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  1. spollo

    Arcus Smart Home

    @thegillion I'm thinking of giving Arcus a try once it's out. So, should I hold on to my old Iris V2 hub or throw it away?
  2. There are a few ecosystems that support Halo devices (Hubitat, SmartThings). I'd like to know if there are any plans to still support these devices under Arcus.
  3. spollo


    Hubitat seems interesting. Does anybody know if Hubitat support iris V2 keypads for alarm arming-disarming with PIN and Halo Smoke-CO detectors?
  4. spollo

    Iris update causes the Gillion's portal to fail

    You may also want to add the ‘Host’ header: Host: bc.irisbylowes.com just in case,
  5. spollo

    Here we go again!

    I was wondering about local processing just last week. I hope this is the one.
  6. spollo

    Maintenance notice from Iris

    My Hub shows
  7. I received all of the notifications posted above. Go figure... Important notice about Alarm Requirements Important updates about your Alarm Notification List New Features & Enhancements from Iris Edit: Forgot to mention that I don't have Alexa.
  8. spollo

    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    For the SSL, Let's Encrypt offers free SSL certificates https://letsencrypt.org/ something you may look into and see if it works for what you need.
  9. spollo

    Iris Firmware Update Notice

    Received both messages too
  10. @Otto Mation, do you know if Aeon's Z-Wave repeater is currently/planned supported? Aeon Z-Wave Range Extender (DSD37-ZWUS)
  11. spollo

    ZWave network optimization on V2 Hub

    Thanks, I'll try a two seconds reset and see if that works.
  12. I'm new to the HA and Iris platform overall. I'm having trouble keeping a Utilitech Indoor siren connected to the Hub. The setup is as follows: Siren --10ft--> Smart Plug --10ft--> Hub. I don't think the siren is routing through the smart plug. Is there a way to verify the siren path to the hub or to force a Zwave network optimization?