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  1. Thanks for the reply. All devices are recognized but I did not get an email. I did get an email when I removed old phone. I have logged out and uninstalled... then reinstalled and logged in and no luck. It still emails me the notifications and not pushes as instrucinbthe rules.
  2. Yes sir.. all is configured correctly in phone settings notifications for Iris. For some reason it won't register under authorized devices able to receive push notifications.
  3. Hello all. I need assistance please. My old iPhone went to MAC heaven and I upgraded to the new iPhone 7. When I downloaded the app my push notifications stopped. I checked my notifications permissions for Iris and it was configured correctly but my new device was NOT listed in the Iris app under "manage your notifications". I deleted the old iPhone, but now it won't pickup my new phone. I tried everything. Deleted the app and reinstalled it.. turned the phone off then on... logged out, then back in... I'm out of options.. how can I get the app to recognize my new phone? I should also include that I am receiving email messages instead of push notifications. The rule is set to push messages..
  4. Thanks for the quick replys. I can understand the security concern an it makes sense. I sometimes forget to check the garage door before bed. Kids are in and out with their bikes and don't follow through. When I tell Alexa "good night", I'd like the house to lock down... to include shutting the garage door. I'll keep looking.. I don't give up easy.
  5. I'm having difficulty making this happen. The GDO works great in the Iris app but won't communicate with Alexa. Is there a way to do this? Natively this doesn't seem to work but there are videos on YouTube where people successfully got it to work. Is there a hack maybe?