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    GE Switch and Dimmer issues

    Sorry, I should have been a little more detailed about not responding. Manually flipping the switch works. In the app does not. Or rather, I think it tries but doesn't sometimes, and doesn't try other times. Sometimes, the switch will immediately flick off then back on (or visa versa). But it only does that sometimes.
  2. Hey, I've got a ge switch and a ge dimmer. Both are wired correctly, I've had an electrician in the family come out and check the work. The switches sometimes work. The dimmer works about 90% of the time. The switch works about 10% of the time. I have to get up and switch the light (or fan) off and on about 2-3 times before it will work. We got this because I have a sprained ankle I'm not supposed to up on it, so me having to reset the fan switch twice a day defeats the purpose of having it. Extra details: Hub was 15 foot away in other room. Ended up moving to 5 foot away in same room and adding one of those $25 plugs to boost the network. Reset both switches and hub about 4 times. The Go control thermostat we installed works fine. No issues whatsoever. The smart plug we didn't need but were told by the useless Iris support staff to buy has not helped at all, but it does work fine. It's the ge switches that don't. I'm at wits end and ready to ship all Iris products back to Lowe's with a big no thank you letter. Any ideas?