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  1. It would not arm and it would not disarm. Would flash red siren light and act stupid. I meant to come here earlier in the week, but needed to come back during the day as the white background is too bright at night. Anyways - I logged into the portal and everything looks normal other than some low hub batteries. I tried the keypad again (3/30/2018), and it is functioning normal again.
  2. ryat2016

    UPS backup referal

    Umm, they don't last that long. Only a few hours at most (even with nothing connected). You need an outdoor gas/diesel/whatever they use generator.
  3. v1 plugs working fine up until a recent update a week or 2 ago. My phone app is a little bit old, and I have one phone app even older, both went to crap. I turn off a plug - and it turns off - but the app doesn't recognize until I push the button like 5x then it will update. So the instant feedback that was there is now lacking. Anyone else?
  4. ryat2016

    Is oct 10 maintenance complete?

    My Gen1 keypad is messed up thanks to the boffins at IRIS. keypad - turn off alarm - never shows the change to off. app does show off. turn on alarm - several beeps several times about 5 minutes later.
  5. ryat2016

    Washed out background on Android App

    Sorry for being late on this one - I saw it also - but I would just kill the app, and it would work next time. I haven't seen it in a long while.
  6. ryat2016

    New to Iris, but not happy

    How far away did you relocate your hub? When I switched hubs from gen1 to gen2, my original gen1 door sensor was offline a lot. I added another new gen1 door sensor and that was stable. After some time - both are working solid.
  7. Got an email from IRIS this morning, low batteries in water sensor. I replaced them around 14 hours ago. The app still shows 0%. My other 2 utilitech water sensors show "OK". I did measure they batteries in my battery tester and they were definitely low and needing replaced. I guess it is still connected as it shows 3 devices armed in safety alarm card. Any advices?
  8. ryat2016

    IRIS Cameras worth getting?

    I use dlink cameras and recorders.
  9. Which keypad gen? My V1 KP lost arm now after the IRIS hub swap. Double tap didn't work. After the latest upgrade end of sept - it was beeping to arm. I turned that off in the cards. Then they sent out an update for keypad v1 which I suspect turned off the beeping.
  10. Well an update - hot water tank went low battery to NO battery in 6 hours over night. That's the important one. I had used those batteries from another water sensor I had purchased a few years ago. Well - opened it up - 2 or 3 had leaked. Will use battery tester tomorrow. I put in some new Duracell duralock that expire in 2025... and within 30 minutes, reporting 100%. I now suspect HVAC1 might have suffered a similar fate. I haven't bothered with it. It also looks like I've replace several other sensor batteries...although I don't really recall. Ok - I see my original post was July 2016... so it was probably over a year ago at various times. damn - feels like it was this past spring that I posted the original post. I'll change out HVAC1/2 batteries in a couple weeks and see if they reconnect quick. 10/2017 Battery Icon Device Name Battery Level HVAC 1 60% Main Door 99% Motion Sensor 1 95% Bedroom Door - new 8/2016 90% hot water tank 100% Keypad 1 65% Main Door - new 8/2016 80% NAS Temp Sensor 99% hvac2 40%
  11. Hmmm, my HVAC 1 is still at 60% on the page, but has been disconnected as of around 3 days ago. It's first disconnect as of V2 hub. HVAC 2 is pretty much next to #1. (end sensors in location about 1 foot apart).
  12. Finally updated @ some point between 36 and 48 hours.
  13. Hah! beats me what I use to log in to the app. I haven't done that in over a year after upgrading from v1. I just used my "email" as my username and that iris password I had written down and got: {"status":"success"} and nothing. refreshed previous page: Battery Level Battery Icon Device Name Battery Level HVAC 1 60% Main Door 72% Motion Sensor 1 67% Bedroom Door - new 8/2016 91% hot water tank 0% Keypad 1 46% Main Door - new 8/2016 83% NAS Temp Sensor 70% hvac2 Looks like I'm in the 24 hour pit stop. Thanks for your help. I'm not sure why the app can't display this stuff. And I do miss charting temps 60% hot water tank Vendor:"Utilitech" battery:0 Protocol:"ZWAV" Model:TST01-1 Driver Version:1.1 Online No History Found. battery:0 HVAC 1 Vendor:"Utilitech" battery:60 Protocol:"ZWAV" Model:TST01-1 Driver Version:1.1 Online No History Found. battery:60 hvac2 Vendor:"Utilitech" battery:60 Protocol:"ZWAV" Model:TST01-1 Driver Version:1.1 Online No History Found. battery:60
  14. yeah,, I get a blank white page after entering in details. I entered a bogus password on another computer and get same white screen. Is my username/password still what I used with the old lowes.com/iris ? or is it my email?
  15. Thanks, I just tried with Win in Chrome, Edge and IE11. the login screen takes me now where. It's dead. (It does look like I logged in there a long time ago, there was a prefill in IE11).
  16. Disconnects aren't happening (had issues with motion and contact sensor brought over from V1, enough so that I added a new v1 contact next to my original door sensor)... Maybe it takes the network a while to figure itself out upon conversion... haven't run the new z-wave optimization I read about in another post mentioning it in the new app. I guess I should send in my V1 hub for processing....
  17. ryat2016

    Iris e-mails marked by my ISP as spam

    Never had a problem with gmail... except when all the new emails about V2 ended up in PROMOTION folder which I never checked until middle of June (just in time!)
  18. ryat2016

    Warning sound before alarm is trigger?

    there is a post around here where I asked the same question. I had to re-enabled some card which I figured didn't apply to me. look in "DOORS & LOCKS"...
  19. ryat2016

    Warning sound before alarm is trigger?

    Seriously... You get what you pay for here...
  20. ryat2016

    Warning sound before alarm is trigger?

    That's totally funny if you think IRIS has any BRAIN...
  21. ryat2016

    Upgraded to new hub and now I have no alarm system

    Yes, put more fuel on the fire!! Thanks!
  22. ryat2016

    Back to Instability

    Remember - the Gen1 had the system optimization option that would take up to 15? minutes.... That is not in Gen2. (Or is this done automatically and not working as well?)
  23. ryat2016

    Back to Instability

    8/28 v1 devices started going offline then stabilized 8/31 v1 devices started going offline and then stabilized.
  24. ryat2016

    Testing Glass Break Sensor

    Play some random youtube video of glass smashing in a speaker near the sensor? (never tried!)
  25. ryat2016

    Back to Instability

    Today is 8/27/2016, and all my devices that I previously had troubles with (gen1 KP, gen1 CS, gen1 MS) appear to be stable since 8/21/2016. I had a new gen1 CS that was stable and backup on my door... so yes... 2 gen1 CS on my main door.