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  1. Hub chime with motion detection

    Sweet. I'm gonna look into this.
  2. Hub chime with motion detection

    Grrrr. Thanks.
  3. Is there a way to have the hub to chime when there motion detected like the contact sensors do?
  4. Local Processing Is Here

    Just making sure I wasn't the only one.
  5. Local Processing Is Here

    Can anyone arm their system with the cable unplugged? I can disarm mine with it unplugged but not arm it.
  6. Iris 2.7 email

    I thought it was weird that it didn't says what it was about or when it would be updated.
  7. Iris 2.7 email

    I got an Iris 2.7 release email today, anyone know what the update is gonna include?
  8. Hub not updating?

  9. Hub not updating?

    How did you make out redbo? What is the latest firmware for the hub? Mine is V2.1.0.58. I can't find anything as to what the latest is.
  10. Motion Bypass

    Awesome, thanks guys.
  11. Motion Bypass

    Is there a way to bypass motion sensors? My thing is I want to have my alarm armed with the contact sensors and motion sensors on my first floor but the motion sensors on the second floor be used to turn on a light when I get out of bed to use the bathroom at night. Does the motions always have to be used for the alarm part?