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  1. System not working

    update. I held the red reset button for 15 seconds (until it beeped a 2nd time) and let go. i let it reboot and now, after removing the device and then re-pairing it, I have a solid green light. no other lights. however, now my smart thermostat won't pair with it. i even hit reset on the thermostat. any ideas here? i'm within 50 feet, not many obstructions. never had an issue before
  2. System not working

    hello iris lovers! about 5 days ago, my hub (nextgen with firmware v2.1.0.013) went offline. I think maybe the power flickered or something, but now the the green and yellow both blink. no red lights. my android phone app says "no connection" I have pulled the batteries and power cord, just the power cord, changed where the cat5 cable is plugged into, nothing seems to work....can anyone suggest anything? thanks!