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  1. spollo

    Iris update causes the Gillion's portal to fail

    You may also want to add the ‘Host’ header: Host: bc.irisbylowes.com just in case,
  2. spollo

    Here we go again!

    I was wondering about local processing just last week. I hope this is the one.
  3. spollo

    Maintenance notice from Iris

    My Hub shows
  4. I received all of the notifications posted above. Go figure... Important notice about Alarm Requirements Important updates about your Alarm Notification List New Features & Enhancements from Iris Edit: Forgot to mention that I don't have Alexa.
  5. spollo

    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    For the SSL, Let's Encrypt offers free SSL certificates https://letsencrypt.org/ something you may look into and see if it works for what you need.
  6. spollo

    Iris Firmware Update Notice

    Received both messages too
  7. @Otto Mation, do you know if Aeon's Z-Wave repeater is currently/planned supported? Aeon Z-Wave Range Extender (DSD37-ZWUS)
  8. spollo

    ZWave network optimization on V2 Hub

    Thanks, I'll try a two seconds reset and see if that works.
  9. I'm new to the HA and Iris platform overall. I'm having trouble keeping a Utilitech Indoor siren connected to the Hub. The setup is as follows: Siren --10ft--> Smart Plug --10ft--> Hub. I don't think the siren is routing through the smart plug. Is there a way to verify the siren path to the hub or to force a Zwave network optimization?