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  1. LobsterBoxed

    Iris Q3 Reset Overview on YouTube

    What happened to the video?
  2. LobsterBoxed

    Control 24vdc Device?

    Thanks! I'll take a look....
  3. LobsterBoxed

    Control 24vdc Device?

    I didn't think so!
  4. LobsterBoxed

    Control 24vdc Device?

    It opens when powered on and closed when powered off by a spring. Will a GE switch work with 24v?
  5. LobsterBoxed

    Control 24vdc Device?

    So you are using the GE rocker switch that is Iris compatible to control the relay? The damper is getting power from the air handler and is in operation. All I wanted to do was shut it down periodically when outdoor conditions are poor (wildfires). It is wired as runtime and is only open when the system is in operation. Just trying to avoid running wires to a switch.
  6. LobsterBoxed

    Control 24vdc Device?

    Is there any solution available to control a DC device? I have a mechanical fresh air damper installed on the return side of my HVAC system that I would like to control with IRIS. Any thoughts?
  7. LobsterBoxed

    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    Logged out of the portal and logged back in now is see actual usage. Fantastic Gillion! Amazing and greatly appreciated. It been almost one year since I have been able to see energy usage!
  8. LobsterBoxed

    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    I am going to power cycle the Aeon Labs device to see if anything changes.
  9. LobsterBoxed

    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    It a whole home device. When a/c kicked in usage should have doubled.
  10. LobsterBoxed

    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    Checked out Energy Usage. Looks great however mine is stuck on 681 watts. Turned a/c on and waited two minutes or so and it never changed.
  11. LobsterBoxed

    Historical temp & energy reporting

    Maybe if they activated it there would be more folks that would be interested in it! How about an official response Loews?
  12. LobsterBoxed

    New Look?

    I mostly use an IPad to read the forum and the font is very small.
  13. LobsterBoxed

    Energy Monitoring Future with Iris

    I have been a long time lurker of the forum and this is my first post. I must say that this forum is a great resource for the Iris system and thanks to all the post there advise and experience with the system. I have been an Iris user for about a year and my experience with Iris has been mostly positive. My system has 35 devices and has been rock solid. Now for my question. If have the Aeon Labs energy monitor installed in my electrical panel and have enjoyed it usage reporting features in V1. Will there be an opportunity to once again utilize its reporting features in V2? If not is there another app or gateway that can be used for energy monitoring that will work with this deivice? Maybe Iris by Lowes could shed some light on the future of energy monitoring? I really enjoy my Iris system and have not experienced the deluge of problems many report on this forum. Now with the addition of the Amazon Echo It is almost perfect! -M