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  1. ryat2016

    Phone call notification SOLVED!

    I did a quick google. There are other services. this looks like just 9 cents a minute. Might take 2 minutes to read out all the stuff in a VERA email. Not sure what requirements are about 'business email'.. https://emailtovoice.net/pricing/
  2. ryat2016

    vera notifications?

    Looking at the page I linked to and actually reading it this time - says to sign up for when it becomes available... so that could explain that … it's not ready.
  3. ryat2016

    vera notifications?

    VeraSentinal it not available in the USA? ??! Say WHAT!!!! They are a USA company. That makes almost no sense. https://getvera.com/services/verasentinel/
  4. ryat2016

    Anybody got their pre-paid Visa card from Lowe's?

    Got the email, and it was here within 2 days.
  5. ryat2016

    Phone call notification SOLVED!

    So the text message isn't as good in your situation? Today - I saw Ring was advertising $10/month and through your cable company/other security provider out. ---- (Okay, I thought about it - if you didn't have a cell phone, that text would be a problem).
  6. ryat2016

    vera notifications?

    This is definitely an interesting test case. I played around with this for several hours trying various things. I'm no expert yet. I don't want to say it is impossible, but I have not found the way yet. I haven't asked in any forum yet. I thought of an interesting case I would like - if smoke detector detects smoke, run a fan for 5 minutes (via smart plug) to clear out my balcony from smokers below me.. I don't need notified.
  7. ryat2016

    vera notifications?

    I tried playing with AlarmTripTIme - set it to 120 (which I guess is in seconds). Felt like it did take 2 minutes to notify me, but it didn't reset or give me that grace period (I closed the door within 15 seconds). I did some search on their forum, they are pointing to this wiki http://wiki.micasaverde.com/index.php/Luup_plugins_and_Luup_code http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,61541.msg371533.html#msg371533 (original link) I might have to send in the command to turn on AutoUnTrip? http://wiki.micasaverde.com/index.php/Luup_UPnP_Variables_and_Actions#SecuritySensor1 *Update* That didn't work. I still got notice the door opened and closed. I'll check out more later. *Update 2* Clicked into some better stuff. http://wiki.micasaverde.com/index.php/Scripts_for_scenes#Scene_that_runs_only_if_a_security_sensor_has_been_tripped_for_a_set_period_of_time I see the options to do this, but not having exact luck with it. I probably need to read up more on this stuff.
  8. ryat2016

    Took the Vera plunge

    Utilitech Wireless WaterLeak detector has been paired as "Flood Sensor" under generic devices in Vera.
  9. ryat2016

    New Gear Thanks to Iris

    Not waiting around for my gift card. details: http://forum.livingwithiris.com/topic/4579-took-the-vera-plunge/
  10. ryat2016

    Took the Vera plunge

  11. ryat2016

    Took the Vera plunge

    Installed 1 controller and 1 Philio contact sensor. (And I didn't have to be within 5? feet of the hub like IRIS). Got signed up online, entered the UI7 interface, paired the sensor, and it's sending emails and texts to me. Pretty basic stuff. Has 4 modes vs Iris 2 modes (full/partial), so a little more options in that regard. I have other cameras, so no need to add to this system. Probably run dual mode until IRIS dies or this system proves just as dependable.
  12. ryat2016

    Took the Vera plunge

    Shipped today.
  13. ryat2016

    Hubitat or Vera - I want a sales pitch from both vendors

    IRIS v1 had that. IRIS v2 threw it out.
  14. ryat2016

    Took the Vera plunge

    everything V1. I didn't add anything after the Hub replacement. I still have my V1 hub. I never sent that back in that prepaid box.
  15. ryat2016

    Took the Vera plunge

    Hopefully my utilitech water sensors hook up too, but I like the idea of temp with these Zwave water sensors. Once I get this up and running, I can see my self getting more plugs, and temp sensors. Maybe one day I can hook up the old V1 iris sensors with some other option. https://justclickappliances.com/z-wave-vs-z-wave-plus/ Items Ordered: Price: 2 of : Philio 2in1 Humidity and Temperature Sensor, Z-Wave Plus $79.90 3 of : Philio 3in1 Multisensor (D/W, temperature & light), Z-Wave Plus $119.85 3 of : Philio Smart Energy Plug-In Switch , Z-Wave Plus $119.85 2 of : Philio Z-Wave Flood, Temperature & Humidity Sensor, Z-Wave Plus $83.90 1 of : VeraPlus - North American $99.95 -$29.xx=$69.xx 1 of : VeraPlus Backup Battery 2 AMP $24.95