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    Some of your most innovative uses for iris devices:

    Well, I believe Keurig K45 or K55 can auto-activate and deactivate.
  2. George Balanchine

    Wink hub and sonos

    Yes, I really need an integration with Sonos. I own a pair of Play:3 and Play:5 and would love to pair it with Iris.
  3. George Balanchine

    IRIS rejects IFTTT

    How about Nest? Are the Nest Cams also unsupported like all the Arlo security cameras?
  4. George Balanchine

    Iris vs SmartThings

    I've owned Wink, Wink 2 smart hub and SmartThings. While I still prefer SmartThings, I honestly think that the Wink 2 might be a better hub. It works flawlessly and doesn't crash like SmartThing does from time to time.
  5. George Balanchine

    Any Single Cup coffee makers work with a smart plug?

    Any thought how well the K155 and K150 Keurig coffee brewers work? I want to get one for myself and the office.
  6. George Balanchine

    orbit irrigation

    I honestly think that Rachio is the best sprinkler controller on the market and even exceeds the popular RainMachine. It works way better and it's more flexible too!
  7. George Balanchine

    Smart Buttons and Plugs Magic

    Depends on the Roomba. For example, the 650 model and Roomba 770 smart floor cleaner charges more than 50W.
  8. George Balanchine

    Arlo Pro Wi-Fi Indoor or Outdoor Security Camera WORKS WITH IRIS ?

    Any updates on this matter? Does either Arlo Q Plus or Arlo Q security cameras work with Iris?
  9. George Balanchine

    How to add a rule to a motion sensor?

    Can you explain how you're doing this? I currently own Nest Cam and Arlo Pro so it'll be pretty cool if I can do something similar.
  10. George Balanchine

    Ecobee3 thermostat

    I was impressed with Ecobee3 and I've just got my hands on Ecobee4. I'd say that the latest model wins big. The Amazon Alexa integration is top-notch and the voice-control feature makes everything more comfortable.
  11. George Balanchine

    "Ring" doorbell support.

    I love my Ring Pro too! It's one of the best smart home product purchases I've made. I'll add that Ring Pro is way better than, for example, Skybell HD and August Doorbell Cam.