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  1. oldfredbear

    Anyone notice that an app update is rolling out?

    I bought these off of Amazon. They work great. I charge them about once every 6 weeks. https://www.amazon.com/Miss-Rabbit-Protected-capacity-Rechargeable/dp/B07DBNX9RF/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1538676641&sr=8-1&keywords=6+x+2000mah+3.7v+Cr123a+16340+Li-ion+Rechargeable+Battery+%2BCharger&dpID=51fAhwVAJGL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch
  2. oldfredbear

    IRIS Disconnects

    Ed, It's interesting you say that. I hadn't put the connection together, but I have my hub now sitting vertically and have also noticed very few drops. Prior to that in a different location it was sitting horizontally and I would experience near daily drops. An interesting observation to say the least.
  3. oldfredbear

    Any way to set 2 different grace periods?

    Giles, If you go into the app, into alarms and then click "More", you should see "Grace Periods" under the Security Settings area. This will allow you to customize the grace periods for arming and alarming if the system is triggered independently of each other. As far as chiming only on arming, I don't think that option exists yet.
  4. oldfredbear

    Random Device Drops

    Thanks, that's good to know.
  5. oldfredbear

    Random Device Drops

    Thanks, all. I had to power cycle the switches to get them to rejoin and cycle the hub for the leak detector to rejoin. All is good now, but the drops were just so random.
  6. oldfredbear

    Random Device Drops

    Anyone else seeing some random devices drop and reconnect after some time today? I've had wall switches that have never dropped once, drop today as well as the utilitech water leak detector I have dropped.
  7. oldfredbear

    Generic Z-Wave Driver

    Thanks again, Joel. I unpaired and re-paired the dry contact and it now shows up as a Generic Z-Wave switch with on / off functionality.
  8. oldfredbear

    Generic Z-Wave Driver

    Thanks, Joel! I will try removing the device and repairing.
  9. oldfredbear

    Generic Z-Wave Driver

    All, In the April 2018 release notes, it said with the update to platform 2.11, the following would be made available: A generic driver has been added to Iris so that any Z-Wave switch or dimmer can be paired as an uncertified device and will be useable from the apps or web site. A couple questions: 1. When they say the platform is updating to 2.11, is that the firmware of the hub? If not, where do I check this? 2. Has anyone confirmed that they are updated to the 2.11 platform and that a non iris certified generic Z Wave switch now works? I ask because I have one of the remotec dry contact zwave switches on my fireplace that according to this should now work on it's own without the need for an additional switch. But currently it says the switch is not supported.
  10. oldfredbear

    help with a garage door opener

    Like Terk said, it plugs into the two existing ports on the garage door opener and to your question piggy backs off the current wiring. You won't lose any current functionality by installing this.
  11. oldfredbear

    MyLowes / Iris Billing

    I just happened to need to update my credit card on the Iris portal and happened to notice something new under the billing section. It looks like now if you connect your MyLowes account with your Iris account, those with professional monitoring get a 10% discount. I never noticed this before when I signed up and don't know if this is something new they're offering.
  12. oldfredbear

    Good CR2 battery recommendation???

    So far, I've been going with rechargables that I've found through ebay. I've been very pleased. You can get two recharable batteries with the charger for the cost of about 3-4 non-rechargables you find online. The only downside to rechargables is you do you not get much time between the low battery warning and the battery dying.
  13. oldfredbear

    Garage Security

    So my solution to this for my house was to set the opener as a device in my security system. When I arm the system at night, it goes into the "there's a device not participating" beep mode. This is my indication that the door is still open and I need to close it, rather than using a rule to close it automatically and assuming it did. Not sure if that will work for you or not. Do you have a key pad already?
  14. oldfredbear

    Nest now compatible with Iris

    Have you ever looked into the Ecobee products? They do exactly as you've described. I have one and love it. In addition, they have remote sensors you place around your house that help to average out the temperature across the entire house.
  15. oldfredbear

    Control 24vdc Device?

    Yes, unfortunately that's currently the only means I've come across to control a 24v item. But I had 120v readily available from the switch for the blower motor for the fireplace so it wasn't too complicated to set up.