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  1. Isaac

    12 volt support

    This really has nothing to do with the 12v system. He referenced the modified sine but that's really only relevant if using an inverter. I don't want it to run 110v ac products. I can just buy the already available iris products for that. I'm looking to control 12v DC products.
  2. Isaac

    12 volt support

    Please make support to control 12 volt devices such as switches and controllers for lights, motors, etc for on and off and dimming. I want iris in my 5th wheel camper but beyond a few door sensors it's kinda worthless. Since all the lighting is 12volt as well as water pump. Sometimes the 110v is OK if you're plugged in but theres a lot of time you're not. With so many people living off grid or in RVs or even just using them randomly it would be nice to have such support. I have it at my residence but I was going to try and take it as much as possible off the grid and 12v is so much more efficient regardless of possible continued needs for 110.