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  1. JEE

    Schedule not working

    I have 3 Gen 1 smart plugs on 2 different systems. Although my schedules are presently working, I can't access the screen to edit the schedules on either system, and one of the switches no longer shows up under the "Lights & Switches" section of the Dashboard. All of the smart plugs show up under the "Devices" screen and can be manually controlled from that screen. My hub also has Firmware version V2.0.2.016. Also, my keypad is not responding with chirps, lights etc. but still arms and disarms the system.
  2. JEE

    Dashboard Controls Missing

    I just wanted to provide an update on my issue. The Iris Tech Team finally looked into my problem and were able to resolve my issues. Today is the first time in over 2 1/2 weeks that I'm able to activate my intruder alarm and use the dashboard controls. The only difference I can see on my end is that the Firmware on both of my hubs was updated today to Version
  3. JEE

    Dashboard Controls Missing

    Terk, Thanks for the reply and suggestions. I've tried the Iris app on my Droid Razr, my wife's iPhone 6 and my iPad. I removed the app from each device several times and reinstalled it and had no luck. We don't utilize the iCloud storage on our devices, so I doubt that is an issue. I did PM Iris last night and received a response stating that they would have someone contact me. I did send them my Hub ID and my contact information. Hopefully I'll hear back from them tomorrow.
  4. I own 2 Iris systems and they have both been upgraded to Gen 2. Shortly after the last Firmware update, I noticed that one of my systems could no longer be controlled from the Dashboard. The only active section is the "History" area, which correctly shows events as expected. All other areas show the "Learn More" block as though there are no devices installed. I can however go to the "Settings" screen and the "Devices" section and see and control my devices such as the thermostat, water control valve and smart switches and I can also view the status of all of my other devices such as the door sensors, motion sensors, smoke alarm, etc. The one thing that I can't use is the alarm function, either from the phone apps or the keypad at the house. I have reset the hub several times, uninstalled/reinstalled the app on my Android/Apple devices more times than I care to mention. I've reported this to the Iris Support team and tried following up with them several times over the last 2 weeks in an attempt to get an update on what's being done to resolve my issue. Supposedly, it's been elevated to the Tier 2 support team, and I was supposed to receive a call last Friday, but I never heard from them. I'm extremely frustrated and would appreciate any suggestions that may help resolve my issues.