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    Did Ivee Go Out of Business?

    yeah the ivee sleek is definitely a piece of crap. It had horrible voice control for starters, and had some of the strangest features while not having features you wanted. Asking it something simple like 'turn on the lights" (when i could actually get it to pair with my hue hub) would about 50 percent of the time garner me a response that told me the time in egypt or somewhere else random. Why?? And current bitcoin prices? That's useful for nobody that owned one. I bought two on ebay for $35 each and almost immediately their smartthings integration failed permanently, and after that they began bitching that my hue hub wasn't paired, but would then lie and tell me it was paired and if i tried to control something tell me again it wasn't paired. With the online portal down, it's barely useful now as a clock, and you can't set the date. There ARE button combos to set the alarms, but the only way to set the time was get it to go into offline mode by confusingly telling it to reset. That enabled manual time entry. Time not date. I have an echo dot plugged into the back of the only one i have hooked up. Other issues include the temp sensor is defective on pretty much all of them. One of them would be off about ten degrees and the other one would give a voice error message. Other annoyances include the fact that plugging something into the aux cable disables voice recognition (not that i use it) but puts a notice on the screen saying aux input is being used that takes up about a third of it. Don't get me wrong: It's a really attractive alarm clock and has at least medium sound (which is why i have a dot plugged into it) but i wish i hadn't ever spent the $35 dollars on one of them. I can't imagine how hard people that bought them for $200 new feel.