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  1. Tabasco

    Water heater adjustment not sticking

    Wow! I didn't see that before. Thanks.
  2. Tabasco

    Water heater adjustment not sticking

    Bummer. As for rules and scenes, I've also gotten a reply from Iris tech support that they are looking into adding this for the water heater. I'm curious, which web interface are you using to change the water heater temperature? I didn't know this was available.
  3. Tabasco

    Water heater adjustment not sticking

    Hey Smitho, I hear your pain. I've had this water heater controller for four years. Let me address your questions in order: Does anyone else have difficulties making changes to the water heater temp? Every time I go to change it, I have to change like 1 or 2 degrees at a time and then wait for a while, then change a couple more, and repeat until I get it where I want. If I change it by more than a couple of degrees at a time it just jumps back several degrees (usually back to where I started). I find that if you keep pressing the temperature change to the desired temperature, and then wait, sometimes as long as 30 seconds, it will settle on the desired temperature. It will not always jump directly to the desired temp but sometimes works its way up, or down, to it. See if this works for you. By the way, I've asked Iris to make this easier and they responded that they will consider it. It's aggravating to have to press the up (or down) button 50 times to change the temperature from a low to a high. I also get random disconnects with my water heater, so I'm wondering if its an issue of wifi coverage.... Me, too! I don't know why but it happens. But no harm, no foul. It still works.
  4. Tabasco

    Water heater temperature adj on app

    Unless I'm missing it, the water heater control is not included in any of the scenes. Thus my problem.
  5. Do any of you know if there is a way to either automate or more quickly adjust the temperature control for the water heater on the Iris app on iOS? Currently, when I need to raise the temperature at my vacation home, using the app, I need to press the + button for every degree of increase. I keep it at a low of 80 degrees and the high is 130 degrees. That is 50 button presses. Arrggghhh! The same is true when I leave the house and need to lower the temperature. 50 button presses! Any suggestions would be appreciated. Tabasco
  6. As I understand it, the Iris system is not necessary in order to use and access the water heater controller. But I cannot find any instructions on how to do this. Has anyone experimented with this? If so, what advantage, if any, is there to accessing it through Iris?
  7. Tabasco

    Water heater

    Today, after over a month, a new Iris iOS update came out. I can now control my water heater again.
  8. Tabasco

    Water heater

    Yes. I've the same problem for a few weeks. I called Iris support today and after spending 30 minutes trying all sorts of things, I was told they changed wifi servers recently and that it should be fine in a week. Support was able to control the water heater temperature for me. Very odd.