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  1. No local processing so I returned my Iris alarm

    Hmm lets see what the review says "SimpliSafe is just like the name implies: simple. The customer can focus on home security and not all the fine print. The company makes it easy for people to install by shipping all equipment pre-programmed and ready to plug and play, meaning once you connect the pieces and plug them in, they are ready to work. With no contract, you can flexibly opt in for monthly professional monitoring at a low cost. However, if you don’t pay for a monthly monitoring package your system will act as a local system only; meaning, if the siren goes off it merely “scares” the intruder away but does not contact authorities, monitoring professionals or you. SimpliSafe’s a no pressure company that leaves the decisions up to the customer." For me with no internet available with IRIs what does my new upgrade do for me..... Its was death to the system. Return it or trash it. no other option Yes Simplisafe is limited in options but thats ok. I wouldnt use many of these anyway. Someday if internet becomes available to rural areas at a decent price I might look into another system. \ And thanks for the info on Honeywell. I will look them up.
  2. No local processing so I returned my Iris alarm

    Dont understand the reasoning? The Simplisafe comes as local processing. You have to call to have monitoring added after the system is up and functional. you have the option to upgrade to monitoring. Not sure yet as I wasnt interested in monitoring yet but I think there are several options to monitoring as well. The Simplisafe system is one of the very few offered with no mandatory monitoring.
  3. No local processing so I returned my Iris alarm

    After a lot of searching I decided on the Simplisafe system. Nowhere near the add ons like IRIS but... Is a local processing system that comes with cell service monitoring as a add on. Which means if the power goes out nothing changes. Also I am very interested in the range capability of the sensors. With IRIS the range is very limited. With Simplisafe the range is up to 400 feet optimum. I have a barn that is 100 feet from the cabin and am looking forward to having monitoring on it as well.
  4. It really went smoother than I thought.Told Iris tech support that I have no local processing because of the upgrade. He said Lowes has a blanket RMA. Box and baggied up everything with item numbers and took the alarm system to customer returns. They looked up the items and costs an issued a store credit no problem. Was happy to leave it there. Now on to my next system.
  5. Upgraded to new hub and now I have no alarm system

    As it was told to me it would be a next generation upgrade before local processing was available. Didnt sound like a software update coming soon.
  6. Upgraded to new hub and now I have no alarm system

    If I can I would like to find a hub that will be compatable with the sensors from Iris. Is there any? what should I be looking for?
  7. Like many of you I upgraded to the new hub with now a loss of my alarm system. I have a remote cabin so no internet. That was ok with me. First generation system worked great.. After the Verizon cell thumb drive was added I could monitor it as well. The new hub now nothing will work. Tech support put me through a couple months of try this/try that. Replaced hub twice and keypad. Works great with internet but not at the cabin anymore. Just this week tech support told me the system HAS to HAVE internet connection to work. No more working offline. That is in the future but not untill the next generation upgrade which may be years away. With the new hub any loss of power or internet will make the alarm useless where before it would always be there for me. So I have all the parts to my alarm that are useless. Does anyone know of a replacement hub that will run this equipment? Thanks in advance for ANY help.