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  1. Smooth1SITF

    Home mode aware magic or magic combination

    Great Idea..... Would like to see that in a few other applications too. More "if" "then" statements
  2. Smooth1SITF

    Fan control

    You mean GE / Jasco, not Lowe's... LOL If you go to the GE / Jasco website, they have not released it in their Z-Wave family yet.
  3. Smooth1SITF

    Can I use Ecolink garage tilt sensor?

    Yeah, you basically have to buy Iris friendly devices for them to work with Iris. I'm sure that their goal is to get as many Z-Wave ect devices onto the system however, you have to understand that there are literally hundreds of devices out there to choose from, not all are Iris compatible yet.
  4. Smooth1SITF

    Verizon USB Modem

    The blow link is to the one I use. Its so far done the job for me. Usually runs about 6 hours before running out, with everything I have on it. I believe everyone here was giving multiple options to the solution however, its up to you to figure out which one works best for you and what your willing to pay to do it with.
  5. Smooth1SITF

    IVEE and Server

    I still have not been able to get Ivee to work at all. Considering sending it back and getting my money back for it.
  6. Smooth1SITF

    What should I get to monitor outside temperature?

    I would at least also try to put it in a shaded area as well.
  7. Smooth1SITF

    case for stealth equipment

    Packaged by humans - Makes mistakes - Also, its re-packaged by Lowe's into their Utilitech packaging... The devices are actually Everspring Sirens - ( made in Taiwan. So what your implying isn't impossible, is VERY possible.
  8. Smooth1SITF

    Door unlocked by Magic Rule

    I have gotten some weird messages like that too since the upgrade. Although I do have magic rules to unlock the door when the key fob is pressed, I never seen it report like that before. I have also seen it do the magic rule message on light switches when you push the button. Not paid too much attention to it, but I have begun seeing it a lot more.
  9. Smooth1SITF

    Garage controller not compatible with MyQ openers

    Wired... but sounds cool
  10. Smooth1SITF

    The good things about Iris

    I'm well aware of this.... I use to work in Inspections
  11. Smooth1SITF

    The good things about Iris

    Not sure yet as the specs haven't been released... at least I cant find it.
  12. Smooth1SITF

    case for stealth equipment

    Im wondering if you can just connect it to Iris by using the same regular siren icon. I mean its the same mfg. I would assume it operates the same, as long as its Zwave. This is the same company that has the LightBulb modules. I have bought 4 and they all work just fine.
  13. Smooth1SITF

    case for stealth equipment

    Have you taken a look at the Everpsring catalog where it shows the sirens including the one Lowe's/Iris uses in its Utilitech line? There are a few outdoor ones. I had been wondering if it would work the same in Iris as the one Iris does sell. I have been curious to purchase it to test it out. Check out their website: and here is the direct link to the catalog: See Page 11 for the sirens.
  14. Smooth1SITF

    The good things about Iris

    What I originally planed to do is instal this at the meter. Making a new box next to it to house it, as well as the one heading to the backflow for the sprinkler system. But, I do have a craw space under the house and may possibly run it under the house, but I still need to add the one at the sprinkler system prior to the master valve. Still developing my idea though so i am not solid on it just yet
  15. Smooth1SITF

    Keypad Batteries

    well, that works too... LOL!