub so I can at least power cycle it when I'm not here. And no, I did NOT lose internet either - my stock applications would have shown a disconnect from the internet, and they remained solidly connected and were receiving data. I need to go check out the vera forums and see if this is common.
  4. ryat2016

    vera hub goes offline?

    Now that I've moved the hub to my main router in the place my IRIS hub was - it has now done pretty much the same kind of stuff. Sunday 1:05pm- hub went offline, came back online 1 minute later. Monday 1:04pm - hub went offline, would not come back online. local access with keypad. Power cycled it 7:30pm, back online. So it managed 15 days or so before going down.
  5. ryat2016

    NOTICE! for V1 Iris wifi smart plugs

    Wasn't that obvious on 4/1 when they all went dead?
  6. ryat2016

    NOTICE! for V1 Iris wifi smart plugs

  7. ryat2016

    vera hub goes offline?

    I just wanted to update this post - found a bad cat 5e cable from switch to router. Had massive problems last week. Hub offline, wouldn't come back online. Power cycled vera, back online. Till it got knocked off again. Laptop ethernet which is wired to that switch finally went dead. OK - switch or HUB. Power cycled router/hub several times, came back once. Noticed wifi to router was working, moved Vera hub to a WiFi extender and plugged it in there.. boom - back online - 20+ notifications in the next minute. Played around with switches some more - swapped them, the one that wasn't working was, and the other one was no longer. Replaced ethernet line to switch - everything working again! The odd thing is that switch and line hasn't moved at all to have a problem from being bent/kinked, so I didn't expect it to just happen out of no where.
  8. ryat2016

    That’s all she wrote...

    I get login screen in the app. I'm probably a little out of date. HUB flashing red, green light on.
  9. ryat2016

    IRIS to VERA - setup, issues and current state

    The utilitech zwave water sensors show up at water sensors after pairing generic zwave device. But when I test them out and trip the water sensor, I get "motion detected" emails lol
  10. ryat2016

    No recycle boxes for V2 HUB?

    V2 Hub must not be toxic like the V1 hub that needed proper recycling.. which reminds me I still need to mail my V1 hub in (minus the gold inside).
  11. ryat2016

    IRIS in hospice. Family Gathered Around

    How will I know when SANTA is going to arrive?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡
  12. ryat2016

    Vera broadcasting WiFi

    It's obviously the one with the MIos name.. I wonder if I can turn that off(2.4 and 5G)...without affecting the rest of the setup. I guess I have more research to do.
  13. ryat2016

    vera hub goes offline?

    I'm not sure if my router is playing tricks with the hub or the hub is getting confused. 1st time - i'd call it a glitch, 2nd time in a month - maybe something is going on. It's sitting on a 2nd router behind my main router (where iris still is, I need to switch positions). I can access hub locally when it's offline connecting to the router with the app. Never appears to reconnect. 1st time was out for 2.5 days until I power cycled, 2nd time was 6 hours when I woke up today. If anyone else has the issue - note here.
  14. ryat2016

    IRIS to VERA - setup, issues and current state

    I just got the 3400 Series centralite keypad. I can not yet figure out how to prevent getting an email/text when I enter a valid PIN # to arm/disarm. My email is setup to audible alerts on my phones, so it's annoying as heck and then I always have a flashing light since I have an email.