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  1. help with scheduling rules

    so i need to have patience.....yikes. thank you i will chck out the circle you are correct. thank you again
  2. help with scheduling rules

    I have a rule set up so that if my laundry room motion detects motion it turns on laundry lights for 2 minutes. Id like to schedule it come be active at about 6pm and inactive at 5am. It is 5:30pm and when i walk in there it turns the lights on. An idea why? seem any time i try and do scheduling it acts as if no times are set and just "acts" out the rule. thanks in advance Jay
  3. Can you tell which code unlocked kwikset?

    I am relatively new to iris, I've been using it for lights for a year but new to everything else. .. either I am way to tired oto have realized this or it wasn't showing up. Either way it is now. Thanks again and sorry for being a noob
  4. Can you tell which code unlocked kwikset?

    I went ahead and bought the 910. Im not seeing it show who unlicked it , just that it was unlocked. I am still looking for a setting or something though
  5. Can you tell which code unlocked kwikset?

    But can you tell in the iris app which code opened the door and when
  6. I currently have a kevo which I love. I wish it was compatible with iris though. With kevo I can tell who locked the door and unlocked it. Can you tell which user or code unlocked kwikset compatible iris locks? I life that the iris ones you can set to lock after 30 seconds so I guess that being able to tell who locked is not to important but what about unlock? Thanks Jay
  7. Iris Duraflame Heater Mod

    def. a neat idea