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  1. do you still have any smart plugs available? 

    1. jwwhite001


      Yes. I still have 2 available.

  2. When Arming/Disarming...

    thank you all
  3. When Arming/Disarming...

    So, i have a sensor on my door and even with the sounds on, it doesn't chime. its a 2nd gen
  4. Been covered a lot here alas searching through tons of threads but just grinding my gears. Lowes in my town had an automation pack on sale AND MARKED on the shelf for $51.60...... 51.60!!!! They had two of them, sold them off and no longer stocking them ( non-stock item) The four lowes around me ( in 6 mile radius) are in the same position... NOT selling the product, non-stock item would not even come CLOSE to this price. And just like everything else, all of these stores have different prices for the keypads, smart buttons. Sad!
  5. Does anyone have these collecting dust I could purchase?
  6. When Arming/Disarming...

  7. When Arming/Disarming...

    but then, incase of emergency the only alert i will receive is to my phone...correct?
  8. When Arming/Disarming...

    Hello all I've searched this a few different ways and nothing as come up but i apologist in advance if its stupid. Is there a way to limit the amount of beeps while setting or disarming the alarm? Right now I have it set for 10 seconds to leave, but you hear the keypad beep and then the hug beeps as well. I do not want to do a silent alarm but any help is appreciated.