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  1. I think I figured it out. Change the driver from Centralite Keypad to Iris V2 Keypad, click Save. Click on the "Beep" button in the driver, it should do the long beep. Click "Configure" button and then wait a few seconds. This should change the sound to the 3 beeps. Click "Beep" button again to confirm. Then click "Save Preferences " Close out of it and confirm by opening a door or window.
  2. V1's work on hubitat, I can confirm. I am using 2.
  3. V2. I miss the 3 beeps from iris when a contact us open.
  4. How do you get it to triple beep? Mine just beeps once, a long beep. I didnt think we could get it to do the triple beep. I bought a dome siren just for the chime.