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  1. cobra427cable

    IRIS Disconnects

    Just had to share this with my fellow IRIS community. So, I've struggled with sensors disconnecting throughout my house. I have 37 sensors in total and on any given day I would usually have at least 3-4 go offline. This has been a problem for way too long, and it makes for a very unreliable system and much frustration. HOWEVER, while my hub is centrally located in my home, it is located near my TV and one of my stereo speakers. I tried moving it around in a few different locations with no real increase in reliability UNTIL I simply hung it from the network/power cable?!! Yes, I simply let it hang off the edge of the shelf it was on and so essentially, it's now mounted vertically. This was several months ago now and I have had nearly 0 issues with disconnects. Not sure the reason, but all I know is it has worked for me. The system actually works and quite well now!! Just thought I'd share and see if anyone else could benefit from what has worked for me. Ed.
  2. I know parity issues have been talked about plenty on this forum, but I have a question. So I have two IRIS systems, One is set-up at my business and was bought within the last year so everything is V2. I have had 0 issues with this system since day 1 and everything just works. I also have an IRIS system at my home. I purchased this one back when V1 was out and it worked great up until V2 came out. It has had many issues since the switch but it much better now than it was. My main problem now is window and door sensors as well as smart buttons going offline/online throughout they day, almost everyday. It tends to be a certain set of sensors, some are close to the hub, some are a ways away. Distance doesn't seem to matter. I have lots of smart plugs throughout the house to help with my grid, but it doesn't seem to help either. Usually, they will reconnect by themselves, but sometimes I have to remove/install the battery for it to come back online. I've been dealing with this for many months now until the other day. I brought one of my V2 smart plugs from my business to the house and added it. I'll be danged if my system at the house has been perfect since? Not one dropped sensor. I know it's only been a few days now, but this is the longest everything has stayed online...EVER! Do I need to just buy more V2 sensors and Smart Plugs to keep things running smooth? What's different about the version 2 SP?
  3. cobra427cable

    Reliability issues

    I have two locations I use the IRIS system. The first is at my home and I bought the original V1 system and it worked great up until the conversion to V2. Now while it's much better now than it was when the conversion first happened, I still have sensors all over the house that lose connection and then repair all the time. I've replaced batteries, tried different sensors, and lots of "repeaters" all around the house (smart plugs) Everything in this system is from V1 still. I recently added another system at my business and it's all V2 components. The square footage is smaller, but sensors are still spread out all over the building. This system is very reliable and the sensors are rock solid. I've had only an issue with the siren losing connection off and on so I moved it closer to the hub and haven't had any issues since. What can I do to my home system to make it reliable like my business? Do I really have to go out and buy V2 sensors to make it reliable?
  4. cobra427cable

    V1 or V2 sensors

    Are the V2 sensors more stable or have better range than the V1 sensors? You can save quite a bit of money by buying the V1 in bulk vs. the V2 right now, I just want to do that if they aren't going to be as good a product. I have been using one of my contact sensors as a notification of when my mailbox is opened up. It's really handy, but it doesn't like cold weather! When it gets below freezing, it will typically disconnect.
  5. cobra427cable

    V1 or V2 sensors

    I see you can buy the V1 sensors much cheaper than V2 sensors. I assumes there is a reason why there is a V2 sensor...what is the main difference and is there any big advantage to buying the V2 sensors.
  6. cobra427cable

    Stay with IRIS or try out Smart Things?

    Ok, I have been using IRIS for several years now. I was very impressed with version 1. I've been very discouraged with version 2. I plan on opening a new business and I wanted to use IRIS and I would if it were more reliable. I've read a few posts on here about users switching to ST system, but is it more stable? Do all the devices I've spend hundreds buys still work on ST? I have all V1 IRIS sensors. I have not bought any V2 sensors and maybe my system would be more stable with those instead? Any advice from anyone on here would be greatly appreciated. I could always use a local alarm company, but I really like the ability to customize my system the way these systems work and its much cheaper! Thanks,
  7. cobra427cable

    Devices disconnecting and connecting constently

    That sound about right from my experiences...
  8. cobra427cable

    Devices disconnecting and connecting constently

    Ok, so Saturday I pulled most all of my sensors that have been going on/off day in and day out. What I noticed was the batteries ranged from 2.7V-2.8V. I pulled out some fresh batteries I had and they were about 3.1V-3.2V so I replaced them all. So far, none of these sensors have gone offline yet. Maybe they were just getting weak? I've had only one warnings from IRIS about low batteries and I replaced it when I got that message. if you look at each device on the App, they all said battery status was OK. So, how does everyone monitor their device battery status? Also, at what voltage would you say is the cutoff for needing a new battery? Thanks,
  9. cobra427cable

    Devices disconnecting and connecting constently

    All I have is V1 components in my system. I came home tonight and 6 devices were offline. 2 of them are only 10-15 feet from the hub. the other 3 are a few rooms away. It seems to be random sensors here and there throughout the entire system. No rhyme or reason why it picks the ones it does to drop. Usually if I wait a while they will reconnect by themselves but some don't ever seem to reconnect. In all most cases all I have to do is pull the battery for a few seconds and then reinstall the battery and it starts working again. My hub is centrally located in my home but it is next to a bookshelf speaker, the cable modem, the router, and a LED TV set. I may try relocating it further from these components and see? It used to work fine like this though? So if I don't have any V2 devices then I don't have any z-wave devices then?
  10. cobra427cable

    Devices disconnecting and connecting constently

    So, the V2 smart plugs will help with extending your network better than the V1 do?
  11. Sorry if this is a question that's been talked a lot about on here already but I'm new here and would love some input. I have had the IRIS system for a few years now. I had the old version for at least 6-8 months before I received version 2. I was relatively pleased with version 1 but have all sorts of issues with version 2. I've tried to be patient but it is getting very aggravating. I really miss some of the standard features the old version had like the history of energy use in a graph per device on the smart plugs, the approx. battery life on the devices, and so on...I think the most frustrating thing though has to be the constant disconnections from my devices. What is going on there? It never used to be like this. I've replaced batteries, called support, banged my head on the counter...but it seems like every day I have 2 or 3 devices that end up disconnecting. It's become a standard practice each night before I go to bed to go around to each device and pull the battery for a second, put it back, and magically the device will show back up and work again. Sometimes it's more like 7-8 devices but it's almost every night. It's never the smart plugs, the keypads, the thermostat, smoke detector, or the siren. It's always a contact sensor, motion sensor, or a smart button that goes out. I am planning on opening a business soon and had high hopes to buy another system for it, but I'm not so sure if that's a good idea at this point? By the way, my system is totally version one sensors. Not sure if that makes a difference or not? Thanks for any input...I assume I'm not alone here?