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  1. Travelling alone

    Hello all, My daughter will be going out of state to attend an interview next month. She'll be travelling alone. As you all know, it is not safe to leave a girl alone such far distance. I have a 3 year old son, so i'll not be able to go with my daughter and my husband is working abroad. I am really concerned for her safety. I happened to see a mobile app online Has anyone used this app before?? Please share your opinions with me so that I can decide soon and install this in my daughter's mobile. Looking forward for your suggestions.
  2. Security system

    Almost all of us use security system i our home, office and in many other places and most of the security systems are wireless. One of the great demerit of wireless security system, is being hacked. I happened to read an article containing few tips to prevent hacking in security systems. Since most of the wireless security system uses Wi-Fi, it is very important to secure the Wi-Fi password. If you have a surveillance camera in your home, then it is advisable to regularly check the IP history of the system to know if a stranger has tried to access your system from unidentified IP address. Also it is best recommended to install wired security system to prevent hacking.
  3. Door Locks

    I had a Kwikset lock, but now I'm using high security locks from I feel safe and comfortable with this because no one else can unlock the door without our presence. It may sound simple, but it makes me feel safe and secured.
  4. I have used sensors, but I didn't feel much security with it. My hometown is prone to burglary and I was actually clueless in case of home security. I asked recommendations from friends and searched for security tips in online. I found this I found it useful and immediately did all the things mentioned in this article. Nowadays all are intelligent, so we should be very careful dealing with burglars. Sensors are okay, but we should use multiple security techniques to get rid of them.
  5. Alarm and dropping devices

    Nowadays most of the security systems are poor in their performance. My friend used to say that her security cam used to trigger false alarm. You should be careful while installing a security system. You should know everything about it before installation. Next time, before installing a security system refer few articles like First of all, place your security camera in the right position and always add a surveillance camera to it to keep the track of every situations.Regularly check the system for it's battery and how frequently the alarms are triggered. If an alarm goes off suddenly, do no assume that it is a false alarm. Verify its nature first. In case of any malfunctioning, replace the system with a new one immediately.
  6. Which water leak detector?

    I use insteon leak sensor..
  7. Hello and welcome to the forum.

    Hello all, I'm Tonia Bond. I'm a newbie here