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  1. Hi, I thought I posted this last week, but I do not find it, so I am posting again. I called IRIS this morning about a problem where grandpa and the kids keep changing the thermostat. I set a rule to notify me of a change if the temperature goes above 72 degrees. But it does not always work. IRIS tech had me set up another today, one at 72, the other at 74. THey advised there is a 2 degree change required for a trigger. THis should fix that, BUT, I want a notification if someone changes the temperature at the thermostat. Is this something you can provide?
  2. marianna

    Iris Called

    I read, and saw your link. Awesomeness! You need to kick some Iris IT butt... they should be doing this! I get told, "not possible". I cant even get the codes on the door locks to work and my poor dad who is smart phone technology deficient has trouble getting into the house, I had to make him a key. Yes, moms Pendant is ZIGBEE! I am so glad I found you guys!
  3. marianna

    Iris Called

    Otto, what is the web portal. As far as I know, 2nd Gen only has the app. Am I missing something?
  4. marianna

    Iris Called

    Thanks Otto! The senior pendant is 1st Gen. Is that still zigbee?
  5. marianna

    Iris Called

    Thats what I was originally told. Now, several IRIS customer service reps keep telling me the only "mesh" comes from the ones that plug in. Seriously. The misinformation is insane. Who do you trust. I thought this was a good reliable company to invest in this system. Not proving that by my experience, but they did send me 4 extender outlets for free because I asked for a box to return it all to them! The VM said my switches and plugs may drop off during the update, and if so, they need to re pair, but no info on what the update was going to cover. I guess we will see tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!
  6. marianna

    Iris Called

    Anyone else get a phone call from IRIS today to say they were pushing an update to the hub? We have blasted them over the past several months over range issues we never had from 1st gen. Our home is 3 floors, and never once had an issue. But as I read here, we were not alone in this. They sent us a few range extender plugs. And this time was told the last rep was wrong, all the wired outlets and switches we were told to get do nothing to extend the network range. Everything drops off, including the door locks, and we own 4. Moms senior FOB drops off, not good when I rely on it to make sure she doesn't wander. I am glad I found you all, I know realize I am not alone in frustration. But today, now fear with this call was about and how it will effect my current service.
  7. marianna

    push notifications - alexa - coming soon?

    I'm glad Alexa finally works with Iris. I just moved my parents in with me. I need to help mom, and sometimes can't turn on a light, so I ask Alexa to do it. I'd like to be able to control the door locks too, or just give a single command where all doors get secured.