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  1. MyLowes / Iris Billing

    I just happened to need to update my credit card on the Iris portal and happened to notice something new under the billing section. It looks like now if you connect your MyLowes account with your Iris account, those with professional monitoring get a 10% discount. I never noticed this before when I signed up and don't know if this is something new they're offering.
  2. Good CR2 battery recommendation???

    So far, I've been going with rechargables that I've found through ebay. I've been very pleased. You can get two recharable batteries with the charger for the cost of about 3-4 non-rechargables you find online. The only downside to rechargables is you do you not get much time between the low battery warning and the battery dying.
  3. Garage Security

    So my solution to this for my house was to set the opener as a device in my security system. When I arm the system at night, it goes into the "there's a device not participating" beep mode. This is my indication that the door is still open and I need to close it, rather than using a rule to close it automatically and assuming it did. Not sure if that will work for you or not. Do you have a key pad already?
  4. Nest now compatible with Iris

    Have you ever looked into the Ecobee products? They do exactly as you've described. I have one and love it. In addition, they have remote sensors you place around your house that help to average out the temperature across the entire house.
  5. Control 24vdc Device?

    Yes, unfortunately that's currently the only means I've come across to control a 24v item. But I had 120v readily available from the switch for the blower motor for the fireplace so it wasn't too complicated to set up.
  6. Control 24vdc Device?

    I currently have one of these outlets hooked to my 24v fireplace. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00913ATFI/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It's not currently supported by Iris though, so what I've had to do is utilize the fact that this switch allows a 120 v relay and add one of the GE switches that are supported to activate this relay. If you're willing to use two switches, this should work for you. I assume you have 120v available near by if the air conditioner is already running.
  7. Thanks, all. Just a quick update for anyone who may have this same issue. Even though the device originally paired with my hub located where it is normally and the outlet located where I installed it, I had to move the hub closer to the device for it to do a zwave removal with the hub. Once I was able to use the zwave removal, it then repaired with the hub as an uncertified device. It works fine now to turn the outlet on and off.
  8. Jim, I was wondering if you could tell me the process you used to get this device to pair? When I initially wired up the controller, it did pair as an unrecognized device, but I thought I'd give it one more chance to pair with the hub so I force removed it from the hub in an attempt to have it repair. Now the device will not pair with the hub at all. I believe I need to do a hard reset of the 40 amp box, but I cannot find anywhere how to do that. I was hoping your process might shed some light on this if you did anything other than wire up the box and turn it on for it to pair. Thanks!
  9. Thanks, Otto. Just found it online as well for $7.09, free shipping, no tax. For that price it's too good to pass up.
  10. Hub update notice

    So it's past 8 eastern time and my hub has been online all day with no firmware update. Any way to force the update? I'm really looking to see if this update fixes my 4g issue before pushing this issue up the chain.
  11. Check Your Cellular Backup For Failure

    Thanks. Glad to join in the party.
  12. Check Your Cellular Backup For Failure

    Sorry, let me clarify. I guess by "change on their end" I mean one that is out of control of the Iris customer. When I report an issue to technical support, I don't care if it's something Lowe's directly controls or outsources. I pay them a fee for a service and it's up to them to hold up their end of the contract and provide the service I pay for.
  13. Check Your Cellular Backup For Failure

    After a call to technical support and them telling me there was no possible way this was due to a change on their end, it's nice to see them finally acknowledge that it's likely due to a change on their end. Iris Customer, A few of our 4G backup customers have reported their 4G backup service not working correctly when losing their primary internet source. We are in the process of investigating this issue and believe it to be related to a recent change made by our service providers. During this time, we ask that you please test your 4G backup modem to ensure it is working properly. If you identify an issue, please be aware that we are working with the cellular providers on a solution. We will send further communications out as updates occur. Thank you for your patience and for being an Iris customer. Sincerely, The Iris Technical Team